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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 6:11 pm

And so it continues....

Part II

Chapter 3:  Blackwater

*Stannis: By a vote of 6-2, Tyrion, you are evicted from the Big Brother house*

*Tyrion's picture goes black and white on the memory wall*

DAY 13


Quote :
Cersei Lannister:

It sucks Tyrion left, we were just getting to talk. Rob putting me up though. Was I the target? No idea, but, he was my choice for noms so can't be mad. Can't i? Well its a new round.

Quote :

I am allied with everyone and everyone talks to me...good on me. I outclass everyone in this game...and unless I get screwed...well I will win

*Following Tyrion's eviction, which Karsi was not happy about, she has a conversation with Robb Stark*

Karsi: Robb I want you to know I didn't like the decisions today. I think Tyrion was an awful competitor and should have never been the target. Thats just my 2 cents, and being honest

Robb: I appreciate your honesty but I couldn't put Margaery up without going against my word. I promise her a week of immunity so I wanted to follow through. Plus I've never spoken with Tyrion or Cesrei so I didn't want to get Margaery out and still have both of them coming after me. I honestly think we're in a good position. We have 6/10, we're doing amazing.

Karsi: Mormont! man he is plotting against you

Robb: Ugh, did he say why? I haven't done anything to that dude.

Karsi: the stark alliance, I said earlier the two winners I didnt lock in marge I said JM. Friend if we are going to win you have to trust this wildling

Robb: Okay, but I know we're going to win.

*next camera shows Margaery and Ser Jorah talking alone for the first time this season*

Jorah: Hello!

Margaery: Hey! Okay... so what I wanted to tell you earlier is that there's an alliance / group of Bronn, Karsi, Robb, Jon and Sansa. They've held the power basically every round except for the times we were HOH. That's why I didn't think Bronn and Karsi were going to vote for Tyrion to stay... they were likely doing as Robb wanted this time. Please don't tell anyone I've told you this. Smile

Jorah: Oh. That explains it. How do you know that this group exists? And what should we do about it?

Margaery: I think we just use the information to our advantage as best we can if we're not in control of things. Sansa and Jon have both told me about this group. They both seem to think it needs to end soon before they completely take over.

Jorah: Ok. Maybe they will turn on each other before we do anything. God luck in hoh tonight!

Margaery: Good luck! I hope one of us takes it.

Jorah: I hope so too. Do you think we should try roping in Catelyn with us.

Margaery: I'd be fine with that. I like Catelyn.

*The houseguests spend the rest of the day just lounging, and waiting for the next HOH competition*


Stannis: Tonight's competition is all about BATTLESHIP WOO HOO. Try not getting your ship SUNKED and slay the other bitches and WIN OKCURRRR.

Karsi: Karsi RAWRR

Bronn: work.

*The houseguests begin taking turns attacking two coordinates in the BATTLESHIP board. After a few rounds, it comes down to Ser Jorah, Catelyn, and Talisa*


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

Please dear lord, I do not want to win this HOH, please please please let Jorah win it.

*A winner is eventually announced*

Stannis: With no hits against her ship...


You  are the new Head of Household!!! cheers cheers cheers

Congrats, luck was definitely on your side tonight. Now, you have 2 hours from this post to make your nominations.

Karsi: Congrats talisa

Margaery: Congrats Talisa! Smile

Bronn: Way to go, Talisa

Robb: Congrats Talisa!!

*At the VSSA alliance, with no sight of Sansa*

Jon: Have you guys heard anything from Talisa? I wonder what she's planning on doing.

Margaery: I'm not sure either. She implied that I would be OK but I don't have a read on her otherwise.

*Jon tells Margaery that he will go and find out*

*after everyone congratulates Talisa and the WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM segment, Jon Snow follows Talisa to the HOH room, cuddle in bed and discuss nominations*

Talisa: Jon, as I trust you a lot I want to run something by you. I feel at the bottom of many alliances here or not even in some of them. Do you think this might be a chance to make a move and propel us to the top of something?

Jon: I honestly think with the way things are going, you and I might have a hard time if it continues. I don't know where I stand with people either. What do you have in mind?

Talisa: I'm just not sure if Robb/Sansa or Karsi/Bronn are more threatening to us. Are you tight with any of the outsiders?

Jon: I talk with Margaery a little bit. Cersei too, although I don't think she trusts me all that much since the whole Stark alliance reveal. I barely talk to Jorah or Catelyn. I don't trust Jorah at all though.

Talisa: I would say Cersei is the one I trust the most. I do like Karsi a lot in our alliance and I think she is an asset to us for challenges for now. Margeary is cool but we only talk when one of us is HOH. Laughing

Jon: I like Karsi a lot too, but between you and me, I just can't shake the feeling that she's one of those sneaky, cutthroat people who will backstab if she has to. But that's just a feeling and I wasn't planning on turning on her any time soon. I like Cersei a lot too. I don't know though. Not sure what the best move for us would be.

Talisa: My gut tells me to strike right now and put Robb and Sansa up, or something like that. I just want to make sure you will not see that as betrayal and that we will still be 100% good.

Jon: We'll always be 100% good. If you think that's the right move, then I'll still have your back.

*Back with Jorah and Margaery *

Jorah: What should we do now? I'm trying to figure out what she's thinking?

Margaery: She told me that she didn't really want to win... which is code for she's aligned with everyone. I'd like to sell out that group to her but I worry she might be close to a couple of them. She told me she had no idea what she would do. What's she telling you?

Jorah: She isn't telling me anything but she did say that I'm safe. I think we should tell her. Because otherwise we could be out soon.

Margaery: That's what I worry as well. Do you want to bring it up? I've never been too close to her so I'm not sure how to approach her with it.

*Margaery leaves Jorah and immediately goes upstairs to talk to Talisa. after a few moments...*

Margaery: I just told her! Haha It sounds like we'll be OK. She mentioned possibly nominating Robb and Sansa.

*back upstairs in the HOH room, Talisa calls Jon to come back upstairs*

Talisa: This has to stay between us. Jorah and Margeary both told me tonight about the big alliance. I'm not sure if they know I'm part of it and just pretending they don't but both said it was Bronn, Karsi, Sansa, you and Robb. Margeary told me she was informed of it by Sansa.

Jon: Sansa and I are in a room with Margaery. We told her about it to gain her trust before you joined, so I don't think they know you're in it. I don't like the idea of them starting a counter alliance.

Talisa: Who do you mean by them?

Jon: Jorah and Margaery. Going against our alliance is a pretty big risk since we already have people targeting us. You should be fine, but I'm worried about them coming after me if they get power. I'm not trying to discourage you from doing it though. You do what you think is best and the two of us will still be solid.

Talisa: I think that if they come into power, we could easily throw the others under the bus as they have openly stated their names for nominations. I don't recall either of us mentioned Margeary and Jorah.

Jon: That's true. I always get a little worried before a big move. Hopefully whatever happens will work out for us in the long run.

Talisa: The heat will be all on me but you bring up a good point. Jorah told me that Margeary told him about the alliance. Margeary is not to be trusted. Ugh this is hard for me. They do not think I'm part of the alliance so now that I'm "aware" of it, I have to put at least one person from it or it will look suspicious.


Quote :
Jon Snow:

There's no way that people don't realize I'm throwing. They're probably talking so much shit in their confessionals lol. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that Bronn, Karsi, and Margaery were all eliminated early on, but then the best person who could have won did. With Talisa in power, I think I'm safe for another week unless she plans on getting rid of a super close ally who won't even win a competition let alone put her up.

Talisa's contemplating a big move. Holy smokes, this could be the best thing ever. I've been hoping and praying for something like this to happen. I really like Talisa too. At this point, I think she would probably beat me but I wouldn't mind going with her to the end anyway. She's charmed the hell out of me. Ideally, I'd want her to put Bronn and Karsi up, but it looks like she wants Robb and Sansa. Could this be to appeal to the anti-Stark people? I really don't want Sansa to go. It'll be total chaos, but hopefully it'll put the target on everyone else and I can survive just a little longer.

What are you saying, Snow? You're in this to win.


Talisa: I have decided to nominate...
There's multiple reasons. I'm hearing a lot about this Stark alliance so I feel this is a good chance to nip that in the butt and also I don't really talk to either of you.

Bronn: Thank you for safety.

Karsi: Bombshell dropped. Thanks for the save Talisa

Jorah: Thanks for the key Talisa

Robb: For the record, I was NEVER EVER not even for 5 minutes a part of that Stark alliance. There's a reason why Arya didn't name me in it...I wasn't in that alliance and I never ever talked to her while she was in the game.

I really hope I don't get evicted because who gets evicted for being in an alliance they were never in? How does this happen? I don't understand.

Talisa: I may have missunderstood Arya's claims Robb and sorry if I made a mistake in your regard.


Gendry: Getting nominated by mistake </3 Stay strong Robb

Cersei: Late but thank you. Good luck Robb and Sansa. I mean it.

*fake hugging ensues. Robb is not having it though, and locks himself in the storage room, is very upset*

*Jorah comes into the storage room*

Jorah: Well looks like you're up. Sad Hopefully one of us can get veto.

Robb: (sobbing) Yes, I'll try. I'm just really annoyed. I was NEVER in that Stark alliance so now there's an anti-Stark alliance that I'm also not in and I'm being targeted for being part of an alliance that I was never in.

*Karsi comes in and asks Jorah to leave. He does*

Robb: Can you please make some sense of this to me? What's going on? I really am super shocked I'm on the block. I swear I was never in that Stark alliance.

Karsi: I dont think you're the target. Blame sansa for telling everyone about our alliance. Also if you'd have gotten rid of marge and jorah like I said, this wouldn't have happened they are the ones who got into talisa's ear about alliances


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

So Tyrion ended up leaving and then insulted Bronn and Karsi on the way out the door. I laughed and then spilled the five person alliance to Ser Jorah in order to make him trust me more. Talisa then won HOH and so I spilled the tea to her as well. I want everyone to feel close to Queen Margaery. She decided to nominate Sansa and Robb. Sansa lied earlier about voting to keep Olenna and Robb because they haven't spoke. I'm definitely closer to Sansa, but if I have to cut a bitch... I will.

Sansa also revealed that she won two extra votes in the reward challenge. I, however, will not be telling her or anyone about my power. My goal for this week is to have a member of the five person alliance leave.

Quote :

It may look like im currently screwed, but this girl planned this with Talisa

#TalisaBronnKarsi luv

*Karsi and Bronn come upstairs to the HOH room*

Bronn: Hey!

Talisa: Bronn we need to brainstorm. Sansa told Margeary about our alliance but she didn't say I was in it (or she is not saying she knows I'm in it) Margeary then told Jorah about it.

Bronn:  I love the noms. Who is the target?

Talisa: I'm open to suggestions and even a backdoor. I might as well go big or go home this round Laughing But if noms stay the same, I feel like Sansa might be the social threat and Robb the challenge threat. She's the one who sold out the alliance.

Bronn: Yeah I cant believe she did that. Ill vote who ever just let me know. you are HoH


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr

With the HOH power comes people who lick your feet and tell you things. I got my angle now to turn on this stupid alliance. I hate that Karsi loves Bronn so much but at least I can take Robb out now or Sansa. I'm telling our alliance that Sansa sold us out to Margeary and Jorah. I just have to make sure they don't find out that Jon told them too Laughing

*Robb wants answers before heading to the Veto Competition, so he heads upstairs to the HOH room to talk to Talisa. As soon as he opens the door, Talisa gives him a hug*

Talisa: I'm sorry for the nomination. I plan on winning veto and making sure you stay. The reason I put you up with Sansa is to try and hide the ammo. In all reality, I found out tonight that Sansa sold out the alliance but I want to make it seem more like me being after the Stark alliance. I do hope you understand but I can certainly understand if you don't.

Robb: (visibly angry) Sansa sold out our alliance? You/me/Sansa/Karsi/Bronn/Jon??? I kind of took the night off seeing as how I couldn't play for HOH.

So everyone knows about our final 6? How and why am I on the block? was NEVER in that Stark alliance. EVER. They never told me about it. I honestly don't understand why I'm on the block, you guys are seriously my alliance and I've been nothing but loyal.

Talisa: Margeary came to me last night and told me there was a big alliance. She told me that Sanda told her that Jon/Sansa/you/Bronn/Karsi are toguether. She didn't mention that I was in it though which is strange. Jorah a few minutes later tells me the same story but says Margeary told him. So now they know and Sansa is who let the cat out of the bag to them. I know you're not in a Stark alliance, I just pretended that was my reason. In reality I put you up to make sure the rest of our alliance votes Sansa out. I know they will keep you over her but if I put someone outside the alliance up with her, they will go and she will stay.

Robb: Okay, I guess I understand but had anybody told me any of this, I would have happily been a vote to evict Sansa.

Talisa: I'm certain this will turn out ok and the plan I came up with will see Sansa leave. I'm really sorry though for not touching base before.


Quote :
Robb Stark:

What the fuck has happened? I'm so confused. I thought everything was going fine. My alliance of 6 was in the top 10 and we had majority. Talisa wins HOH so everything should be cool right? WRONG!!! Apparently that bitch Sansa outed our alliance and I partly blame myself for this. If y'all remember back when the game first started, I said the bitch was shady and I didn't trust her. I halfway started to kick her out of our alliance before it was official but I decided not to.

Anyway let Talisa tell it, Sansa is the target and she put me up to make it seem like we're not aligned. Obviously I'm not happy about this shit. This pretty much shows me I'm on the bottom of our alliance. I also noticed that Talisa, Jon, and Karsi all have a ton of post and I'm wondering who they're talking to. Those 3 maybe a threesome which would explain why none of them were used as "pawns."

Anyway, I really don't know what's up. I've been nothing but honest and loyal. I wasn't in that damn Stark alliance *cough Sansa, cough Jon*, I wasn't one of Arya's 5 final 2 deals *cough Talisa Cough* yet I'm the one on the block?

At this point, I feel like a free agent. I believe Jon/Bronn/Talisa/Karsi all discussed putting me on the block and agreed with it. Karsi also mentioned that Jorah was targeting me. If this is true, then I kept all the wrong people safe. I win HOH, keep bitches safe, and then they turn around and stab me in the back.

I honestly don't want to play a dirty game but I really don't know what to do at this point. Nobody from my "alliance" is talking to me or nobody period is talking to me. Is Sansa really the target?

I'm hoping I can win this veto and then we'll see what happens from there.

*back to Robb's conversation with Talisa*

Robb: Okay, I just don't like being the pawn especially when I kept you safe literally the day before you put me up and never considered nominating you or anyone else from our group. It is what it is though...

*dramatic music*

*commercial break*

*TIME FOR THE POWER OF VETO COMPETITION. Robb does not want to leave the house, so he will try  his hardest to win what will be the most complicated challenge yet*

Stannis: For this challenge, in your diary rooms, you must create a thread titled "Valar Morghulis". When you create that thread, your timer will start. So, I repeat, once you create the thread, your time will begin. You will then need to post pictures of famous musicians (people with wikipedia pages, I will check all of your pictures). The pictures you post though, MUST BE OF FAMOUS MUSICIANS WHO ARE DEAD AS OF TODAY @9pm ET.  After the time is up, the houseguest with the most VALID posts, will win the Power of Veto.

You may begin now!

*While Karsi is halfway done with the challenge, I notify her her thread title is wrong. She gives up*

*veto results are then announced*

Stannis: Ok, so with 282 valid posts, the winner of the Power of Veto is:


Congrats!! Ok you now have 12 hours from this post to make your decision. Once he makes his decision, Talisa, you will need to name a replacement nominee and you will also be on a 12 hour deadline. Once the replacement nominee is named, you all can begin voting.

Congrats again!

*he begins jumping and screaming YES! YES! YES!!!!*

Talisa: Nicely done Robb! I only got 240.

Karsi: Good thing i messed up on the title and stopped. No way i was doing more than that

*Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, Sansa, visibly depressed, asks to talk to production*

Sansa: I would like to give my double vote power to Jon Snow

PRODUCTION: As you wish

*Sansa leaves the Diary Room and goes to bed. The houseguests wonder if something is wrong with her*

*Jon Snow is called into the DR, and told what Sansa just said to production*


Quote :
Jon Snow

I sent a message to Sansa a while ago after Talisa nominated her to let her know that I would vote to keep her no matter who she is up against. I was also going to try to convince her that Margaery cannot be trusted by telling her that she told Jorah about the alliance. Then she goes and tells me to vote her out if the nominations stay the same and gives me her extra votes. This changes everything. On the one hand, I lost one of my closest allies, which significantly hurts me. On the other hand, I get her reward. I hope I use it right.

Right now, I don't know where everyone stands. I'm close with Talisa, at least I think I am. For all I know, she could just be playing me, which would really break my heart. I also told Karsi that I'm sticking with her. I assume Bronn comes along with that and Robb. I've lost my trust in Margaery, but surely she's not after me right away. Catelyn and I are in a room, but we don't talk and I get the impression that she doesn't like me all that much. Geez, lady. I know I'm a bastard on the show and books, but you don't have to say eww when someone brings up my name to start an alliance with. Then there's Jorah, who is definitely not an ally of mine. Now that he knows about the bigger alliance though, I'm inclined to think that he's after the more immediate threats in Bronn, Karsi, and Robb. If he's not, then that's stupid. I'm practically a floater for now. Key words are for now.

Ideally, I want all sides to duel it out with each other. They can pick each other off and I'll be waiting for my moment to strike. The problem is knowing when. Hopefully, I'll figure it out.


Robb: Oh Robb's getting his sexy ass off the block now. Wink

Talisa: I didn't want to have to name another person because I don't want to anger anyone else Laughing It would have been sad though if somehow I caused my own husbands eviction. I don't think the nomination I put beside Sansa should matter. She's been MIA for a long time now and I'm sure we all know why. So please just vote her out.

With that said, I'll put up



Quote :
Talisa Maegyr

I can't believe this is just the 5 round of game. So many people left already. The plan now that Robb came off the block is to get Margeary out. She'S well connected proven by the fact that Jon and Sansa have a room with her and told her about the alliance. On top of that, she told Jorah so it shows she's kind of with everyone. At this point I still favor Jon and Cersei for a final 2 and Karsi as the backup. She's close to Bronn and that's just annoying.

*the band begins playing a very ominous song. Margaery does not look happy at all, and she stands up*

Talisa: Oh no...


Talisa: Is there a power being used or are you just bored Stannis?

Margaery: Umm... I don't trust bitches. Margaery will use the Widow's Wail and put up Bronn because I don't trust people. Sorry.

Stannis: That is indeed a true power. It's basically a Diamond Power of Veto.

The final nominees are: Sansa Stark and Bronn. I will post the eviction thread in the morning with the deadline to vote too. This bitch is tired.

Bronn: Thats not nice Sad

Talisa: Better be safe than sorry, I understand your move. At least I was right in hoping this would flush out a power Laughing Good luck nominees.

Margaery: You shouldn't be trusted, Talisa. I don't want to sound like a bitch but I thought you and I were on decent terms. Arya basically confirmed that you're aligned with everyone and I can't help but feel like that's especially true now. Don't trust this woman with anything... I'll just warn you all now.

*shade continues to be thrown left and right*


Quote :

DPOV............thx. Was in a good spot now I might be fucked.

*After the veto meeting and the scandalous move by Margaery, Talisa and Jon talk about the vote*

Talisa: I knew she had a power so good on that being flushed. Who are you voting?

Jon: I'm pretty sure I'm keeping Bronn. Margaery wants me to vote him out, but I can't trust her and that would hurt me more than it would help me, I think. It might not even matter if everyone besides Karsi and Robb vote him.

Talisa: I know Margeary will have Jorah on her side. I will talk to Cersei. I wouldn't be too sad if Bronn left or anything though Laughing

Jon: Yeah, I wouldn't either lol. I just think him staying in would leave a target here who won't go after us yet. I'm pretty sure Karsi wants Margaery out next.

Talisa: Yes Karsi was pissed Laughing I think between Bronn, Margeary and Karsi, we can sit back and relax a little while they fight it out. I have to try and convince Cersei.

*Jon and Margaery talk*

Jon:  I can't believe you had that power! I was worried they were going to vote you out and then VSSA would really be done. Have you made any progress talking with the other people?

Margaery: I'm voting Bronn for sure and I hope you're right. If you and I want any shot at winning, this is our best bet.  I didn't want to tell anyone about that power because I wanted to keep it private until I needed it. I need the next HOH. I don't know what your relationship with Talisa is like but don't trust her. She'll sell anyone out for her own advancement.

I think Ser Jorah will vote for Bronn... hopefully Catelyn and Cersei too but who knows.

Jon: Oh, I don't blame you for keeping it private. I'm glad you had it though. I did suspect that Talisa was talking to everyone. I'm extra careful around her.

Margaery: I thought her and I were cool. I should have known yesterday when she told me she didn't want to win HOH... which was basically code for she's aligned with everyone and doesn't want to piss anyone off. I just don't want to get ganged up on for this. I think people will consider me an easy target now that I've made a move.


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

Putting Margeary up was a win win. She would either leave and a threat would be gone or she would use and flush a power, which she just did. It's even better because she put Bronn up Laughing I would be so happy inside if he left instead of Sansa. I wouldn't have anything to do with it and it would be so funny.

Quote :
Jon Snow

Not the best week for me. I was conflicted on whether or not to use an extra vote this round to save Bronn. Is Bronn worth saving? Having two extra votes could be huge for me, so I think I'm going to save them. This is probably a case of me being greedy, but if Karsi is right about Bronn staying then it could pay off.

*Jon and Karsi try to get votes to save Bronn, against Margaery's wishes*

Jon: Well, this is unfortunate, but at least we got a power out.

Karsi: indeed I believe we can save bronn

Jon: Who can we get?

Karsi: well we only need one more vote. I sent out feelers to Catelyn and Cersei. I haven't heard back but I am confident one of them will vote our way

Jon: I really hope so. If not, this week would be devastating to our alliance

Karsi: Dont worry Snow. My entire goal is to get rid of Margaery. Bronn will not be lost and we will defeat her


Quote :

Robb Stark you are again to blame for this. First you should have gotten marge out...then you win a veto and Now fucking bronn is up. You suck at life dude

Margeary it is now my sole purpose in this game to bend you over and

*FISH TANK-WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK!* have annoyed me for the last time

Sansa you suck at life get lost. If Bronn goes I will go nuts

Quote :
Robb Stark:

I also think Karsi is playing everyone and is not to be trusted. She's been trying to get Margaery out for the longest but for some reason, she didn't put Karsi up when she used her DPOV. That leads me to believe she's being fake with her and talking to her enough for her not to put her up. Karsi's also been talking to Jorah like they're cool but then coming back and telling me things like Jorah is against me and that I need to put him up. I wonder if she's telling the others things that will make them turn against me.

At this point, I really don't know who to trust. I just fear that Karsi and Talisa are protecting themselves from every angle and I'm not, but I can't say anything without turning on them and drawing attention to myself. I really don't know what to do at this point.

*as the house is about to go to the LIVE EVICTION, the house is divided: On one side, Karsi, Robb and Jon  want to keep Bronn. On the other, Margaery, Jorah and Catelyn are on board with getting rid of him. It all comes down to what Queen Cersei wants to do.*

*Margaery is working hard to get Cersei's vote to evict Bronn*

Margaery: I hate everyone. I'm voting to boot Bronn. There's an alliance that consists of him, Karsi, Robb , Sansa and Jon. Talisa shouldn't be trusted after tonight either. Bitch is aligned with everyone

Cersei: Yes!! I saw you had a power. I was worried you'd go. Was not happy. Bronn is a good vote I agree.

Margaery: Are you on board to vote Bronn? I'm just not sure where people's heads are at for sure lol I think it could be you, me, Jorah and Catelyn will vote with us if you're down for that idea.

Cersei: I'm on the fence kind of. Been hearing that Sansa is with them too. It would be funny to see Sansa get mad.

*Margaery laughs and then leaves. She tells Cersei to do what's best for her. Soon after Talisa comes outside*

Cersei: I think I'm the decider vote. I kind of want Bronn out now. He is with Jon etc so I don't see the problem with him going.

Talisa: The problem with him going is that it will give power to Margeary and Margeary I do not trust at all. Jorah lied to me yesterday and told me he was 100% voting Sansa out. It looks like he is following Margeary's orders. Bronn and Karsi will be 100% with us two I guarantee it.  Cersei, you have my word that I will not lead you down a path of hell. Of course I can't control who wins HOH's but for now we will be fine no matter who wins the next one. Karsi/Bronn and Margeary will be going all out after each other. But I know in my heart that we are safer with Bronn/Karsi because well, I just put Margeary up and Jorah keeps lying to me.

*Talisa leaves after hugging Cersei. She looks like it's going to be a tough decision to make*


Quote :
Cersei Lannister

Where is Sansa? Well I'm the vote that matters. Do I vote Sansa? Or do I let her get expelled?


Stannis: It is now time for the live eviction. Talisa, as HOH, you will not vote. Neither will the two nominees. One at a time, the rest of you will go into the diary room and cast a vote to evict.  Robb, you're up first, please go to the Diary Room...


Robb: Sansa

Margaery: Bronn

Ser Jorah: Bronn

Catelyn: Bronn

Karsi: Sansa

Jon: Sansa


*With 4 votes to evict, Sansa will be leaving the Big Brother house. Let's give the news to the houseguests*

Stannis: Houseguests, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote the evicted houseguest must gather his or her belogings, say their goodbyes, and then will be escorted out of the house.

By a  vote of...



Talisa: Bye Sansa and congrats Bronn.

Bronn: Thank you to those who kept me.

Robb: Bye Sansa

Karsi: Bye Sansa close vote

Jorah: Bye Sansa!

Cersei: Bye Sansa.

Catelyn: Bye Sansa.


Stannis: This week was pretty intense in the Big Brother house. It appeared as though Sansa just wanted no more part in the game, so she transferred her Two Extra votes to Jon Snow prior to her eviction. The line has been drawn and now each side will try to get members from each side out. Or will things continue to change?


With Sansa gone, VSSA is in danger of extinction. But will the charming nature of Jon Snow keep the alliance alive? With one power out of the house, Karsi makes it her goal to get the other power flushed before they can use it. And with Talisa and Margaery now at odds, will these two powerful players be able to make amends?

Find out next time, on BIIIG BROTHER.

Quote :
Seventh Houseguest Evicted (Third Jury Member): Sansa Stark was portrayed by:

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Talisa Maegyr

Talisa Maegyr

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 8:42 pm

Quote :
Margaery: You shouldn't be trusted, Talisa. I don't want to sound like a bitch but I thought you and I were on decent terms. Arya basically confirmed that you're aligned with everyone and I can't help but feel like that's especially true now. Don't trust this woman with anything... I'll just warn you all now.

I don't remember seeing that posted during the game Laughing.
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Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 11:12 pm

Oh... it happened, honey. Very Happy
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Robb Stark

Robb Stark

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 11:33 pm

Oh Margaery <3 we really should have teamed up for real. Sucks that I trusted all the snakes and Karsi is the biggest hypocrite walking the face off the earth.
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Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2015 12:13 am

I wish we had too, Robb. Sad
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Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2015 9:59 am

I knew Sansa was Russ the minute we couldn't find him.

Oh and I went to Half Price books to see if they had GoT season 1 on DVD....they didn't Sad
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Jon Snow

Jon Snow

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2015 1:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER   EPISODE 6: BLACKWATER Icon_minitime

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