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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 1: FIRE AND BLOOD   EPISODE 1: FIRE AND BLOOD Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2015 11:07 am

17 went in, but only one will come out victorious. A mystery game based on one of the most popular TV shows of our time, these houseguests are here to claim their rightful place sitting on the Iron Throne. Who will rule the Seven Kingdoms? In a few days, we will find out..

And so it begins. A journey inside a castle. In a very bizarre twist of fate, Game of Thrones characters, dead and alive, were locked up inside The Red Keep of King's Landing. The Gods have had enough of this "Battle for the Iron Throne", so they decided the best way to choose the rightful leader was to lock everyone up inside and the last person standing would be the new King or Queen of Westeros.....

Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre have been given the order of hosting this bloodbath.

Stannis: We shall watch the bloodbath from afar. We'll see which one of these people deserves this crown, since apparently, I am not worthy...

Melisandre: You are to the Lord of Light, my king....

And so it begins.....

Part I

Chapter 1: Fire and Blood

*The sounds of horns can be heard loud and clear. At the top of the stairs, Stannis and Melisandre await the competitors to finally show up. It is a full celebration at King's Landing, parties were hosted for the ocassion the night before. 18 were picked to take part in this adventure. However, one of them died, believed to be caused from too much partying. Other believed he was murdered, but now, no one really cared to find out.*

Petyr Baelish was supposed to be portrayed by:

Stannis: Welcome to Kyogre's Mystery Big Brother 4: Game of Thrones.First of all I want to thank you all for joining this game. You are in for a great summer of gameplay, betrayals, backstabbing, drama, and strategy. Let's make this a fun season. , I would like to introduce my right hand woman. She will be here to assist me with forum duties and occasionally host some challenges. Please give a warm welcome to the sexy red-haired g.oddess Melisandre.

Melisandre: Welcome to the game my lovelies. I look forward to co-hosting this violent orgy of a game. Best of luck to all of you.

Stannis: Please welcome your cast for this season:

Talisa Maegyr:

Catelyn Stark:

Margaery Tyrell:

Ser Jorah Mormont:

Sandor "The Hound" Clegane


Tyrion Lannister

Sansa Stark

Jon Snow

Cersei Lannister


Jaime Lannister

Olenna Tyrell


Arya Stark

Robb Stark


*the doors to The Red Keep are opened. The 17 hopefuls walk into the house and are immediately locked up. The sound of the crowd cannot be heard anymore. The deafening silence is real. The houseguests know this is it...*

Jon: Hello, everyone!

Cersei: Hello.

Sansa: Hello half-brother, and my Queen.

Karsi: Hi all

Cersei: Ah, Sansa. My sister in law, of sorts, how are you?

Sansa: I am well, Queen Cersei. I would have loved to have married King Joffrey, but my traitor's blood has left me unworthy. I am so happy to have been wed to Lord Tyrion instead, he is kind and it is the truest honor to be united with House Lannister in any way.

The Hound: Hey Everyone. Chickens and hoes are on me tonight.

Jorah: Hello Everyone! Great to see everyone!

Catelyn: Hello, it is a pleasure to see all of you again, especially my children.

Jon: I guess that doesn't include me lol

Catelyn: ...You are a Snow.

Arya: Hey all, looks like im the youngest one here but don't let that fool you! I am quite spunky...

Olenna: Sup fuckers?!

Varys: Hello everyone! Good to see you all

Jaime: Hello Everybody!

Talisa: A good looking bunch so far.

Sansa: Hello to all of the other lords and ladies. It is always so fascinating to meet such noble persons.

Talisa: Are you portraying Sansa before she found out life wasn't so full of unicorns and fairytale or are you playing Sansa post Jeoffrey?

Sansa: I love King Joffrey, he is so gallant and brave, and the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms. (I am a prisoner at King's Landing, someone please rescue me.)

Talisa: I wish you both the best of luck Sansa and Jeoffrey. (I'm on my way, just hold on)


Tyrion: Hello Tall people!..........Why must the little person not get any respect. No one is here to greet me. Stupid peasants

Margaery: Good day, everyone.

Bronn: Hello

Karsi: Well met Bronn

Hodor: Hodor..

Bronn: Speak up Hodor, we cannot hear you.

Hodor: HODOR

Cersei: Who are you again?

Hodor: Hodor!

Cersei: Ah Ok, thanks.

Pre-game confessionals.

The cast goes to the Diary Chambers to express their thoughts about the game. A stunned Renly Baratheon just sits there and listens...

Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

I chose to use my maiden name because I saw so many Starks already. Quick glance there's Arya, Caitlyn and Sansa. I of course intend on being in a Stark alliance but I figured if I kept my maiden name, I may be able to fly under the radar and not be lumped with them in the eyes of the others.

Quote :
Catelyn Stark:

I decided to start this journey with a pleasant welcoming of everyone, even to members of the other houses that I find repulsive. I am most happy of course to see my darling Sansa. I fear for her in this game though; she is more the kind of daughter I would want to have, but Arya is the daughter who would fare the best in these conditions now from her days of sneaking around kitchens and being stubborn. Sansa may be far out of her league here.

Our bastard is also here, and he has already struck at me for not including him in my family. He is lucky to have received the cushy life my husband gave him, many other families would have tossed him in a well as a babe or sent him to the Wall years before. Simply ungrateful.

Quote :
Sansa Stark:

There are so many players in this game who could eventually come into power and have my safety in their hands, but I fear being overambitious as the results could be disastrous. I most surely need to organize my thoughts here so I might keep track of all of my dealings within this game.

Quote :
Jon Snow:

I decided not to go around messaging people yet, even though it's good to get an early start on alliances. It's easier if they just come to me because I have no idea who I want to work with. Some people play the game based on character choices, which would put me on the outside no matter what unless Sam or Ygritte are in the cast. Who wants to work with a bastard? I'm waiting until the first HOH challenge to really get going, so I've just been letting people approach me for the most part. That's the advantage of choosing a popular and attractive character. So far, I'm officially in alliances with Sansa, Talisa, and Karsi. I've talked to Cercei and Olenna, but no solid alliances there yet. I've also sent a message to Arya straight up asking if she wants to work together. I don't want to beat around the bush. I hope Robb is active because he's someone I could see myself working with character-wise. I'm going to want to work with strong people though. I'm not going to be that guy who carries his alliance and act as a meat shield the entire game.

Quote :

Sup bitches. Ill blog more after I figure out how Im gonna play this game.

Quote :

Hodor? Hodor

*As the houseguests get to know one another, deals are starting to be made. The house immediately notices there are a number of Starks in the game, and some take that to their advantage...*

Jon Snow: Hello, House Stark.

Sansa: Hello everyone! It's too bad you would not allow Stannis to legitimize you, Jon, as you too would have been a Stark.

Arya: Hey guys, great room with great people. I think if we play this right us 4 could really have a run in this game

Catelyn: Hello everyone, and I agree. Thankfully there are no Boltons or Freys in here.

*Catelyn and Arya leave for a second. Meanwhile, Jon and Sansa do some more small talk until they are joined by Margaery Tyrell*

Sansa: Hello, my dear friend Margaery.

Jon: Hello! I love this group right here.

Margaery: Good day, friends! I have no suggestions for a name!

Jon: How about we call ourselves Valyrian Steel and Sex Appeal

Margaery: I like that a lot! And it's a hell of a lot better than anything I could come up with!

Sansa: There is literally no way we can top that! Stannis, where art thou? We have our new name and it's the best in Westeros.

Jon: The VSSA it is! I'm a little proud of myself for thinking of it lol


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

It appears that we're shaping up to have a pretty active cast here which could either positively or negatively impact my game. I've become closer with Sansa and been approached by Jon Snow. The three of us have agreed to an alliance / private room and I probably consider them my closest allies at this point. I'm trying to let the two of them do most of the talking in our private room, though, as I'd like to play more with my ears than my mouth at this point.

Quote :
Sansa Stark:

I suppose I should start with my priority alliance at the moment, which would be with Jon Snow and my dear Margaery Tyrell. Tonight Jon even came up with the name Valyrian Steel and Sex Appeal. It's absolutely perfect. I trust them very much and believe that we have the potential to do quite well in the game. We should find a fourth to even out the alliance though, as three people in such a large cast can only do so much. Who would be best?

Quote :

Well. I have pm'd just about half the cast asking for alliances trying to get to know these degenerates. I want to play a villainous yet respectful game... does that make sense? No fucking idea. Im gonna form bonds and alliances with the majority and have a bunch of side alliances. Lets see how Ill fair lol. Im typing this on a shitty tablet so excuse my grammar.



EPISODE 1: FIRE AND BLOOD 772477382_538598

*there's not much else going on in terms of strategy talks in visible areas, so Stannis makes an announcement for the first Head of Household competition.

Stannis: The first HOH will be tonight @ 6pm PT! It's really going to be a very quick challenge that can be done in 10 mins or less.

Talisa: Wishing everyone the best of luck. Working tonight and mobile. Don't think I'll be able to play.

Cersei: Good luck to you too.

Jorah: We all know who to nominate if we win. Razz

Margaery: Best of luck, everyone!

Jorah: Good luck everyone.

Bronn: Good luck my lady.

Jorah: Oh thank you Bronn! Embarassed



For your first Head of Household challenge, you will need to match the actor/actress to the character they play in the Game of Thrones TV show. You will get two list, one of characters and one of actors/actresses. The first person to submit a full and correct answer sheet or the person with the most correct after 15 minutes will become the FIRST Head of Household of the season. In case of a tie, we will go to a tie breaker question between the people who are tied. Oh and by the way....

The winner will be responsible for nominating THREE PEOPLE for eviction. Because, this first round, will be a DOUBLE EVICTION!! affraid  affraid  affraid Two players will be going home this round.

Arya: I expect everyone to fight bravely and valiantly

Karsi: I'm not holding my breath on this one. Good Job whoever wins, I am sure it was a lot faster than me. My Wildling brain is geared towards war, not these trivial tasks. Karsi can't read either. Whats a jaa'quwen Hrothgars?

*after a few moments*

Stannis: Well we have a winner. Thank you all for participating. The first Head of Household of the season is.....


Congratulations on your win, very impressive!

You must now nominate three people for eviction, you have two hours!!

Karsi: Bronn you devilish rogue, good job

Jon: Great effort, Bronn. And I thought I was fast lol

Talisa: Well done Bronn. Please please don't put me up.

Hodor: Hodor.

Bronn: Thank you all. My inbox is open for I have not a clue what I will do with nominations.

Tyrion: Someone oil hodor, he's rusting!

Hodor: Hodor!

Cersei: Indeed

*the man of the hour himself, Bronn, has a few things to say*


Quote :

Lol, whoops!

Wish I wasnt so god damn competitive. Well my god that was the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life. This cast is so active it shows my inbox is already 70% full. I have honestly already lost track of everything that has happened I might have to literally write notes. If this is an early indication of how this game is going to be Im seriously scared as shit.

*back at the nominations area*

Bronn: Thank you everyone for the kind messages. The first hoh of the season is always the hardest. With that being said, I have decided to nominate


Good luck.

Karsi: Thank the nine for your kindness Rogue Ser

Everyone else who wasn't nominated: Thanks Bronn!

Olenna: Thanks for nothing Bronn!

Sandor: do we start fake hugging yet?

Jaime: I would love someone to use the veto on me,I really would like to stay

Karsi: Sure thing JAiME


Quote :

I'm in sort of a weird position right now. Bronn won the HOH and he's claimed pretty adamantly that he wants to take me to the end. He was pretty straightforward about it too. At this point, a handful of people see me as their #1 ally. I didn't even have to win HOH to do it. I'm worried that's going to come back and bite me, sooner than later. I can't help shake the feeling that I'm going to be backdoored as early as the first round. Bronn seems a little bit distant. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Quote :

So now we going into the first week and the goal is not to get this ass sent home!!

I thought I did the HOH pretty quick you know, but then that bitch Bronn gets it!! Bitch be looking rough already! But he has sugar daddy potential so bitches got to be nice to him. I offer him safety if I ever win which is just something to say, will I keep him safe? Depends on how well he treats the real QUEEN of this game!!At this point me and Talislut are like almost lesbians because we talk every day and its been going well. I don't think bitch could hang in the hood but she cool.

Nominations are done and I was surprised to see Ollena there because she was active and such, but it aint bitch over here I aint complaining!

Quote :

I was around for HOH but from my phone I couldn't get diddly squat accomplished other than sucking up to the person who won HOH, Bronn. I went to him acknowledging that my timing sucked. It sucks when someone only comes to you once you won a power. It's just the first week so I think it was the case for the majority of this cast. He was very receptive and an alliance is about to flower from it. Appears we are looking at Karsi, Bronn, Talisa, Jon and Jorah in one lump and the Starks in another. Oh yeah, brings me to the news that my husband is here. Hearts everywhere for Robb, what a hunk. The sad part is that I already started crushing on Jon. I feel a chemistry with him right now that is undeniable. I can't wait to see where that goes.

Quote :

Alright so I talked to more cunts here lately.

Margaery: She seems sweet and a little uptight.
Jon: He seems nice with a tad of douche.
Sandor: He seems sweet but a little bit of a skank.

^no but really they're all cool. <3

Too bad fucking Bronn isn't cool and he nominated my old ass the first week. This little bitch will have his head chopped off soon, MARK MY WORDS. I'm coming for that POV. If I have to break a hip and all my bones I will!

Quote :

Bronn won the first HOH and so I sent him a proposition that will hopefully ensure my safety for the rest of the week. He seems to have taken the bait... which is that he keeps me safe in return for his safety should I ever be in power. It's basically how I always play my hand the first round of any Big Brother game. Queen Margaery is safe... for now. He's nominated Varys, Jamie and my grandmother for the upcoming double eviction. Ideally, the two men will go home simply because I haven't talked to either of them... but I will have to consult my allies and determine what the best course of action would be going forward. Because if I need to push my own grandmother through the moon door, I will.

*meanwhile, Bronn, Karsi and Jon Snow discuss nominations and plans for the veto*

Karsi:  if thr noms stay the same which two do you guys think so go? I havent talked to either of the 3 and really have no idea on the vote.

Jon: It doesn't really matter to me. Although Olenna is the only one who's bothered to message me, so I wouldn't mind keeping her. I'm fine with whatever you guys want though.

Karsi: Seems almost like a coin flip. But if jaime and varys havent contacted any of us by the time of the vote i think its safe to say they really arent useful to our game.

Bronn: I wouldnt mind getting out the person who Is most likely to win a challenge, considering they may be coming after me. But honestly, what ever is best for the three of us Im game for.

Karsi: How do we know who is most likely to win a challenge bronn? I dont think the three of them we at last challenge

Jon: Let's see how they do in tonight's challenge. I don't think any of them are threats yet, but you never know.

*it is now time for the Power of Veto competition. This season, ALL PLAYERS are eligible to play in the Veto Competition*

Stannis: Tonight challenge will require speed, but also a little bit of skill. In a few moments, I will post a picture puzzle. Hidden in that puzzle is a phrase. Your goal is to look at the picture and try to decipher the phrase hidden in the picture. The first person to decipher the phrase and post it RIGHT HERE ON THIS THREAD will win the Power of Veto.

Bronn: Good luck everyone.

Olenna: Good luck everyone!

Stannis: Here's the puzzle, remember that you only get two guesses. Good luck!

Tyrion: Zaborona Fitbit dancers yelling at a qwerty

Cersei: Congrats!

Olenna: (to Cersei) I spit my drink out laughing at this.

Cersei: He needs the support.

*after a while, the veto results are posted*

Stannis: the winner of the POV is....


Congratulations!!! You have won the Power of Veto. You now have ONE HOUR to make your decision. If you fail to post your decision in that time, then the POV will go to the runner up, in this case, Olenna. Good job!

Jaime: Great job!

Karsi: That Talisa, what a stud.

Catelyn: Congrats Talisa.

Olenna: Great job Talisa!

Jon: Well done, Talisa! I'm no good at these puzzles. Give me something to hit with my sword and I'd do much better.

Talisa: I'm not sure how to spoiler my decision, sorry for the lack of mystery.


Olenna: Good luck to my fellow nominees. Naturally, not too much luck though.

Jaime: I would really like your vote to stay

*Varys is nowhere to be found*

Hodor: Hodor?

Jaime: Varys was on earlier where did he go?

Olenna: I'm not entirely sure! He hasn't posted in quite a while.

Jorah: Congrats on Veto Talisa and good luck nominees!

*Summary: The nominees are Jaime, Olenna and Varys. One side of the house wants Olenna out for being a threat to Bronn. The other side wants Varys out for being irrelevant and inactive. Which side will get their way?"

Bronn and Robb have a small chat:

Robb: I think you/me/Karsi/Sansa/Jon would be a great group. Do you want to start making this official/seeing where everyone stands/getting a private room?

Bronn: I would be down with getting a room and getting to know everyone better.

Robb: Yes!! Let's do it.

*Karsi, Bronn, Jon Snow, Sansa, and Robb discuss the vote and what Bronn wants the outcome of his HOH to be*

Bronn: I would prefer Olenna and Jaime voted out tonight If it matters.

Robb: Okay, I've never spoken to any of them so Olenna and Jaime are fine with me.

Jon: I'm fine with that too. Do you know how everyone else is voting?

Bronn: I believe everyone is voting that way.

Sansa: That sounds fine with me as well, Bronn. Just a heads up in case you hear about it, I had planned to keep Olenna since she tried in the veto challenge, but since you want her gone I don't mind voting her out.

Karsi: Has jaime contacted anyone to stay? I cant believe i havent heard from him

Sansa: It messaged me, but I see no reason to respond to him as he did not bother to speak to me before he was nominated.

Robb: He pmed me a few mins ago but I told him I was voting him out.

*they laugh. Eventually, Jon and Sansa leave the room and Robb, Karsi and Bronn engage in some small talk. Jon and Sansa come across Margaery, who is campaigning for her grandmother Olenna to stay*

Margaery: Olenna is the only one of the three I've spoken to also. I'd be fine with voting to keep her

Sansa: Margaery, Jon and I have something to discuss with you. I thought it would be best to remain completely loyal to this alliance so full disclosure seems key. My loyalties are 100% with the two of you so I do hope you won't worry, but we have been pulled into another private room consisting of Bronn, Robb Stark, and Karsi. I believe we may use it to our advantage to know what they are thinking so we shall keep up the charade and prolong our safety.

Jon: Yes, we're all in on the VSSA. This is the group I want to go to the end with.

Margaery: I appreciate the two of you coming to me with this information. It'll definitely benefit our group to know where a few of the other players' heads are at. I, admittedly, am not in any other groups besides this one and this alliance is my top priority. I'll let you know if I end up in any other groups!

Jon: Bronn still wants Olenna out. I'm not sure what we should do. Obviously I want Olenna to stay, but is it worth pissing Bronn off?

Margaery: I'm not sure either. Who does he want to stay? Jamie?

Jon: He wants Varys to stay. I think he wants the more active of the three to leave.

Sansa: It's a tough call to me. I want Olenna to stay, but only because of activity, so for me I lean toward wanting to do what Bronn wants.

Margaery: That's fair reasoning. I'll do whatever the majority decides. If the votes aren't there to keep Olenna, I'm not going to create waves. I will say this, though. If we start playing to keep inactives around this early on, who's to say we won't be the target if we ever end up on the block with someone like Varys? That's really my only concern with keeping Varys. I'd rather kill the goat earlier than get slaughtered to spare it.

Sansa: That's a reasonable concern, it happens so often in Big Brother games. I agree Varys is dangerous as a goat, so we may need to deceive Bronn for the moment. I'll do what the two of you decide.

Jon: I'm conflicted. I'll probably just see how everyone else is voting and go with whatever is best for us.

*meanwhile, Talisa and Cersei ask  for a private room and discuss the vote*

Cersei: Jon seems to be wanting Jaime and Varys out. I'll ask Hodor but I'm sure he will vote Hodor.

Talisa: I got the feeling that Jon wanted that because Bronn wanted it. I have no qualms with Bronn, he's a cool cat and all. I just hope it's not going to be a case of one bitch in power and a bunch of minions bowing down.

Cersei: I hope not. Bronn really wanted Varys to stay.

*Jon and Sansa join Arya and Catelyn to discuss what to do. It is clear both of them are getting desperate...*

Catelyn: I say for the vote we evict Varys and the Kingslayer.

Arya: I think that will be for the best, Olenna actually tried in the challenge, and almost won it.

Jon: I'd like Olenna to stay as well. Do we know how everyone else is voting? Bronn told me he wants Olenna and Jaime out.

Arya: I think we should still vote for Varys and Jaime, but we just have to be careful of who we tell because we don't want Bronn thinking that we are trying to overthrow his HOH.

*Meanwhile, Cersei and Hodor try to have a chat about who they want to vote out of the game*

Cersei: Who do you want out? I'm voting Jaime.

Hodor: *posts picture of Jaime Lannister

Cersei: Great. I think Varys too.

Hodor: *posts picture of Varys*

Cersei: Yup. OK great. Let's hope next HOH is about Hodor

Hodor: Hodor! I love you I love you queen


Quote :
Jon Snow:

The first vote is supposed to be stress free. Why is this vote so hard? I'm caught between two sides of the house. Bronn wants Olenna out. The Starks, including me, want Olenna to stay. I've heard from people that the majority is keeping her, so I'm just throwing a vote her way so Bronn doesn't suspect me. Ideally, everyone will still trust me and think I'm on their side. Worst case scenario, everyone realizes I'm untrustworthy and turns on me. I'm walking a tightrope right now.

I'm hoping they see it my way. Why target someone who you don't know is on your side or not when you can target someone you know is after you? I am everybody's friend right now and I'd like to keep it that way if possible.

Quote :
Catelyn Stark:

Olenna is up and in trouble of leaving and I know this is likely because of her reputation. I know the Tyrells ultimately serve the Baratheons and Lannisters, but they will be loyal to whoever demonstrates they can offer them the best deal. I would love to have a cross-house alliance.

Quote :

I would only consider this HoH an success If Olenna and Jaime leave. Those are the two I wanted out and any other outcome would be a complete fail in my eyes. When people come up to me and are like lets keep Olenna shes active..... No fuckers thats why we get her ass out, how dumb are people. Take out people who pose threats and leave the people who dont. Why keep someone who is active and will come after me If we can keep someone who isnt even paying attention to the game. I want to win, clearly some people dont.

Quote :

I hope I can convince people to keep me

Quote :

Talisa mentioned that both Catelyn & Sansa mentioned that they'd be willing to keep me. That's reassuring. Now, I just need to get to the others I've spoken to.

So far; Jon, Cersei, Marg & Sandor. I need at least 6 votes to save me....Wait I need 7 votes to save. My damn brain is giving out on me. I've also heard word that Arya & Jorah would also not be voting to evict me. Here's to hoping!

*the time has come for the voting to begin. The house is still divided, and while it seems Jaime is not in anyone's list of people to be saved, it seems as if the vote will be close between Olenna and Varys*

Stannis: Houseguests, it is now time for the eviction ceremony. You must now go to your Diary Room and cast TWO votes for eviction. Your votes must go to two different people. Talisa, you are up, please go to the diary room:


Talisa: Jaime, Varys

Robb: Jaime, Olenna

Sansa: Olenna, Jaime

Arya: Jaime, Varys

Catelyn: Varys, Jaime

The Hound: Jaime, Olenna

Jorah: Jaime, Olenna

Jon Snow: Olenna, Jaime

Margaery: Varys, Jaime

Cersei: Jaime, Varys

Hodor: Varys, Jaime

Tyrion: Olenna, Jaime

Karsi: Olenna, Jaime

Stannis: The votes are in.  When I reveal the vote the evicted houseguests must gather their belogings, say their goodbyes, and then out the Moon Door you go....

By a  vote of...



*Olenna stands and faces the rest of the houseguests*

Olenna: How annoying since I was active. Pretty lame to keep someone who hasn't even fucking posted but once. Baiiii fuckers.

*Olenna bitch slaps every single houseguest, except for Varys, who is still nowhere to be found*

Catelyn: Goodbye Jaime and Olenna.

Karsi: Farewell

Cersei: Bye you two

Talisa: What a close vote for the second person. Farewell Olenna and Jaime.

Hodor: Hodor

Cersei: Your speech got me teary.


* Bronn got his wish and the biggest threat to his safety was evicted. However, he wasn't expecting the vote to be so close.  With the house apparently very divided already, who knows what will happen next. The first round was full of strategy and private room requests, it was just impossible to include it all, so can't wait for you all to read it. *


A surprising houseguest dominates the competition and wins HOH, forcing some houseguests to once again go into overdrive strategy mode to guarantee their safety. A side of the house is devastated at Olenna's eviction, but how will this affect the HOH and their nominations? Find out next time on BIIIIG Brother.

(yes I am doing what switza did for his ID reveals, I thought that was cool Razz imitation is the best form of flattery, right?)

First Houseguest Evicted: Jaime Lannister (13 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

Second Houseguest Evicted: Olenna Tyrell (7 votes to evict) was portrayed by:
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Talisa Maegyr

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Awww I can never guess you in games Turner.
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