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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 2: YOU WIN OR YOU DIE   EPISODE 2: YOU WIN OR YOU DIE Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2015 10:26 pm

17 went in, but only one will come out victorious. A mystery game based on one of the most popular TV shows of our time, these houseguests are here to claim their rightful place sitting on the Iron Throne. Who will rule the Seven Kingdoms? In a few days, we will find out..

And so it begins. A journey inside a castle. In a very bizarre twist of fate, Game of Thrones characters, dead and alive, were locked up inside The Red Keep of King's Landing. The Gods have had enough of this "Battle for the Iron Throne", so they decided the best way to choose the rightful leader was to lock everyone up inside and the last person standing would be the new King or Queen of Westeros.....

Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre have been given the order of hosting this bloodbath.

Stannis: We shall watch the bloodbath from afar. We'll see which one of these people deserves this crown, since apparently, I am not worthy...

Melisandre: You are to the Lord of Light, my king....

And so it begins.....

Part I

Chapter 2: You Win Or You Die

*flashback to last episode's eviction*

Stannis: By a vote of 13-7-6, Jaime and Olenna, you are evicted from the Game of Thrones BB House.

*shot of Olenna and Jaime being thrown out the Moon Door*

DAY 5:


Quote :
Cersei Lannister:

What??!! How did Olenna go? No! I tried getting a bad bit*he's alliance going too. Jon stuck with Bronn. Fair enough but Varys is, well, not here much. Hoping he isn't going to be a pawn a lot.

Quote :
Catelyn Stark:

The vote did not go the way I planned it and I've lost the elder Tyrell, however her daughter is still in it and just as cunning. I also have all of my children to work with except for Bram, which is for the best from how small he is. I've talked to Bronn and Sir Jorah as well and although I didn't vote the exact same way they seem pleasant and trustworthy.

*some alliances discuss the outcome of the eviction, with some houseguests happy Olenna left, while others not so much*

*Sandor, Tyrion and Bronn celebrate and dance in the kitchen and also discuss the name for their newly formed alliance*

Sandor: hey guys how's everything

Tyrion: Pretty good! So this is the setup. The three of us then Karsi is our fourth man? I like this I really do.

Bronn: That sounds excellent.

Tyrion: We could be the new chilltown

Bronn: We are like Los Tres Amigos, from BB16.

Sandor: I'm in!

*Karsi walks into the room and joins the boys in their chat*

Sandor: you guys think they might catch on to our group soon?

Tyrion: As long as we lay low. Maybe we can all form sub alliances so we don't blow out covers

Karsi: Wow that olenna vs varys vote was close. Glad it went the way we voted Very Happy

*the mood wasn't as cheery on the opposite side of the house, with the Stark alliance confused about the vote result*

Catelyn: I simply don't understand it, but we must move on. We should probably ask for Robb to be added in here as well, he is family.

Arya: If you feel he can be trusted then I say do it. Wasn't expecting such a close vote on the second person, but at least Varys is a good target for the next round.

Jon: I'm okay with it, but let's ask for a new room if we include him. We don't want him to feel that we started this without him. Yeah, it was closer than I thought it'd be. Varys is my target if I win tonight. Leaving someone like him in the game is dangerous.

Sansa: Have we all talked to Robb? I'm not sure how much we can trust him, but if we want the Starks to stick together that is fine with me. That was a close vote indeed, I thought everyone would have wanted to keep Olenna since she tried in the challenge.

Catelyn: I reached out to him since he is family too, but he seems less interested in sticking together on that principle.

*Jon Snow and Sansa leave the Stark group. While they are walking to the kitchen, they see Margaery sitting down, looking sad, so they decided to come clean*

Sansa: Sorry, Margaery. That obviously was not how I wanted things to happen. I do believe Varys staying in the game will give everyone an easy target for now at least.

Jon: Yeah, I'm sorry. Everyone was telling me she had more votes to stay. Varys is my target if I win tonight.

Margaery: I don't really care that much, haha. It was a close vote and could have gone either way. So long as I don't become a target after this I'll be fine. #lastTyrellstanding


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

Ugh. My grandmother, Olenna, was just evicted. She wasn't my closest ally by any means... but she was a Tyrell and I believe she would have stayed loyal to me for at least the first little while. I guess that means I'm the last of my family standing. Yay?

Sansa and Jon are claiming that they didn't want that to happen... but really? Don't vote to evict someone and then come at me disappointed when they leave. I hope they're happy that Bronn is happy because apparently that was their goal with this vote.

*Talisa and Cersei have a short talk about the vote results*

Cersei: That was not good.

Talisa: That was not good at all. I wonder who lied to me. I believe the 6 votes were (you, me, Arya, Sansa, Caitlyn) I only have 5. I'm not entirely sure if I believe the others.

Cersei: Hodor seemed to be with that plan, but Margaery said she was annoyed that Olenna left too.

Talisa: Which means Catelyn, Arya, Hodor or Sansa lied about their vote. I've never talked with Hodor or Margaery.

Cersei: Olenna is sure Catelyn kept her. She never mentioned Arya. But I don't know, Hodor doesn't speak, he send me pictures of Varys and Jaime lol.

Talisa: Laughing really? Havens, lol. Arya asked me who to vote for and I suggested Jaime and Olenna. She sounded all for it but it could be her.


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

Olenna left and Jaime did too in a 13-7-6 vote. I wonder who lied about their vote. Jon, Jorah, Tyrion and Robb were all up front and I knew/now know they voted Olenna out. Sansa, Arya, Catelyn and Cersei told me they would vote Varys out and Cersei says that Margaery and Hodor voted him out too. Someone lied and it wasn't me. Not drowning a pool of my own tears right now but I don't like the Bronn effect. It has to be all about Talisa and now Talisa did not get her way!

Quote :
Arya Stark:

From the jump everyone gets a nickname, because these names is TRASH.

Sandor = Silence
Hodor = Troll goddess
Jon = Hair
Karsi = Butch Queen
Talisa = Lezzie Final 2
Jorah = Daddy Type
Margeaaeeaey = Vowels
Cersei = Side Eyes
Catelyn = Boring
Robb = Eyes
Bronn = Sugar Daddy
Sansa = Mouse Face Sister
Tyrion = Clueless
Varys - Baldy Mcgee


*It is now time for the Head of Household Competition. With the house already divided, who knows what will happen next?*

Stannis: In this challenge we will be dealing with "winners" and "first voted out/first eliminated" players. Specifically, from Survivor and Big Brother. I will post the name of a castaway or houseguest, and your goal is to post in this thread what season of Survivor or Big Brother they won, or were the first person voted out from..

The first person to post the correct answer will get two points. Everyone else who posts the correct answer within the time limit (60 seconds) will score 1 point.

The first person to reach 14 or more points, will become the new Head of Household.

Tyrion: Finally something I'm good at

Jorah: This should be quick.

Tyrion: Now you know how I feel having sex

*The challenge takes place. It was a very close race with lots of people scoring points. It eventually came down to Robb Stark, Jon Snow and Ser Jorah Mormont. However, Ser Jorah's knowledge of BB and Survivor trivia was too much for Robb and Jon to catch up*

Stannis: It was a good effort from everyone, but in the end there was no stopping the man. Congratulations,


Ok, you have two hours from this post to post your nominations. I will probably not be around the full two hours to wait so please time yourself.

Jon: Congratulations, Ser Jorah!

Tyrion: Well done Jorah!

Talisa: Yippee for Jorah. Danny would be proud.

Arya: good job Jorah, you are a worthy competitor, you may spar with Needle on occasion.

Jorah: Yay! My inbox is open.

*Robb immediately pulls Jorah to the side and and compliments him on his win*

Robb: Congratulations on HOH!!! I tried to steal it from you but once you pulled ahead, you were out of the arena lol! I'm at least glad I was in the running. It's important to me to be able to pull my weight in an alliance and be able to deliver a victory every now and again which I know I haven't done yet, but my day will come and you will reap the benefits.

Jorah: I'm sure you will win one at some point. You did give me a run for my money though and I thought you were going to win it until I pulled ahead.

Robb: Thanks! we'll see what happens.

*While some players are in the backyard hugging and congratulating Jorah, others are already discussing what this mysterious man will do with the nominations*

*Karsi, Bronn, Tyrion and Sandor*

Tyrion: Sandor, you need to do some major ass kissing to Jorah. I think he might put you up against Varys

Karsi: Really? That would be unfortunate

*Bronn and Sandor look at each other, the 4 of them continue talking*

*The Starks discuss the HOH results*

Jon: Do any of you talk to Jorah? How do you guys feel about this round?

Sansa: I have talked to him a little, but he seems a bit like a loner and I cannot see him aligned with many people from the cast. Maybe we he will play it safe and nominate the inactive players for this round, too?

Catelyn: I've talked to him and we agreed not to put each other up before.

Arya: I think the inactive route is a good choice this round as well. if he truly is a loner he can use this round to network and get some footing.

Jon: Yeah, it's not worth it to piss anybody off this early. Hopefully we're all good.

*Once again, Jon and Sansa leave and immediately go to Margaery to talk more strategy*

Jon: I can't believe that was the second time I was second place in an HOH! I really tried, but he's too fast. I hope he doesn't nominate any of us.

Margaery: That was close. Sorry I couldn't do much!

Sansa: Same. We were such damsels in this challenge, dear Margaery. Will we all be safe this time?

Jon: He told me he's probably going to put up the less active people. Hopefully he's telling me the truth.

*Margaery nods her head in agreement and leaves the room. Soon after, Bronn, Karsi and Robb begin talking to Jon and Sansa*

Sansa: Have any of you spoke with Ser Jorah?

Karsi: I hope none of us get put up. I really haven't spoken to Jorah so I don't know anything thats going on up there

Jon: I don't talk to him much. We've exchanged some messages and he's a nice guy. He told me he's probably going to nominate the less active people, them being Sandor and Varys.

Karsi: That works well


Quote :
Tyrion Lannister

With Jorah as HoH I really don't know what he's thinking. He could be putting up insctives or going after someone who is active. I really hope I'm safe because I really suck at competitions. Sandor is really pissing me off. The key to this game is being social, and him not talking to people is really hurting him, and eventually it's gonna get to the point he goes up on the block, and we won't be able to save him. Whoever Sandor is must not know how to really play.

*It is now time for the nomination ceremony*

Jorah: I am nominating:


for eviction. I nominated you two because I have not spoken to either of you in this game and as a result I have no idea where either one of you stands. Good Luck in veto and if you want to stay I suggest you win and take yourself off. Good Luck! This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Arya: thanks for the dagger!

Jon: Many thanks for the dagger

Hodor: Hodor!

Talisa: I thank you very much Ser.

Bronn: Thank you for safety Jorah.


Quote :
Sansa Stark:

Ser Jorah has won HOH and nominated inactive players, so this shall be an easy week for everyone.

*Karsi, Tyrion and Bronn are furious their ally Sandor was nominated*

Tyrion: Damn! We really have to win veto so we can take him off. If not I'm pretty sure Varys will be evicted.

Sandor: i'm afraid if you guys take me off that would give away our alliance.

Bronn: You need to win it or we just vote varys out.

Sandor: yeah i agree, bronn. i can't jeopardize this alliance for my safety.


Quote :
Sandor Clegane:

Uh oh did I pick a wrong character? Everybody too intimidated to talk to me? Looks like it's already gonna be an uphill battle.

Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

I was only half present for the HOH competition. I literally had bingo going on so I would only answer when I could... and hopefully it made me appear not very threatening. Jorah took it home and so I messaged him a similar deal that I gave Bronn last week. Jorah abided. Gregor and Varys are on the block and, once again, Queen Margaery is safe for now. Here's hoping the Veto doesn't change anything.

Quote :
Jon Snow:

I don't think I can win anything for now. I'm aligned with a pretty big number of people. I just have to keep talking to everyone one on one a lot. I need to make them think that they are my closest ally and smother them with my social game. That's the plan anyway. Pulling it off is going to be tricky.

*It is now time for the Power of Veto competition. The consensus in the house is that Varys should be the target for the week. Will the veto result change that plan? Let's find out*

Melisandre: This challenge will be done in rounds. I will post hints each round for you guys to guess an Actor or Actress that appeared/appears in Game of Thrones. If you guess the actor or actress correctly first you get 1 point. First houseguest to score 3 points will win. Spelling counts.

Tyrion: I'm ready!

*and the challenge begins. Surprisingly, it was over fairly quick*

Melisandre: Wow! Talisa Maegyr scores her 3rd and final point. I had tons more prepared! Congrats Talisa on winning POV!

Karsi: maybe shouldn't have started with 3 in the top 10 actors on imdb lol. Anyways congrats Talisa

Varys: Congrats Talisa!

Tyrion: He's alive!

*shortly after the winner is announced, Jorah pulls Talisa to the side*

Talisa: Thank you so much for not putting me up Jorah. You are my own personal hero. I don't use it right?

Jorah: yeah. I'd rather you not. But the decision is yours at the end of the day.

Talisa: It is but I feel like these games are better when you have a partner in crime. I don't mind sharing my decision with you. Not using it Ser.

*Jorah agrees with Talisa and they shake hands. Jon then comes into the room and locks the door*

*Jon and Talisa discuss the veto results, SHOWMANCE ALERT!!!!!!!!*

Jon: Wow, queen of the veto here. Great job, beautiful!

Talisa: I don't get how I won this so easily as I do not have the fastest internet. The last veto was a fluke because Olenna messed up and I was able to google fast enough before she caught on. It feels nice though, that we have veto on our side. I want to keep us safe. Goes to say I shouldn't use it right?

Jon: I don't think Jorah would put me up, but I probably wouldn't use it. As tempting as getting Varys to strike out is, he actually showed up this time around.

Talisa: Yes exactly right. It would only work if he stayed useless.

*Time for the Veto Meeting*

Talisa: Can someone help me and direct me to the spoiler thing? I want to make these a bit more mysterious if I get to host another ceremony during my time here.


Hodor: Hodor.


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

Another win tonight for Lady Talisa. I decided that since she's proving herself to be quite the competition threat, that I should take the opportunity to speak with her in private. I heard whispers that she was one of the votes to keep my grandmother in the game and she seems like a decent enough girl. It's mostly strategic on my part, though, as I would want her to keep me safe if she ever won an HOH. Somebody's going to have to backdoor her ass if she continues to win competitions, though. We can't have someone like that around.

She didn't use the Veto. So it's either Gregor or Varys leaving and I really could care less which one of them it is.

*Tyrion and Karsi*

Tyrion: Ok Talisa is a huge threat! First chance we get she needs to go

Karsi: That challenge was pretty weak though and her first veto win came becauwe someone mis guess a beer fit for a king.

*Tyrion leaves, and Karsi joins the group of Jon, Sansa and Robb*

Karsi: Guys what would you think about inviting talisa to our alliance? She was actually the first person to tqlk to me and unless shes lying to me really doesnt have a set alliance with anyone yet

Jon: I like Talisa. I'd be on board with working with her.

Karsi: She seems like a good person as well, plus these challenges wins cant hurt us

Jon: Yeah, it couldn't hurt to have another person who's good at challenges. It seems no one really cares who leaves, so I'm probably going to vote for Varys unless anyone objects?

Sansa: I wouldn't mind an alliance with Talisa. She is slowly becoming a Veto Queen. Maybe we could make a new room with her? I've talked with her some and I bet she would enjoy the alliance. As for the vote, I'm fine with whomever so it is up to you all.

Robb: I'm down with working with Talisa. She seems like she'd be a great ally. Also as far as the vote goes, it's impossible for me to care less about who goes than I already do. I was thinking of asking Jeroh who he wants gone and voting whoever he says. If we're willing to do what he says, I doubt he'll put us up if he wins again.

Jon: Jorah told me he has no preference. I've never seen a vote where no one cared at all lol

*Jon and Sansa leave the group, and head to the HOH room. Arya and Catelyn are there hanging out, and the groups talk about the vote*

Jon: How do you guys think we should vote? It doesn't really matter to me since they're both barely here.

Arya (wearing Jorah's HOH robe): I agree, Varys just decided to show up for this competition. Does anyone know Ser Jorah's target? maybe that's the best way to go?

Jon: He never mentioned one yesterday when I asked him. He seemed to have just wanted someone not as active to go.

Sansa: Either would be fine for me as whomever survives this time will most likely become a nominee yet again with the next HOH.

Catelyn: I personally don't care which one goes.

Jon: Neither does Jorah. I guess this vote doesn't really matter lol


Quote :
Arya Stark:

Daddy Type wins HOH, so I have to use my ass again and shake it like a salt shaker in front of him and promise him he is safe if I win, if I do this every week I might actually get far. He puts up the two most irrelevant people in Baldy and Silence.

Then all of a sudden Lezzie comes out and wins another veto, like bitch im glad you can win shit but this the beginning boo, we can show all our stuff from the jump! She obviously never stripped before, you can show all the titty right out the gate. You have to do it slow and sensual.

*Time for the second eviction ceremony*

Melisandre: Houseguests, it is now time for the eviction ceremony. You must now go to your Diary Room and cast a vote for eviction. Talisa, you are up, please go to the diary room:


Talisa: The Hound

Catelyn: Varys

Margaery: Varys

Tyrion: Varys

Sansa: Varys

Jon: Varys

Cersei: Varys

Karsi: Varys

Bronn: Varys

Arya: Varys

Robb: Varys

Hodor: Varys

It's official, with 11 votes to evict, Varys will be leaving the GoT house. Let's give the news to the houseguests.

Melisandre: The votes are in. When I reveal the vote the evicted houseguest must gather his belogings, say his goodbyes, and then out the Moon Door you go....

By a vote of...



Karsi: Farewell

Arya: Bye Varys

Talisa: Ciao!

Tyrion: Bye

Hodor: Hodor


Stannis: This round, the vote wasn't as complicated as last round and the house was pretty much set on who they wanted out. It was a stress free week, but it also saw the birth of two major alliances that will play a key role in the game.

Next time on Game of Thrones Big Brother:

THe HOH challenge results wake up the beast hidden inside a houseguest. Plus, a peculiar houseguest is finally getting on people's nerves and makes him a target, but will the people who want him gone gain control of the house? Find out next episode on BIIIIG Brother!

Quote :
Third Houseguest Evicted: Varys (11 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

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