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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 3: WINTER IS COMING   EPISODE 3: WINTER IS COMING Icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2015 1:07 pm

17 went in, but only one will come out victorious. A mystery game based on one of the most popular TV shows of our time, these houseguests are here to claim their rightful place sitting on the Iron Throne. Who will rule the Seven Kingdoms? In a few days, we will find out..

And so it begins. A journey inside a castle. In a very bizarre twist of fate, Game of Thrones characters, dead and alive, were locked up inside The Red Keep of King's Landing. The Gods have had enough of this "Battle for the Iron Throne", so they decided the best way to choose the rightful leader was to lock everyone up inside and the last person standing would be the new King or Queen of Westeros.....

Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre have been given the order of hosting this bloodbath.

Stannis: We shall watch the bloodbath from afar. We'll see which one of these people deserves this crown, since apparently, I am not worthy...

Melisandre: You are to the Lord of Light, my king....

And so it begins.....

Part I

Chapter 3: Winter is Coming

*flasback to Varys' eviction*

Melisandre: By a  vote of 11-1, Varys, you are evicted from the GoT BB house*

*shot of Varys being thrown out the Moon Door*


Hodor: Hodor

*camera focuses on Robb giving Hodor some serious stank face*


Quote :
Robb Stark:

Hodor is so damn annoying...I don't know how people take this bitch. I feel like someone chose that character just to be annoying and I'm over it. I literally want to win HOH just to get rid of the bitch.

Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

This was an underwhelming round. Useless people were nominated and I didn't really care what happened. I took this opportunity to be less active and watch my post count. I know there are ways to see post counts for those more familiar with this forum.

*Shot of the kitchen. Talisa and Cersei talk about how they feel about one houseguest in particular*

Talisa: (looking at Catelyn, who is sitting by the stairs, alone) *whispers*  I think Catelyn is upset with me for some reason. As soon as I said I wouldn't use the veto on Olenna, she turned cold.

Cersei: Catelyn is in character. What did she say? If you used it you'd be seen as been in an alliance with Olenna.

Talisa: She didn't say much. She basically just said she hopes Olenna is safe and then got short and eventually just doesn't answer me any more Laughing

Cersei:  Catelyn is not talking to me too.

Talisa: Perhaps she is just busy. It would be a shame if she turned on us because it's clear the 6 who voted for Olenna to stay need to stick together.

*Cersei nods her head in agreement, she begins to get some food out and walks away from the kitchen, then JON SNOW joins Talisa*

Jon: Did you mention earlier that you wanted to work with Karsi and Sansa? I just remembered because Karsi mentioned you and said she wants us to work together.

*flashback to the scene from last episode when Karsi mentioned making a room with Talisa in it*

Jon:  Robb asked me the other day to join a private room with Bronn, Karsi and Sansa so I'm in that. I'm obviously closer to you though so maybe we could all work together. And you didn't hear that from me lol.

Talisa: I'm just all kinds of confused Laughing It just goes to show the game is already on. Here I am just frolicking around like this is a rose garden and we're all hippies having fun Laughing Your secret is safe with me, promise. I'm just confused because Sansa seemed so on board with keeping Olenna but clearly she is close to Bronn who wanted none of that. Bronn asked me to be in an alliance when he was HOH with Karsi, you and probably Sansa. I agreed to it, I think I even told you in a PM. We talked about a private room but he never asked for one. Tonight he comes to me asking if I asked for the room, acting like that room doesn't already exist. I mean, it's the same room other than me being replaced by Robb.

Jon: Yeah, Robb being in it was so random lol. He messaged me the other day and just asked if I was down for a private room with them. I thought it was weird since I could have sworn I heard from multiple people that they wanted you in it too. I can vouch for Sansa wanted Olenna to stay though. She was like me in thinking there were enough votes for her to stay and we wanted to stay on Bronn's good side. We made a mistake counting the votes though, so that's on us lol.

Talisa:I completely and utterly trust what you are saying to me. Sometimes with a bigger alliance, the lines of communications between all gets blurry. I'm sure it was just the telephone game that ended up with be being excluded by mistake Laughing I didn't really take offence to it, I was just confused.

*Jon kisses Talisa on the cheek. Then walks away*


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr

Jon showed I can keep on loving and trusting him when he came forward about the room to me before I made it known that Karsi told me. Not sure if they both talked beforehand but they both pretty much spilled the beans to me during the same hour. They both received brownie points for it while Sansa, Bronn and Robb lost points. We will see where this takes me but right now, I plan on being the snake that causes that alliance to fall apart in a drastic and gruesome way.

*not much else happens until the Head of Household competition*

Melisandre: This 24 hour challenge will be simple. You need to solve the puzzle below. Once you are done solving it, please take a screenshot of your completed puzzle and submit it in your Diary Room. The person that completes the puzzle and has the fastest time will win Head of Household. In the VERY UNLIKELY event that there is a tie, then the person that submitted the puzzle first between the people tied will win. Good luck!

Hodor: Hodor Question No

Cersei: A puzzle? Good luck.

*the houseguests then begin working on the puzzle and talk about strategies on how to complete it*

Tyrion: I'm not even gonna attempt the challenge. However if one of you win I think we need to think about backdooring Talisa. She's won two vetoes and is crazy competitive

*Bronn and Karsi nod in agreement*

*Tyrion leaves the room and Jon, Robb and Sansa Stark join Karsi and Bronn.*

Karsi: If anyone does this and sends be sure to inform the others of your time, since you cant resend it will atleast let people know if their attempt is send worthy

Robb: Great idea, I haven't started yet but it would be nice to have an idea of what's a good time and what's a bad time.

Jon: I won't have a lot of time to practice today, but I'll let you guys know my score when I do

Karsi: I figure i will tackle it a little later today and see what happens

*after a few hours*

Karsi: 28 mins doubt I will win

Robb: I'm at 20 mins, I'm going to try to get it lower.

Karsi: Atta boy robb hopefully thats good enough and someone doesnt photoshop an outrageous score

Robb: Thanks Karsi Smile I tried 2 more times but I wasn't able to beat my 20 mins time so I sent that one in.

Karsi: I think 20 minutes is pretty good, however i thought about photoshopping for the win and if i had the idea im sure someone else did as well. If someone goes sub 15 they photoshopped

*the houseguests continue to work on the puzzle and submit their final screenshots. After a short while, Melisandre returns with the results*

Melisandre: 6 of you have submitted puzzle screenshots



Congratulations! Please post your two nominees on this thread as soon as you can!

Talisa: Very kick ass of you girl, just wow. Congratulations Margaery.

Sansa: Congratulations, Lady Margaery.

*Karsi has a very confused look on her face*

Karsi: Congrats

Hodor: Hodor

Margaery: Goodness... I didn't think I'd win! Much love, everyone!

*Karsi, frustrated with the HOH results, takes her alliance of Robb, Sansa and Bronn to a different room*

Karsi: (whispering, but with a very angry tone) 12 minutes is fake i cant believe the hosts cant see this was a complete photoshop. All she did was set the pieces to 24 completed the puzzle took a picture and then took a picture with. 128 pieces cut the pieces and pasted them over the 24. look I can do it in 1:36

Sansa: 12 minutes is incredibly impressive if it is so. I attempted the puzzle but I was barely under 30 minutes.

Karsi: that is photoshopped. They just let it run for 12 minutes, arya did the same. I have clearly shown that you can do it at whatever time you want and its impossible to tell that I photoshopped

*Karsi and Bronn storm out of the room. Robb leaves too, only leaving Jon and Sansa. After a short while, Arya comes into the room and begins dancing in excitement*

Sansa: Good effort, sister! You almost had it. You too, Jon. I do not see Margaery going for any active players, so we should be safe once again as long as she continues the pattern of nominating those who don't show up.

Jon: You did good, Arya! I wish I had more time to try it.

Arya: I wish I did too, I was only able to try it 2 times. Yea hopefully we will all be safe, its still to early to pull something big.


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

Queen Margaery of House Tyrell managed to pick up an HOH victory this week. I wasn't expecting to win it but I did expect to do well. On the bright side, it was a 24 hour challenge and so I don't think I'll get labeled a big threat because of it. Perhaps the best part about it was that it will allow me to make connections with a few players that I haven't spoke with yet.

Quote :
Robb Stark:

Why do I get 2nd and 3rd place in like every damn challenge? So fucking frustrating. I really wanted this HOH too and now Margaery has it and I'm really worried because we don't talk. She has every reason to put me up. This week probably isn't going to be a going one for your boy.


Karsi: hey

Margaery: It's not an easy decision, but it's one that must be made. I am nominating
for eviction. Nothing personal... I just have to make decision and I haven't spoke with either of you. By Gregor, I mean Sandor. #drunklastnight

Hodor: Hodor Sad

Cersei: Thank you Margaery.

Karsi: Thank you Margaery, you look even more regal than you did yesterday

Arya: Thank you for the dagger Margaery

*fake hugging ensues. Margaery goes upstairs to her HOH room*

*Inside the HOH room, Margaery looks at the camera and begins dancing. She is interrupted by Jon and Sansa, who join her in the dancing*

Jon: You had this in the bag! Very good job haha

Sansa: Well done, my dear Margaery. That was a most impressive time!

Margaery: Thanks, friends! We can rest easy this round and I hope you two are OK with my nominations.

Jon: That's what I would have done!

*shot of the living room, camera focuses on Robb sitting alone*


Quote :
Robb Stark

Thank God!!! Margaery puts up Sandor and HODOR!!! Hopefully we can keep nominations the same and get rid of Hodor once and for all. I really can't stand that bitch.

*It's time for the veto competition. As always this season, everyone is eligible to compete. However, Sandor doesnt come out to play. Stays in his room while medical takes a look at him*

Melisandre: Welcome houseguests to the third Power of Veto competition. All of you are eligible to participate. This challenge is as simple and straightforward as a challenge can get.

I will be posting a list of 8 scrambled character names from Game of Thrones. These are characters that are not in this game. Your job is to unscramble as many of the characters as possible within a 20 minute time limit. You must post your answer sheet in your DRs before the time limit is up in order for it to count.

The person who unscrambles the most character names the quickest wins! SPELLING COUNTS!

*the houseguests then rush to finish the challenge as soon as possible*

Melisandre: Everyone stop! We have a winner!With a Time Stamp of 22:07:13......The winner of POV #3 is.....


You have 2 hours to decide if you want to use veto or not! Please post your decision here.

Karsi: (without giving the decision much thought) Karsi will NOT be using the poser of veto and leaving the nominations in place that ms tyrell wanted

Jon: Well done, Karsi!

Talisa: Good job and thank you for not using it.

Robb: Great job Karsi.


Quote :
Robb Stark:

Karsi wins veto and I'm very happy about that. Nominations stay the same and I'm ready to #ByeFelicia that bitch Hodor.

On a brighter note, Karsi was the person in my alliance I felt the least comfortable with but after this week, I feel like we've gotten a lot closer. She was more upset than I was about me losing HOH and was very vocal about it. That's a turn on for me for several reasons...

1. It shows she's not with Margaery or else he wouldn't care that she won HOH
2. It shows she's really with me
3. It shows she has a temper and has the potential to get under people's skin.

So right now, Karsi is looking like someone I may want to go to the end with. I want to keep building our relationship stronger.

Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

I nominated Sandor and Hodor for eviction. There are only three people who haven't spoke a word to me and they are two of those three. Sandor isn't that active and Hodor seemed like a safe choice so not to annoy bigger forces. Karsi won the Veto and kept my nominations the same. I'm hoping Hodor leaves as I think he'd have a better shot at winning an HOH. Regardless, I managed to become friendlier with more people and didn't create any waves with my nominations. Solid week for Margaery.

Quote :

Hodor hodor HODOR! Sad ;(

*The Stark alliance tries to decide which way they should vote*

Arya: So now that the nominations are set, where are you guys leaning?

Sansa: Probably Hodor? He seems like a troll character and doesn't really contribute much to the game.

Arya: That's what I was thinking as well, and I don't think he will add any thing to the game besides Hodor.

Jon: Hodor sounds good

*Catelyn nods in agreement and the four of them shake hands. Arya and Catelyn leave. Jon and Sansa head up to the HOH room to talk with Margaery*

Jon: Any preference on who goes, my Queen?

Margaery: I'd rather Hodor if only because he's more active.

Jon: Sounds good to me

Sansa: I will vote out Hodor as well. It will get interesting now that most of the inactives are gone.

Margaery: It should get interesting soon, I agree. Everyone left is at least somewhat active except for Sandor.

*dramatic music.  Cut to commercial break*

*Hodor is sitting outside, visibly upset. Cersei joins him*

Cersei: Hodor no Sad

Hodor: Sad Hodor?

Cersei: You've got my vote to stay.

Hodor: Hodor! Very Happy

*Talisa walks in and Cersei and Talisa begin talking*

Talisa: What did you want to do for this vote?

Cersei: I say the hound?

*Talisa nods, and gives a pat on the head to Hodor and then leaves*

*downstairs, Tyrion, Bronn and Karsi talk nominations*

Tyrion: Ugh! I sent Marge a PM to see where her head is. Hopefully we can get rid of Hodor this week.. I'm afraid to really campaign for You right now Sandor because I don't want to come off as alligned with you. This really sucks.

Bronn: We should be able to get out Hodor.

Tyrion: I hope! I can't stand him

Karsi: Hodor is going to go but Sandor needs to sign on and do something. Sandor needs to start showing up and being active. Were going to lose him eventually because hes being labeled as an inactive

Tyrion: He does


Stannis: Houseguests, it is now time to vote. Margaery, as HOH, you will not vote. Neither will both nominees. The rest of you must now go to the Diary Room and cast a vote to evict. Talisa, you're up first, please go to the diary room.


Talisa: Hodor

Catelyn: Hodor

Ser Jorah: Sandor

Tyrion: Hodor

Sansa: Hodor

Jon: Hodor

Cersei: Sandor

Karsi: Hodor

Bronn: Hodor

Arya: Hodor

Robb: Hodor

*It's official, with 9 votes to evict, Hodor will be leaving the GoT house. Let's give the news to the houseguests.

Stannis: Houseguests, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote the evicted houseguest must gather his belogings, say his goodbyes, and then out the Moon Door you go....

By a vote of 9-2


Cersei: Hodor.

Hodor: Hodor Sad

Karsi: Hodor!!

Tyrion: Bye Hodor!

Catelyn: Hodor Sad

Cersei: Hodor talked too much.

Karsi: I secretly called him Webster because of his vast vocabulary. Hodor will be missed and there will be riots.

Bronn: Bye Hodor.

Tyrion: Hodor played a much better game than Purple Kelly

Talisa: Hodor!

Arya: Hodor, forever lives on in our hearts.

*Hodor is getting pushed out through the moon door. Everyone is too busy saying bye to him and fail to notice that Sandor Clegane has fainted right in the middle of the room*


*ambulance sounds*

Everyone inside of the house: OH MY GOD.

* commercial break*

*return from commercial break. The houseguests are sitting in the living room, confused about what just happened. Then suddenly, Stannis makes an announcement*

Stannis: I have a very unfortunate announcement to make. During his stay in The Red Keep, Sandor The Hound Clegane has fallen very ill due to battle injuries. Unfortunately Dr. Ramona or whoever is in charge of medical has decided the best course of action will be to release him from the game so he can take care of his health.



*everyone looks shocked*

Karsi: So long kegend

Cersei: Bye

Jorah: Bye Sandor

Bronn: Bye.


Stannis: It seems as though it was another easy week for the HOH. However, as Margaery said, the inactives are now gone and the game is about to go into overdrive.


It was another double elimination last round, which the houseguests were not prepared for. With the numbers falling fast, alliances are being exposed, nominations are becoming more difficult. It all happens next time on BIG BROTHER.

Quote :
Fourth Houseguest Evicted: Hodor (9 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

Medically Evacuated: Sandor Clegane (0 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

*Disclaimer: Sandor asked to leave the game voluntarily since he believed he did not have the time anymore to play.
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