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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 10:00 am

The end is near....

And so it ends....

Part III

Chapter 1:  The Rains of Castamere

*flashback of Bronn's eviction*

*Stannis: By a vote of 5-3, Bronn you are evicted from the Game of Thrones house*

*Shot of Bronn giving hugs to people, Karsi remains sit, with a confused looked on her face*

DAY 20

*Cersei comes in to check with Margaery, after giving each other a hug*

Margaery: Karsi just sent me a message saying she has been betrayed on the worst level and that she is checking out mentally. Lol I don't know what happened...

Cersei: Talisa maybe? She betrayed Tyrion though so it happens.

Margaery: That's what I figured. Who the hell had two extra votes? Sansa told me she had won that power. Lol

Cersei: Lol I thought Jon since he was saved. Maybe Sansa gave it away? Either way Bronn would of left.

Margaery: Karsi lashed out on me because of the double vote. She had asked me about it yesterday and I told her that it left when Sansa did... because that's what I thought had happened. I log on to a PM of her calling me "another lying imdb asshole" because I didn't tell her about the power I had no idea still existed. I literally can't even.

Cersei: Wow. Does she think you know everything? Lol I'mso confused. Tell me, who is next out oh great one?

Margaery: HAHAHA. Hopefully not you or me. I'd love to see Karsi leave... wish Talisa hadn't saved her.

Cersei: If she wins we may be up. I'll be here though.

Margaery: Best of luck to you then! I can't compete but I'll fight hard for Veto.


Quote :

This never ceases to amaze me. Not only that but I hear jon had the votes power given to him from Sansa??



*Margaery and Jon go to the storage room. She gives him a hug*

Margaery: Glad to see you stayed. I know you might still be upset with your nomination, but I hope you see now who the real enemies are. Did Sansa give you the two extra votes? I was really surprised they were still in the game!

Jon: I've always known who my real enemies were. Without Sansa, I knew I was in the bottom of that alliance. I've had time to cool off and I completely understand you putting me up. As far as I'm concerned, we're past it. And yes, she did! Before she left, she gave them to me. I knew I had the votes and you would have saved me during the tiebreaker, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Margaery: It absolutely is. The only annoying thing is that Karsi asked me about us having two extra votes this round. I told her they left when Sansa did (because that's what I thought) and that I was anticipating a tie. After the vote was revealed she messages me saying I'm a lying asshole even though I didn't know you had them. I love how I am literally to blame for all her problems. Even the ones I have no control over.

Jon: lmao she's too much. She's too emotional of a player. I talked to her before the vote and she acted like I definitely had a chance for her vote and she wouldn't be disappointed if I stayed. Then she goes and freaks out when I do

Margaery: She's beyond ridiculous. I haven't experienced a player like her in quite some time. She seemed confident last night that you weren't staying.

Jon: I'm pretty fed up with her. I've had a feeling she was going to be like this early on because she reminds me of someone I've played with before. She tried to tell me that the only reason she was keeping Bronn was because he's won more competitions than me. Like what? He's won one lol.

Margaery: She's so full of crap. I was a little surprised that they were all pro-Bronn over you, though... but I guess they were just closer to him. I don't know if you'll be at HOH, but best of luck to you. You're overdue for a victory at this point.

Jon: Bronn was the ringleader. I knew I didn't have a shot at their votes. I'll try to make HOH and thank you. I'll do what I can to keep you safe this round. Just please don't put me up again haha. I don't think I can take that much suspense again.

Margaery: That definitely won't be happening again. The block does bring out the paranoia in everyone... it certainly did it to me. I might need a miracle to get through this round, haha.


Quote :
Jon Snow

I was crazy nervous going into this vote. If Talisa had betrayed me, I don't know if my poor bastard heart could take it. I bet Robb and Karsi are pissed that their beloved Bronn is gone. Well, you better be kissing my ass because I'm still here.

I suspect that Talisa used an extra vote to vote against me in order to prove that she's loyal to Karsi and Robb. If that's the case, it's a little annoying but smart on her part. It could also be to bring me closer to her since it's obvious she used the votes to save me, but also causes me to distrust everyone else. I'm not that easy to manipulate. I already distrust everyone to begin with.

Also, Robb told me that he was voting me out because Bronn was here more and he's won more competitions. For some reason, that really ticked me off. Bronn is most certainly not here more. He was one of the least active people left in the game. I've not only put in more effort in the game, but I've done so in a smarter way. In addition, he's won a single competition. One. That's the excuse Karsi and Robb used. He's won one competition compared to my none and that's why they chose to keep him. Get the fuck out of here. Just tell me that you're closer to him than me lol. I would have respected that more than telling me that it was a tough decision that you'd have to think about.

*Jon and Cersei have a chat*

Jon: Wow, that was close lol. Thanks for the support!

Cersei: Karsi, Robb and?? I thought it'd be 6-3 lol.

Jon: I did too. I have no idea who the other vote was. Someone's lying to me and I really don't know who.

Cersei: Well Talisa said she voted you and I trust her. I'd say Catelyn. Karsi and Robb voted you.

Jon: Yeah, they both told me they were voting me out. It's hard to trust people this late in the game.

Cersei: I've been on and off trusting people honestly.


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

The plan to get rid of Bronn worked. Catelyn, Cersei and Ser Jorah all voted for him to leave and Jon used his double vote (which apparently Sansa gave him) to secure it. I was anticipating a tie and was planning on saving Jon regardless, but I'm really happy he's still around. Karsi then freaked out on me for not "lying" to her about not knowing of Jon's power. I don't know who this chick is, but she is the definition of batshit. She jumps to conclusion and points the finger when she doesn't have evidence of her claims. I, honestly, can't wait for her to go home... but that type of awful often makes it farther in games than me. She's apologized since, but I can only handle so much of her ridiculousness.

Bronn leaving is great for my game because he was a challenge threat and was close to Karsi. Jon received votes from Karsi, Talisa and Robb at the eviction... which is kind of great because it should clue him in as to who his real enemies are. I nominated him and yet the two of us have managed to get back on seemingly decent terms. Aside from that, I'm actually on decent terms with everyone that remains in the game. Things aren't looking too bad for Queen Margaery at the moment... but that can all change in an instant.

Quote :
Robb Stark:

So I have good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news.

Bad News: Jon is still here -_- I don't trust him as far as I can throw him, I think he is playing everyone and I was so happy to evict him but now the bitch is still here. Even worse news, I lose Bronn who I was actually planning on going to the end with and someone who I believed had my back. I told Jon straight to his face I was evicting him (because why lie) so I feel like if I'm ever on the block post-veto, I'm a goner. Jon probably won't keep me. Cesrei and Catelyn for sure won't keep me. Depending on who I'm up against, Talisa won't keep me.

Good news: I feared the 3rd power was a Coup d' tetat that Cesrei had and would use to oust me. It turns out, it's not. Karsi has the third power and it's a week of immunity. Although it's still bad for me because one less person will be available to target, it's not as bad as a CDT that's not in my hands.

Moving forward, I really don't know what to do or who to trust. Prior to this eviction, I liked my chances at making finals. Now, I feel like it's going to be an uphill battle.

*Robb and Karsi have a chat, Robb is checking up on Karsi who looks like she wants to murder the entire cast*

Robb: Bazinga!!! Looks like it was Jon with the other power, I'm kind of relieved because I was afraid it was CDT that Cesrei had. Anyway, Me/You/Talisa on the outside of the vote Sad

Karsi: Robb its only me and you. Talisa knew what was going to happen and jon snow has been a traitor from the start. Talisa only voted with us to save face and play both sides.

Robb: Ugh, I lost trust in Talisa after she put me up and I've been suspicious of Jon for a while. I feel like he's been playing every angle and throwing the challenges. I think we should let Talisa think everything is okay and that we're still with her. If we do that, she might throw HOH which means less competition for us.
I've also been talking a lot with Margaery and she seems to only trust Jorah. I think we can get Margaery on board with us and maybe Jorah too. Margaery told me her main alliance was Sansa/Jon/Her, but Jon was also in the Stark alliance, and that alliance with us. Talisa is also clearly shady after she put me up over people like Catelyn.
I feel like we just need to step it up and start getting these HOH's.  Margaery also told me she believes Jon is playing every angle so she doesn't trust him but she actually talked to him so she wanted him to stay over Bronn.

Karsi: Marge is a huge liar dont trust her. Dont trust any of these retards. Ive pretty much told everyone they are dead to me so while you have a loyal ally, im not much use anymore


Quote :
Robb Stark:

Even more bad news...According to Karsi, the house has pretty much turned against her and I which sucks because there are so many liars in this game and I'm actually playing honest. I don't deserve to go home and I don't want to go home but I can't make HOH tonight which is why I wanted it last night but the all mighty Big Brother was on and bitches were up in arms. (Not made at you Henry, this is not me throwing shade at you) Pretty much, Karsi is my only hope tonight. I'm praying she can pull it off.

*the houseguests get ready and prepared for the HOH competition. However, Big Brother's mantra is EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. The house is about to find out about a twist that will shock everyone*

*prior to the competition, KARSI asked to speak with production*



*Reminder: Karsi's power is immunity for the week. She cant be nominated pre or post veto, but she cant also compete in HOH*

Stannis: Houseguests, the power is back up for grabs. Margaery, as outgoing Head of Household, you are not eligible to compete. For this challenge I will post youtube links of classic musical pieces. Your goal is to name the composer of each piece. The answers must include full names as they are on their wiki page. Spelling and capitalization count!

The first houseguest to complete this task will be the new Head of Household....

*suddenly, Stannis is interrupted by a  very ominous tune. The houseguests, and Robb, Talisa, and Catelyn in particular, recognize the tune. THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE*

Talisa: Oh no...

Catelyn: O_________________O

Stannis: Tonight's competiton is called The Rains of Castamere, and if you are a fan of the show, you should know what that means....

This wouldn't be a Red Wedding episode if someone didn't die at the end, am I right?

Jon: O_______________________O

Stannis: The winner of the Head of Household competition will have exactly 10 minutes after they are declared the winner to name someone that they would like to eliminate from the game IMMEDIATELY. This person will be eliminated tonight, and sent straight to the jury house. No chance at competing in the veto. HOWEVER, if you fail to name someone in that time, the HOH himself/herself will be executed and sent to the jury house. Then whoever had the second most points/finished the second fastest will become the new HOH. Is winning HOH something you really want tonight? Are you ready to get this much blood on your hands?

After that person is eliminated, the HOH will nominate two other people for eviction and we do the rest of the week as we normally do.


There was a third and final power handed out in that Special Reward challenge....Its winner has decided to USE IT this round.

And that person is....


The power was immunity for the round....

Which means she cannot be eliminated tonight due to the Red Wedding twist, and she cannot be nominated as a Pre or Post veto nominee.  But, as she was told when she won this power, she is also not eligible to win Head of Household tonight.

I'll be back in a few moments to post the challenge. GOOD LUCK Wink

Jon: Well shit.

Robb: Oh fuck

Talisa: Poop

Cersei: Great twist.

Jorah: Oh shit

Margaery: Yikes. Good luck, everyone.

*the houseguests immediately begin to panic*


Quote :
Jon Snow

FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Do I really want to risk it and throw the competition? Robb absolutely cannot win. Please let it be Talisa.

Quote :



Quote :
Robb Stark

A Red Wedding???

WTF??? I have a feeling this is my last hoorah. It was fun while it lasted Sad

*Stannis returns and posts the challenge. A challenge has never been this important, so activity is super high tonight*

*However, after a few minutes, a winner is declared*

Stannis:  So, there was only one of you who sent a full and correct answer sheet, and that person was....


You have won Head of Household tonight. That power tonight comes with a very big responsibility:

You now have 10 minutes from this post to give me one name of someone still in this game that you would like to "kill" right now. The person you choose will be eliminated immediately and sent to the jury house as the FIFTH member of the jury.

If you do not post your decision in 10 minutes, YOU WILL BE THE ONE WHO WILL BE SACRIFICED. SO PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF TIME.

Jon: Congrats, Queen Cersei!

Cersei: Got you.

Talisa: Cersei wins when it matters Laughing good job.

Karsi: Good job

Jorah: Good job Cersei!

Robb: Congrats


Quote :
Robb Stark

The WORST possible person wins. It's Cersei. OMG, she's totally going to send me home. We never talk, I nominated her, and she has no reason to keep me. Sad

*Cersei wants to talk to Talisa and ask for suggestions on what to do*

Cersei: I'm thinking Robb Stark. And I'm putting up Catelyn and Jorah too. Seem Marge wants Karsi out.

Talisa: I don't want to tell you what to do. I would have sent Margeary home if I won but that can be our secret since I didn't win. As much as Karsi annoys the shit out of me with her fits, I feel like she would not turn on us and I don't trust Jorah/Margeary/Catelyn at all so that's why I would be more inclined to go with one of them. But I want you to feel like you can choose without me getting mad at you. But hurry I don't want you voted out if you go over 10 minutes.

Cersei: Marge trusts me Talisa. She seems to be going for Karsi. I told her she'd be safe.

Talisa: That's why I'm not forcing your hand. You're allowed to have trust in people I don't Laughing You won this fair and square.

*Talisa looks at the clock*

Talisa: Cersei hurry. Just post Robb if that's what you want lol, I just don't want you gone.

*Everyone returns to the living room*

Cersei: Its harder than I thought. Who knew. So if I don't I'm out?

Talisa: Yes you are out so I would hurry if I was you Laughing

Jon: She's really pushing it lol

*After thinking for a few more moments, Cersei stands up, grabs a knife and.......*

EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Tumblr_mntz1jJtCE1r3tytko1_1280-thumb-550x308-70851

The band begins playing the Rains of Castamere theme. Talisa, Catelyn and Robb look around, scared....

By order of her majesty, Queen Cersei of House Lannister, the person eliminated right now is........


Queen Cersei Lannister, you have made your presence known in this game known tonight. But, the blood has not stopped from running. YOU NOW HAVE 2 HOURS FROM THIS POST TO MAKE YOUR HOH NOMINATIONS. IF YOU DO NOT POST YOUR NOMINATIONS IN TIME, TALISA MAEGYR WILL BECOME HOH.

Good luck....

Karsi: Im so sorry robb ugh

Jon: I'm sorry to see you go, Robb. It's weird how fitting Cersei killing Robb with this twist is though.

Jorah: Bye Robb! Sucks to see you go like this!

Cersei: Karsi it was tough, even for myself.


Quote :

Another ally down while useless joreh and catelyn still in the game. The obvious move was marge but Cersei is unable to ever make the right choices in games and is rather dumb in my opinion.

Well color me fucked but hey if i make the end i got all the jury votes now

Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

The HOH competition was, literally, a bloodbath. It was revealed that tonight's winner would immediately "kill" another contestant and send them to jury. I didn't get to compete as outgoing HOH so I was especially nervous. Karsi was safe because she used her power which means she's F6 bound. Cersei ended up winning HOH and she decided to send Robb packing. I do sympathize with Robb. He seemed like a really good guy and he played a good game. I wish we had connected earlier and not been on opposite ends of the house because he kind of became my favorite person over time... mostly because he wasn't constantly feeding me bullshit like so many others.

*Production team comes in and takes Robb Stark out of the house. He looks pale and can't move or talk*

Karsi: (holding Robb's hand) Ugh two allies in one day, i look forward to finding out who you are so we can bitch about this elsewhere Sad

*but the game must continue*

Talisa: Who are you going to nominate now? You can't nominate Karsi and Robb will be gone. Can you please not put Jon up? lol

Cersei: Why not Jon?

Talisa: Did you see that face? For some reason I want to hug Jon all the time Laughing

Cersei: That's your reason? Lol I'm not putting Jon up no. So far its Catelyn and Jorah. They are playing UTR, too well. They have made no jury member angry. I'll make them two mad now lol.

*Talisa leaves, and Jon Snow comes in to talk to Cersei*

Jon: What are you thinking?

Cersei: you.


Cersei: You are safe lol.

Jon: Oh, I was less worried for me. Just didn't want people to think you and I are as close as we are lol. I trust you. So really, who are you thinking of nominating? Everyone seems pretty split.

Cersei: I'm thinking Catelyn. Then I'm not sure. Talisa?

Jon: Catelyn would be a good choice if you don't want too much blood on your hands. She's not really active in competitions. Everyone else is a strong player in some way. It's a tough call.

Cersei: Agreed. Catelyn is playing a great UTR game. Also I've already got Robb out lol. That's a lot for a queen.

Jon: Yeah lol, you did great. No matter what, you'll be getting out two good players in true Lannister fashion.

*The two of them hug each other. Just outside the HOH door, Talisa was eavesdropping on the conversation. As soon as Jon Snow opens the door, Talisa hides. She then goes back in the HOH room as soon as Snow is out of sight*

Cersei: I told Jon I may put you up.

Talisa: Are you planning on putting me up? I think you putting up Jorah and Catelyn is great.

Cersei: No. I'm seeing how he feels. Jorah will be mad. Laughing

Talisa: I'm mad today too Laughing but not for that reason. Just people running their mouths and lying.


Cersei: OK so I've had time to think. It is the final seven and I just got rid of Robb.



I don't want to give everything away. Good luck.

EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Tumblr_myj4zesEOH1qiyullo1_250

Margaery: Thanks Cersei!

Jon: Thank you, Queen Cersei

Catelyn: Today has been a rough day...I can only hope to save myself.


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

Cersei had to make two nominations and she chose Catelyn and Ser Jorah. Cersei's nominations are very... safe... meaning she's likely hoping things will stay the same so not to piss off the more powerful players in the game. If I had to choose between the two, I'd get rid of Catelyn. I like her but I think she'd benefit me less going forward than Jorah. I just need to work Cersei into not thinking about backdooring me. I think she likes me, but who knows!

Quote :

Holy shit a break! Tonight is not a total loss i guess catelyn and jorah are up...they both suck at this game but they were votes to send bronn home.

I shall get a little revenge for you bronn brother

*not much else happens between the nominations ceremony and the Veto competition*

Stannis: Welcome to tonight's Power of Veto competition. As always, everyone is eligible to compete.

For this competition, we will do "Scattergories" The person that has the most points by the deadline will win the Power of Veto.
In the very unlikely case that there's a tie for points, then the person who submitted first, wins. Good luck!

Quote :
-A Game of Thrones TV Show Character (major or minor role, as long as that character has a Game of Thrones Wiki page)

-The name of a character from any other HBO show

-A city in any country in the world with a population of 100,000 or more people (based on the most recent date available, pick a city that still exists).

-Someone who has played or hosted/co-hosted/judged a game on the IMDb Games: Other Games board (full username). (pick someone using this link. I will use the link to verify your user )

-A song from an album released in the United States between April 17th, 2011 and June 14th, 2015. Doesn't have to be a single.

-An animal (common or scientific name, either is fine. You will need to provide proof for your scientific name if it's not on the wiki page and I ask for it)

Letter: A

Karsi: only 6 categories you sadist

Stannis:  for the Song Title category, you will only get points for the song title itself, not the artist. Sorry if that wasn't clear

Talisa: I understood that.

Cersei: Kiss ass.

Talisa: I do have to kiss yours for this leg of the game at least

*After a few hours, it's time to post the Scattergories results*

Stannis: we have a tie for top score, with 33 points between


So it comes down to who submitted fastest. So, with a timestamp of  


You have won the Power of Veto! You now have 12 hours from this post to make your decision. You can choose to either use the veto on one of the nominees or keep the nominations the same. Cersei, please keep checking the forum today in case you need to name a replacement nominee.

Congrats againg!! cheers

Cersei: Congrats Karsi.

Catelyn: Congrats Karsi.

Margaery: Congrats!


Oh Marge me and you, two peas in a pod. After consulting with the wonder queen cersei i have decide not to use the power of veto. Good luck noms and i pray we all vote a little faster this round. Karsi heart is still whacky after the suspense of last vote

Cersei: That was my fault last vote. The wine got to me and I woke up in town. Not a good look for the Queen.

Talisa: It's not your fault Cersei, it's mine. Did you not get the memo that is going around lately? Everything is Talisa's fault. even when I try to save people like Arya, it's all my fault. Even when Sansa gives a power to Jon without me knowing it even exists, it's my fault. I have single handedly caused every eviction all on my own in this game. And I did it sober, so top that.

Jorah: Is Talisa's fault if I get evicted. Razz

Karsi: Taly calm down baby gurl

Talisa: It will be my fault Jorah, even if I vote Catelyn out and you still go, it will be my fault. What you don't know is that I have a power making factory in my DR and that's where I mastermind all my big moves.

Jorah: Can you manufacture a coup d'etat?

Cersei: OK I'm going to use the Coup d'Cersi.

Jorah: Does it involve Jorah coming of the block?

Cersei: It may.


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

Karsi's gross ass won Veto, but she chose not to you use it which was an awfully nice thing for her to do. Queen Margaery is in the Final 6 and I'm so excited! I really didn't think it was going to be possible for a while there. Unfortunately, Catelyn or Ser Jorah won't be making it there. I don't know how this vote is going to go down, but I'm voting to keep Ser Jorah.

I really like Catelyn and understand that she's had personal stuff going on that's affected her game play... but I've voted to keep her here twice already and she probably won't do much if she does end up staying. I can kind of count on Ser Jorah to have my back at least. Karsi is probably attempting to rally a group against him, though, so his survival could be up in the air if people choose to listen to her.

*Talisa wants to know who Cersei's target is for the week*

Talisa: Who do you prefer gone my dear Cersei?

Cersei: I don't mind. Both are the most likeable from the jury point. Either is fine. The jury will dislike us lol.

Talisa: I was thinking of voting Catelyn out maybe. Jorah is at least trying.

Cersei: Yeah. Also she is more likeable.

*shot of Talisa and Jon cuddling in the living room*

Jon: Looks like we're both good this week!

Talisa: Who are you voting for?

Jon:  Jorah's asked me to save him, but we have to break up him and Margaery at some point. I don't know. How is Karsi voting?

Talisa:  She will vote Catelyn

Jon: Yeah, let's do that lol.

*Jorah begins working for those votes to stay*

Jorah:  Have you heard anything about this vote? These people are treating me like I have the plague.

Margaery: Talisa said that she was thinking of voting to keep you. Karsi says neither of you has messaged her so it'll be a coin flip. So... you should send her a PM and be fake nice and ask for a vote. Smile

Jorah: That is bullshit. I've sent her 3 in the last 40 minutes and she's ignored them all.

Margaery: Classic Karsi. Dumb bitch.

Jorah: Don't tell that to Karsi though because I think she might be trying to prove that we're close.

Margaery: Well her strategy seems to be trying to make everything difficult for me... so that's probably true.


Stannis: Houseguests, it's now time for the Live eviction. Ser Jorah Mormont, Catelyn Stark, you will not vote. Cersei, you will only vote in case of a tie. The rest of you will head into the Diary Room to cast a vote to evict. Karsi, you are up first please go to the Diary Room


Karsi: Catelyn

Talisa: Catelyn

Jon: Catelyn

Margaery: Catelyn

*With 4 votes to evict, Catelyn will be leaving the GoT house. Let's give the news to the houseguests*

Stannis: Houseguests, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted houseguest will have just a few moments to say their goodbyes, grab his or her belongings, and walk out the door...

By a vote of



This concludes our "Red Wedding" week. Thanks for participating you all.

Karsi: Bye catelyn i will miss our nightly chats about life and long walks in the park

Catelyn: Very funny Karsi, but I do wish you well. Last week I had some real life issues that took my mind out of strategy for some time and it hurt me here, but I don't regret it, real life is more important. Good luck to the rest of you.

Karsi: Of course my comment was ment to be a light hearted joke because we never spoke this whole game

Margaery: Bye Catelyn.

Cersei: Bye Catelyn.


Stannis: The house was shaken to its core this week. No one saw the Red Wedding twist coming and houseguests had to play twice as hard this week to guarantee their safety. What will happen now??


The power in the house shifts once again, and with only 6 houseguests left and no more powers in play, no one is safe. Everyone is a jury threat and people try to make moves to guarantee themselves a spot in the final 5. We are getting close to the final episode. It's all happening next time on BIIIG BROTHER!*

Quote :
Ninth Houseguest Evicted (Fifth Jury Member): Robb Stark (1 vote to evict, from Cersei) was portrayed by:

Tenth Houseguest Evicted (Sixth Jury Member): Catelyn Stark (4 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

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Quote :



I was starting to think Robb was AStormOfSwords13, shocked at both these reveals.
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I totally thought Catelyn was Tara
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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 12:29 pm

I thought that too at first but then I got to know someone else a bit better and my guess switched. I was so quiet in that episode Laughing it shows I was getting a wave of shit in private.
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Jon Snow

Jon Snow

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 1:34 pm

I knew she was Angel from the start lol. She knew a lot about Game of Thrones and really got into her character. I also know who Tara is. I could have sworn Robb was Jimmy though.
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Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 6:17 pm

Thanks Jon, I did want to do better though. That week where I lost my grandmother in real life took me out of the game mindset and I was never able to fully get back in.
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Jon Snow

Jon Snow

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 6:29 pm

I'm really sorry that happened to you. My grandmother actually passed away during this game too. I don't think anyone can fault you for being out of the game because of real life issues.
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Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 6:52 pm

You did great all things considered, Merriska.
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Talisa Maegyr

Talisa Maegyr

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 7:17 pm

I think we can all agree that you did. My condolences once again. I hope you're doing ok.
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Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 9:08 pm

Merriska goddess <3 Love you.
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Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE   EPISODE 8: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 9:10 pm

Thanks everyone <3. Looking forward to finding out who you all are since I actually didn't have identities spoiled.
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