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 Final Power of Veto Competition: Mother's Mercy

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Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: Final Power of Veto Competition: Mother's Mercy   Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:22 am

Final Power of Veto Competition:

Mother's Mercy

It all started with 17 houseguests, and tonight, 4 will become 3 and this journey will reach its final stage.

Houseguests, welcome to tonight's Final Power of Veto Competition. This is the most important competition of the season. Win this, and not only will you guarantee your spot in the final 3, but you will also get to decide who will NOT make it to the end.

Tonight's competition will mirror the shame and struggle that Cersei Lannister had to endure during the Walk of Atonement. You will suffer, you will be in pain. But realize that at the end of the walk, the Golden Power of Veto awaits you.

This competition will be a mix of some previous challenges in this game, PLUS A BRAND NEW ONE AT THE END. Your goal is to complete as many as you can in under one hour. The person who completes all of the challenges in this Veto first, or the person who has collected the most points at the end of 60 minutes will win the Power of Veto.


Quote :

You don't have to complete each part in order, BUT, unless otherwise stated, all answers MUST BE IN THE SAME POST. If you post all of your answers in different posts, then I will just count your last post when counting points.

Answers go in your diary  rooms, and for each part you can only submit once

Spelling and Capitalization count when applicable. If I ask for a name, first and last name will be required.

If you do not follow some or all of the rules above, an additional 10 points will be subtracted from your final score.

If there are no questions, then I will be posting all of the parts to this challenge @ :10 and that's when your time begins.
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Final Power of Veto Competition: Mother's Mercy
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