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 Final Veto Challenge

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Talisa Maegyr

Talisa Maegyr

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PostSubject: Final Veto Challenge   Final Veto Challenge Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2015 8:05 pm

Part I: A Lannister always pays his debts

Part 2:

Below are questions about events that have happened in the game, give the correct answer for each one (1 point per correct answer)

1. How many votes to evict did Tyrion receive? 6

2. Sansa Stark was evicted BEFORE or AFTER the "Special Reward" challenge? AFTER

3. In the "Game Schedule" thread, who said the following: "Neither night is ideal for me. I'd rather it be tomorrow, though." Margaery Tyrell

4. In the "Garden of Bones" Head of Household competition, what was the answer to the question "5. Im fine with either day, but I will be prepared for battle." A. Sandor Clegane or B. Arya Stark? B. Arya Stark

5. Who is the only person who has left the game with no votes ever cast against them? Sandor Clegane

6. Whose eviction was posted on Saturday, June 27th? Catelyn Stark

Quote :
Part 3:

There are 6 pictures below. Each of them represent an IMDb Games: Other Games board user who has posted or created a thread in the last 3-4 months. Name as many as you can (2 points each) = Captain_Jimmy18 = Mikey-Elite = jeffyoung1 = mas_bond84 = casaresanto = Rob_Nation

Quote :
Part 4:

Below are the name of 8 songs from one of my all time favorite artists. SOme of the letters are missing though. Your goal is to fill in the blanks AND name the artist all of these songs have in common. (1 point per correct song title, 5 points for correct artist name)

Silver Springs

Seven Wonders




Go Your Own Way


Little Lies

Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Quote :

In the YouTube clip below, I have mixed some songs and pictures of Game of Thrones characters. Your goal is to name as many songs and as many characters as you can (1 point per correct character guess, 2 points per correct song guess)


- Hizdahr zo Loraq
- Lysa Arryn
- Edmure Tully
- Hot Pie
- Ros
- Olly
- Unella
- Gendry
- Ser Loras Tyrell
- Kevan Lannister
- Missandei
- Maester Luwin
- Podrick Payne
- Yara Greyjoy
- Qyburn
- Robert Baratheon
- The Tickler
- Walda Bolton


Amy Winehouse - Help Yourself
September - Cry For You
Asking Alexandria - Moving On
Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone
Ariana Grande Featuring Zedd - Break Free
Shinedown - Cut The Cord
The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited
New Politics - Harlem
Theory Of A Deadman - By The Way
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
The Black Keys - Tighten Up
Katy Perry - Roar
Chevelle - Take Out The Gunman
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Final Veto Challenge
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