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 Power of Veto Competition #9

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Stannis Baratheon

Join date : 2015-06-04

PostSubject: Power of Veto Competition #9   Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:55 am

Power of Veto Competition #9:

The Lion and The Rose

Houseguests, welcome to tonight's Power of Veto competition. As always, everyone will be eligible to compete.

In this LIVE challenge, Each round, I will ask a question about events that have happened in the game, such as HOH competitions, evictions, etc etc. Your goal is to post the correct answer here in this thread. Get it right, you score points. Get it wrong, you score nothing.

Keep in mind though, the scoring will go as follows:

IF you answer correctly:

1st: 2 points

2nd: 1 point

3rd: 1 point

4th: 2 points

5th: 1 point

6th: 2 points

No Answer/Wrong Answer: No Points

Your goal in this challenge is to be the first person to score 15 or more points to win the Power of Veto.

Quote :
Rules and Notes:

In case of a tie  with a correct answer,  everyone who tied will get the appropriate amount of points. So if two people tied for first, they get two points.

I will follow this format in case of ties (for any order, whether tie for first, second, etc) I know it has a name, you sports people should know it:






Triple ties:





Spelling and Capitalization count!!! If the answer is a name, I want first and last name, and capitalized correctly.

You can only answer once!

Each round will last 90 seconds.

Post your answer here in this thread.

All of the answers to the questions can be found in public threads of the forum, so it should all be easy to find.

Any rules not explicitly stated above will not be enforced.

The first houseguest to reach 15 or more points will win the Power of Veto. If two or more players reach 15 or more points at the same time, we will go to a tie breaker between those people who tied.  THIS MEANS WE WILL GO TO A TIE BREAKER EVEN IF ONE PERSON REACHES 16 POINTS AND ANOTHER PERSON REACHES 15 IN THE SAME ROUND.  The goal of the challenge is to get to that amount first, not who has the most points.

If there are no more questions, the first round will begin @ :05. Remember to post your answers here in the thread. Don't PM anything or else it won't count.
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Stannis Baratheon

Join date : 2015-06-04

PostSubject: Re: Power of Veto Competition #9   Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:25 am

Question 1:

Who were the first two people evicted from the game?

Jaime Lannister and Olenna Tyrell

Question 2:

How many votes to evict did Jaime receive?


Question 3:

In the "You Win Or You Die" Head of Household competition, who finished the challenge with 12 points total?

Jon Snow

Question 4:

Two houseguests have been evicted by an unanimous vote (Jaime Lannister does not count). Name one.

Arya Stark/Catelyn Stark

Question 5:

In the "The North Remembers" Power of Veto competition, who was the only person who got the answer to the "weeding out" question wrong?


Question 6:

True or False, in the "Welcome to the Game" thread, Melisandre made her first post before Olenna made her first post on that thread.


Question 7:

True or False, the name of the 5th Head of Household competition was Valar Morghulis


Question 8:

Who was evicted by a  vote of 11-1?


Question 9:

As of the Head of Household competition #9, who has been the only person not to win any challenges?

Jon Snow

Question 10:

Whose eviction was posted on Monday, June 22nd?

Sansa Stark

Question 11:

In the "The Climb" Head of Household competition, who got to pick the last Jeopardy! category before the tie breaking round?

Margaery Tyrell

Question 12:

In the Welcome to the Game thread, who said the following: "Cersei you are looking better today, better than those rags I have been hearing you were wearing recently."

Arya Stark

Question 13:

Who was executed by Cersei in the "Red Wedding" twist?

Robb Stark

(more questions will be made if needed)


How many competitions have been titled after a Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode? Name all of them.

Four (Second Sons, The Climb, The Rains of Castamere, Mhysa)
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Power of Veto Competition #9
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