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 Jury Vote.....

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Robb Stark


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PostSubject: Jury Vote.....   Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:11 pm

Karsi...girl bye!!  I was initially rooting for you out of the final 4 but you killed that.

Jon, I don't respect the game you played whatsoever and you know that.  I think you were incredibly selfish plus I honestly think you're the least deserving of the 3 so you won't be getting my vote.  You emphasized your social game but that's the component (physical/strategic/social) that I personally value the least.  I think majority of The IMDB gaming community completely overrates the social game.  That's just my opinion, I'm pretty sure 99% of the other gamers disagree with me.  It is a plus to have a good social game and you do get points for that in my book, but not as many points for having a strong physical or strategic game.  I'd rather vote for someone who played a strong physical/strategic game (Talisa) over someone who played a social/strategic game (you).

Talisa, you win by default.  You did play a pretty amazing game and at least you backstabbed people to their faces so you kind of stabbed people in the front.  Although I am one of the people you stabbed, I do have more respect for you than Jon because you were in your face with it while Jon just tried to be sneaky and pretend like he never did anything while playing everyone against each other.  You also clearly put a lot of time and effort into the game and that's another thing I respect so you will be getting my vote.
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Jury Vote.....
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