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 my final speech

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PostSubject: my final speech   Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:07 am

First of all it has been an honor to make the final 3. Did I think I would, yeah I probably did. That wasn't from ego it was just because I had not played in awhile and my game is very differen't than what is currently seen on imdb. I am one of the greatest players who have never been recognized for their talents.

The funny thing is, I only joined this game while highly intoxicnated after seeing game of thrones season 5 episode 8 where Karsi instantly became a character I loved. Naturally she died but still I wanted her to live on through me and the wonderful thing was she did not have a set character so I could evolve her anyway I wanted. I related to Karsi, she was fierce and independant and she cared only for those she loved. When she muttered the words to her kids "I will come back for you" she met her demise like I have in plenty of games.

I will give out mad props to Stannis and the red haired one I can't spell straight unless I google. You both put on a fantastic and competitve game despite me giving you the biggest headache out of anyone. What can I say, I expect the worst not the best. The worst has always seemed to follow Karsi and I, so its easy to overeact.

I understand I may only have access to 3 votes out of the 9, because of course mystery games are really never mystery, but I would hope out of the good will of two of you to consider my proposal's and my word. If this is not the case well I probably wasted my time coming back and trying. I cannot change this fact and must accept this fact.

I never lied to anyone, the exception would be to Arya and Tyrion. Arya I did probably know you were going but I did say, get out there and fight for your life. Something you did not do, and its why you left and I was stupid to target you. Tyrion you left 6-2 and you blamed me and Bronn. The fact was I fought with Robb Stark to put up Marge at that point and he was dead set on you so if Bronn and I voted to a 4-4 tie you would have gone. Robb Stark was so far gone to Marge you had no shot. We chose to vote against you because we knew Robb would have never saved you. Again I wish you would have stayed.

I was the first person to realize Marge was the strongest player in the game and I went forth and attacked her. I had no ally with her. To me I don't worry about talking to everyone, all I do is get out my strongest opponents. Talisa and Marge they played their game being social. I did not because I don't care to talk to everyone, I dont want to hurt everyones feelings and I don't want to play on emotions.

Most of you went because you played between Marge and Talisa, while I played the most specific game out of anyone. I was getting rid of Marge. Marge made no attempt to be my ally and I knew it. So I made my attempts to weaken her the ways I could, posts etc. They were never personal. I did what I did because when I lost Bronn I only had one ally. An ally who lied to me and played on my emotions. Talisa.\

Talisa got rid of my friend Bronn and did not admit to it. She played Sansa's power for him that Sansa gave him to hurt me. I dont lie I don't cheat she did. And she lied about it for most of the game.

I won my power and announced it to the game because I don't care to decieve.

I don't play for deception. I play for friends. Nothing I have done was to hurt anyone. Nothing I ever did was to play with emotions. Nothing I ever did was wrong. So please jury. Where did I go wrong? Is it just my name? If that is the case refrain from question and save us time. If you want real answers come at me. If you have made up your mind dont waste mine
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my final speech
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