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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 4: WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE   EPISODE 4: WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE Icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2015 8:58 pm

And so it continues....

Part II

Chapter 1: What Is Dead May Never Die

*flashback to Sandor being carried away by an ambulance. Arya and Catelyn are hugging each other*

*Oh, and Hodor left too*

DAY 10


Quote :
Robb Stark (dancing in the Diary Room):

Peace at last, Thank God. Bye Hodor, you will not be missed!!

Quote :

Arya and Marge gotta go they are essentially the only threats to my alliance...speaking of my ALLIANCE...can sansa stark kinda unfuck herself and stop with the role playing. Bitch its getting real annoying.

*Karsi, Sansa, Jon, Bronn, Robb are chatting about what to do next round in case one of them wins HOH, when TALISA MAEGYR joins them*




Sansa:  I fear I stick out like a sore thumb, but at least I have Talisa to speak of lady things.

Bronn: Love this room. Good luck tonight everyone, hopefully one of us can win!

Talisa: We are so active in it too Laughing

Sansa: Good luck, everyone! I'll do my best.

*Margaery and Cersei are spending some girl time together*

Margaery: Mother! I'm glad to see the vote went the direction we thought it would!

Cersei: I'm quite surprised it was like that though. I thought Hodor would of got about 4 to stay lol. Well, he's out now so now. Im worried about the Starks. Not spoken to them aparlrt fron Catelyn.

Margaery: I thought he'd get more votes to stay too. Maybe he didn't talk to as many people as I'd thought he did. I don't know what to think of the Stark family. I've talked to Catelyn and Sansa. Robb messaged me when I won HOH, but Arya has not spoke a word to me all game.

Cersei: Yeah, Sansa talked me, but been a while. Not spoken to Arya or Rob.

*It is now time for the next Head of Household competition*

Stannis: For this challenge, you will be facing off against each other in pairs. I will post the name of a real person. This person is either "dead" or "alive" as of today. The first person from a pair to post the correct answer (Dead or Alive), wins the round and stays in the competition. The loser will be eliminated.

the first pair facing off, chosen by is:



*the challenge was very SLOW for the first couple of rounds, as inactives were being knocked out easily. Then suddenly, houseguests began to volunteer to make each round's winner life a little easier?*


Stannis: Talisa Maegyr vs. Karsi. One of you ladies is about to become the new Head of Household.

Bronn: Good luck you two.

Talisa: Good luck Wildling.

Karsi: you as well

*the final round takes place. It was a very close match up with only SECONDS separating the two, but then a winner was decided*

Stannis: And with that congratulations to...


You're the new Head of Household!!!! cheers cheers

You now have TWO HOURS from this post to make your nominations.

Bronn: Grats Karsi.

Talisa: Congratulations Karsi

Robb: Congrats Karsi!!!

Jon: Congratulations, wildling

*Immediately after the winner is announced, Karsi, Tyrion, and Bronn go to the side to discuss nominations*

Karsi: I'm thinking catelyn and arya thoughts?

Tyrion: Do we want to target insctives or do we want to take out big players? But do whatever you want.

Karsi: Catelyn and Arya are active, dear friend lol

Tyrion: Oh lol ok.

Bronn:  Im okay with those noms, Karsi.

Tyrion: Me too. I think it's hot when relatives fight to the death


Quote :
Jon Snow:

Numbers are dwindling and things are coming down to the wire. I successfully threw the HOH and hopefully no one realizes that I did. However, I fear our alliance might be exposed. We were the last ones in the challenge and anyone with half a brain could see it. All the volunteering probably didn't help. Who volunteers in that kind of challenge unless you're in an alliance?

To make matters worse, Karsi is going to nominate Catelyn and Arya. I feel terrible because of Catelyn's personal loss. It had to happen at some point, but I still feel bad about it. I need to also plan for the future. What happens if this alliance continues to dominate? Where do I stand with them?


Karsi: Okay guys Karsi is just a simple wildling so this won't have much pomp and circumstance.

I chooose to nominate

Neither of you have made contact with me in game, and while its as much my fault. I have to nominate 2 for eviction. No hard feelings and apologies in advance

Bronn: Good luck noms.

Talisa: Thank you for the key Karsi.

Arya: I understand Karsi, no hard feelings

Catelyn: I understand Karsi, good luck to everyone else in Veto.

Cersei: Thank you Karsi. Good luck.

*Arya and Jon have a quick chat before heading to different rooms*

Jon: Well, this sucks.

Arya: Yea I agree, something tells me there is another big alliance that has Karsi in it. She doesn't post much in the threads but her post count continually goes up.


Quote :
Robb Stark:

Karsi wins HOH and I couldn't be any happier. She was actually my top choice to win, I was rooting for her more than I was rooting for myself. Arya and Catelyn are on the block. I have minimal ties to Catelyn and no ties to Arya (I've actually been wanting Arya out for a while) and if she doesn't win the veto, then I think it's safe to say it's game over for my little sis.

Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

Tonight we had HOH and I totally let Karsi win. I don't want to be HOH at all and I don't know when I will want to. I'm good with everyone right now except for Catelyn. I think it would anger Cersei if I won HOH and put Catelyn up so I will let Karsi do it. She told me before the last round that she would put Catelyn and Arya up. I plan to do everything I can to keep Arya in the game.

*Not much else happens between the nominations and the next competition, so it is now time for the Power of Veto competition. At this point, Arya seems to be Karsi's target, but will the veto change things?*

Stannis: Houseguests, welcome to the Power of Veto competition. Do you think that luck is on your side right now? Well, we are about to find out. Tonight we will be once again playing in rounds. Each round, I will ask a question, and the FIRST person to post the correct answer here on the thread will be given a choice:

Choice 1: If you answer correctly first, you get one point. That's it.

Choice 2: You can forfeit your one point, and instead pick one of three "boxes" that are presented to you. HOWEVER, if you do pick one of the boxes, you should know that it could either be a really good decision, or a very bad one

The goal of this challenge will be to collect 4 points. The first houseguest to get to 4 or more points will win the Power of Veto.

Good luck!

*after a very close challenge with many people making different choices, we have a winner. Karsi and Talisa chose to open a box and won an advantage for a yet-to-be-announced challenge*

Stannis: Congratulations


you have won the power of veto!!!

You have full control of the house this week. And you now have 1 hour from this post to make your decision. Congrats!

Margaery: Good job, Karsi!

Bronn: Congrats Karsi

Arya: good job Karsi, you have been training, please give me the name of who trains you I am sure I can learn a lot.


Stannis, Karsi will NOT be using the power of veto and the nominations will stay the same

Arya: (visibly frustrated) My Public Plea.

Hello comrades, so I have been told that a lot of you have not talked to me, and I apologize for that. All I ask is for one more chance to right that wrong. I have been having a great time playing with everyone (alive and dead) and would like to stay in this game. I have been here for all competitions but one, and that competition is the one that put me on the block. My pm box is open if anyone wants to talk.

Thanks for hearing me out.

*Bronn, Tyrion and Karsi discuss the vote*

Tyrion: So who do we vote? Ayra?

Karsi: Yeah i think shes gonna go

Tyrion: we're really gonna have to work to keep from going up. I'd say we try and each find another Alliance to join to keep us 3 to the end. We find strong people to allign with and try to keep the rest of us safe

Bronn:  I like that idea Tyrion. We have to stay a solid three.

Tyrion: I'm gonna talk to cersei

Bronn: I'll talk to Jon Snow

*Meanwhile, @ Valyrian Steel and Sex Appeal*

Margaery: What are we thinking, friends?

Sansa: I feel closer to Catelyn and she is also not entirely threatening, so I may prefer if she stays? What do you think?

Margaery: I'm closer to Catelyn too. Arya hasn't spoke with me at all so I'm fine with her going.

Jon: I'm okay with anything.

*Jorah, who has been a little camera shy the past couple of weeks, asks Robb a question*

Jorah: Hey Robb! What are you thinking we should do in the vote?

Robb: Hey Jorah, long time no talk but Catelyn has actually said a few words to me and promised to look out for me whereas I've had zero contact with Arya so I feel like I owe Catelyn my vote.

*Talisa and Cersei are having a conversation in the backyard*

Talisa: Even now that she's nominated, Catelyn doesn't talk to me Laughing I put a foot forward and messaged her tonight. I hope she answers this time. I thought we had a good thing going all of us.

Cersei: She answered my PM. I'm voting Arya I think. She hasn't spoken to me.

*Cersei goes back inside the house. Karsi, followed by Robb, Bronn and Sansa, and Jon Snow, join Talisa*

Karsi: Okay guys i have to take a few challenges off. Cant play too hard

Talisa: I should do better if you're not trying  Laughing

Karsi: Sioux box shall be my answers

Sansa: I'm fine with voting Arya. Also yeah, Karsi, feel free to let the rest of us win a competition sometime soon lol. As long as we keep the wins within the alliance, that is.

Jon: Arya's fine with me. Great job on another win, Karsi!

Robb:  Arya is totally fine with me.

Karsi: Tomorrow Obviously I cannot play and we have the FF. I hope everyone from this group that can make it will make it. Stuff like this always seems to bust up well laid plans. I will be on to help anyone win btw.

Sansa: Don't forget about the special challenge, whatever that may be.

*Everyone but Robb and Karsi leave the backyard*

Robb: Great job on HOH!! You have no clue how excited I was when you won. I'm so ready to kick Arya to the curb.

Karsi: Yeah. Obviously arya is the target. I would have nommed both her and marge but i didnt want to deal with the arger from marge too early so putting up two people that have legit not talked to me made game sense to others.

Karsi: also isnt it funny that marge was here??? When has she shown interest in a veto, oh wait Arya is up

Robb: Lol I hadn't noticed but great job girl, you kicked ASS!!!


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

My poor Arya is probably leaving now. I tried to win and would have strongly considered using it on her. Karsi just told me she would want Arya gone. I didn't expect that as I had tasked Arya with sucking up to Karsi. Catelyn has sucked in the social department lately so I figured a bit of brown nosing from Arya is all it would take. Something bigger is brewing as it appears that Karsi still wants Arya gone and now Karsi won veto. I can't think of enough people who would go against her wishes right now.


Stannis: Houseguests, it is now time to vote. Karsi, as HOH, you will not vote. Neither will the two nominees. Everyone else will go into the diary room and cast a vote to evict.  Sansa, you're up first, please go to the Diary Room.


Sansa: Arya

Robb: Arya

Jon: Arya

Ser Jorah: Arya

Cersei: Arya

Tyrion: Arya

Bronn: Arya

Margaery: Arya

Talisa: Arya (Post-Eviction, See Below)

*Talisa is about to vote when...*

Talisa: I vote to evict Ca....

Stannis: Houseguests all of the votes are in.

Talisa: Da fuck....

Stannis: When I reveal the vote the evicted houseguest must gather her belogings, say her goodbyes, and then will be escorted out of the house.

By a vote of 9-0


Cersei: Bye. *hugs*

Sansa: Goodbye, Arya. *hugs*

Tyrion: Bye Ayra. Congrats everyone on making jury *hugs*

Karsi: Farewell congrats on jury *no hugs*

Robb: Bye sister *is about to hug Arya when suddenly A WILD ARYA APPEARS*

Arya: Bye guys, my own alliance and final 2 deal (which would have been 5), didnt even vote to save me, i guess loyalty means nothing in these games anymore, Also thanks for the false hope Karsi, i am sure that will look great in a jury speech.

Karsi: I just told you to campaign for votes thats hardly false hope my friend

Arya: Yoi also said i had a good shot at staying, when your alliance obviously voted me out. Also i feel like being bitter, starks have an alliance me, sansa, cate, and jon snow. Also talisa was my final 2 and she told me she is well connected... Do what you want with it, this is my last post

*everyone looks shocked. Sansa, Catelyn and Jon cannot believe what they just heard. Karsi and Bronn begin laughing hysterically*

Margaery: Rest in peace, Arya.

Talisa: It's pretty tasteless of you to be so bitter especially considering you are twisting things around and I was not even given the curtsy of actually voting. For all you know, I would have voted for you to stay. I guess it's easy to huff and puff and get all agitated with your fingers shaking while hovering over each letter you type, over a game. It's much easier than to inquire and it's much easier to twist things when you out people. I'm glad that me telling you to talk with people meant I was well connected. Let's be honest here, all I said to you last night was that many were bitching they've never talked to you and that was probably a bad thing if you wanted to stay. I never said what you claim I said. Thanks but fuck you. Here I felt bad for you.

Stannis: I am so sorry Talisa, I thought you had already voted Sad Sad

Talisa: It's not your fault some people lack in social skills but can't have a classy exit. But since it's out there, I just want to point something out. If you ask someone for a final 2, chances are they will not say "NO". But if said person agrees and then you guys don't talk for days, it might not be the most serious thing in the world. Yes Arya asked me for a final 2, I didn't say no but we barely talked after that except for last night.

Bronn: Farewell Arya.

Catelyn: Farewell Arya, I'm genuinely sorry to see you leave so soon. I thought out of all of us women you would have the best shot of lasting the longest with your fighting skills.

Cersei: Bye Arya. Bitter doesn't suit you.

Jorah: Bye Arya!

Robb: Starks minus Robb had an alliance. I'm a little offended y'all didn't invite me, I thought we was family. Sad



Next time on BIG BROTHER:

It's the fallout from Arya's eviction revelations. The house, now aware of the Stark alliance, plots to get them all out of the house. Will the new HOH do as the house wants, or will they do what's best for their game? PLUS, it's the special rewards competition. The 11 houseguests fight for a shot at winning one of three special powers.

It's all happening next time, on BIIIG BROTHER.

Quote :
Fifth Houseguest Evicted (First Jury Member): Arya Stark (9 votes to evict) was portrayed by:


*Disclaimer: This round, I made a mistake. I posted eviction while I was missing one vote, Talisa's, but I assumed I already had it. Talisa claims she was going to vote for Catelyn. Arya's rant against Talisa was under the assumption Talisa had voted against her, when Talisa did not vote at all. However, after the argument, Talisa went to the DR and under my request, made a post-eviction vote, for official purposes. She voted Arya, thus making the vote 9-0, officially.

Moral of the story: Make sure you have all the votes before posting eviction. It can give you a real headache. Laughing
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Talisa Maegyr

Talisa Maegyr

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 4: WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE   EPISODE 4: WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE Icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2015 10:26 pm

You know, I was actually really hoping Karsi lied to me and that Arya was not Will. Totally disgusted.
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