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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 10:18 am

Part III

Chapter 2:  The Lion and the Rose

*DAY 22*

*After Catelyn's eviction, and the bloody week that preceded it, houseguests are very quiet. Some are seen talking...*


Quote :

Marge you are a fucking cat with 9 lives...I cannot get you out and I haven't tried this hard in years...ugh bane of my existence

Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

It's F6 and Queen Margaery is still in this bitch. Catelyn was sent home in a unanimous vote and we're really getting down to the wire now. I'm in individual chat rooms with everyone that remains (minus Karsi) and I'm hoping these social connections will keep me safe a little while longer. That being said, a big move needs to be made that will ensure either Karsi or Talisa goes home. I'm confident Karsi still wants my head on a stick... but the feeling is mutual so I need to try to get her out of here this next round. I really want to win the next HOH just because I could nominate both her and Talisa. That way if Talisa wins Veto, she doesn't have the option to save Karsi.

In a perfect world, I'll win HOH and those nominations would stick. I wouldn't want to have to name a replacement nominee. I feel close enough to Jon, Jorah and Cersei at this point that I wouldn't want to piss any of them off.

*not much in terms of conversation happened before the HOH in this episode, so this one will be short*


Melisandre: I will be posting a link to a picture. This picture will be a collage of 14 head shots of former contestants on both Survivor and Big Brother. It will be your job to identify as many names as you possibly can and post them in your DR. Please make a new thread in your DR for this challenge. You will have a 25 minute TIME LIMIT!

The houseguest who gets the most correct the quickest will be our new HOH.

*after a few minutes, Melisandre returns with HOH results*

Melisandre: We got a winner. With a perfect 14/14.

The winner of HOH is.....


You have 2 hours to make your nominations! Good luck everyone.

Talisa: Great job Margeary

Cersei: Good work.

Karsi: Oh well, can't stand survivor or big brother challenges. Good work

*following the HOH challenge, and before the nomination ceremony, Margaery had something to tell to Talisa*

Talisa: Congrats! I was pretty slow as I couldn't figure out the old guy

Margaery:I'm going to be completely honest with you... I am going to nominate you this round. I know you saved Karsi last time and I don't want you to have the option of doing it again. I hope you can understand. That and you did nominate me a while ago... so I think we'll be even now. Wink

Talisa: I expected to be nominated the last time you won HOH Laughing so this is understandable and I warrant it.

Margaery: I appreciate you understanding. Smile


Margaery: I'm going to make this quick!


That's all. Good luck at Veto everyone!

Jon: Congrats Margaery! And thank you


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

Mission accomplished. I'm the HOH this week and Karsi is up on the block with Talisa. My main target is Karsi simply because I know she wants me out more and I'd feel a lot safer with her gone. However, if she happens to win the Veto and Talisa remains on the block... I kind of hope my fellow houseguests will vote to evict Talisa. She's a huge challenge threat and has been playing a great social game. I think she's one of my biggest threats to winning the game and that's why (ideally) one of these ladies will hit the road this week and the other shortly after.

I'm going to go full force at the Veto tomorrow. I want nominations to stay the same / to not name a replacement nominee.

*back at the nomination ceremony*

Karsi: Yay put up on a survivor challenge what luck might as well have been in german. Hey guys just curious how many final 2s does Marge have? She cant go to the end with everyone. So cersei jorah and robb its about time you played your own game. Robb especially, guess what happens if either me or talisa wins veto? Hunny bear youre going home


I meant jon too much wine. Btw marge and robb stark were bffs, can anyone trust this person? How many final 2s has she had?

Margaery: I actually haven't talked F2 with anyone and everyone you listed can confirm that. Nice try, though.

Karsi: Sure you havent marge. Guys youre being played like a fiddle wake up


My first comment still says it all.

Karsi: Oh so no final 2? So you are relying on the goodness of your minions? Thats mighty arrogant marge. Im glad youve been using people all game and every twist has about gone your way. But its my job to make people see youre an arrogant liar, who only looks out for number one. So sorry you wont win on this persons watch

Margaery: See above gif for response.

Talisa: I'm open for an final 2 deal Marge and quite frankly insulted you left me out.

Cersei: Oh dear. I am playing my Karsi dear. It's just I'm not playing the game you want me to. Also Marge never asked me to save her during my HOH twist. Robb was my target. We never spoke to me and he was still a social threat.
Also how do you know Jon will go if you or Talisa win. Only one can win and you sure seem to get people mad at you.


Quote :

Cersei Lannister

Marge won, and Karsi is not happy. Well, Talisa went up, Sad  I don't want her to go.

*Cersei comes upstairs to the HOH to check on Margaery*

Cersei: How you doing?

Margaery: I'm good, girl! How are you?!

Cersei: Good thanks. Karsi is having a go at me. Is she your target?

Margaery: Absolutely. I'd like for nominations to stay the same and for her to get sent packing!

Cersei: Yup. I think Karsi will go if someone else is up. Is Talisa safe?

Margaery: I don't know if she's 100% safe... it depends on what the voters want to do with the vote. I expect Talisa to put up quite a fight for the Veto tonight, but I really do think people would rather get rid of Karsi and her drama even if Talisa is the bigger threat between the two of them. I don't think anyone will use the Veto on Karsi except for herself, obviously. What do you think? Do you think Talisa would be safe if nominations stayed the same?

Cersei: I'm not sure. Jon would vote Karsi. Myself too. Yeah she will lol.

Margaery: Yeah, lol. It's like everyone is currently bonded by their dislike of Karsi. Laughing

Cersei: I know. I really don't understand her state of mind sometimes. She overreacts to everything.

*Margaery looks very angry following her confrontation with Karsi after the nomination ceremony*

Jorah: Congrats on HoH!

Margaery: Thanks! I really just want one of those two to leave this round.

Jorah: Well Talisa has my vote to leave no matter what happens now.

*Jorah leaves the HOH room, and Jon Snow comes in  to give a hug to Margaery*

Jon: Karsi's really getting on my nerves. She sent me a message asking me if I can count on her vote if the noms stay the same and I responded back the same way she did when I asked her to keep me over Bronn. Now she's all convinced that you and I are BFFs lol. I really hope she goes this week.

Margaery: Good! Give her a taste of her own medicine! Very Happy I really hope she goes home too. I'm so sick of her taking every opportunity to slander me and acting like I've been some terrible person in this game. I'm going to try my hardest to win that Veto and keep things the same.

*later that evening*

Jon: I'll be here for veto and I'm saving your pretty ass.

Talisa: Thank you Jon. I just hope you don't go up as a replacement if one of us comes off and you didn't have the veto.

Jon: Worse case scenario would be if Karsi wins. We just need to stop that from happening and we'll both be okay. Do you think I should pull you off if I do win? I don't want them to realize how close we are and with me and Cersei, you'd definitely be safe. I will if you want me to though.

*Talisa looks worried, and thinks what would be the safest thing to do*

*commercial break*

*just before the veto begins, Jon tries to make sure everyone is against Karsi in case she remains on the block*

Jon: Ugh Karsi is really annoying me.

Cersei: Me too. She has her game. We have ours.

Jon: She asked me if I would keep her if the nominations stay the same and I told her I'd think about it, the same way she told me she would when she kept Bronn over me. Then all of a sudden, she thinks Margaery and I are BFFs? I'd really like to vote her off this round lol.

Cersei: Is she your vote?

Jon: I'm not sure. Probably.


Stannis: In this LIVE challenge, Each round, I will ask a question about events that have happened in the game, such as HOH competitions, evictions, etc etc. Your goal is to post the correct answer here in this thread. Get it right, you score points. Get it wrong, you score nothing.
Your goal in this challenge is to be the first person to score 15 or more points to win the Power of Veto.

Is everyone ready? Then lets begin...

*the challenge takes place, and finally Stannis announces results*

Stannis: Final scores







And with that, congratulations to....


You have one hour from this post to make your decision.

Talisa & Jorah: Congratulations Karsi!

Cersei: Congrats Karsi.

Talisa: I call it now, Karsi and Marge have a final 2 deal since day 1 and this is all a show.

*Jon Snow and Cersei are worried, they are aware that one of them is about to go up as replacement nominee*

Cersei: I wonder who will go up.

Jon: I'm so nervous. I have a feeling it's me.

Cersei: Have you talked to her.

Jon: I'll talk to her to convince her to put Jorah up, but they're really close

*Jon heads up to the HOH room to talk with Margaery*

Jon: I'm sorry I couldn't pull it off Sad I don't know who you're thinking about nominating, but Talisa just told me that Karsi told her she has Jorah. He's been telling her things you've said to him. I'm not asking you to nominate him, but please don't put me up. If you do, I'm a goner.

Margaery: I don't want to nominate you and I don't really want to nominate Jorah either. I was thinking of nominating Cersei... but I would feel like shit if I put her up and she left.

Jon: Yeah, it's a tough one again. Karsi keeps screwing things up lol.

Margaery: Don't even get me started on Karsi, lol. Would you vote to evict Talisa? She's easily one of the biggest threats to winning it all right now. I don't know if the opportunity to get her out will come along again.

Jon: She's close to Karsi, so it would make perfect sense to vote her out. I'll do anything to hurt her game a little bit.

Margaery: *whispering* I just think she's shady and in with everyone... which makes her more than a little predictable. I'm probably going to nominate Cersei and then head off for the evening

Jon: Sounds great!

*Cersei is just outside the HOH room. Jon makes a gesture that she should go inside and talk to Margaery*

Cersei: Should I take my seat? I know you'll worry about my vote.

Margaery: I'm considering all options right now. I haven't made a decision on what would be best yet.

Cersei: No problem.


Karsi: *ALWAYS PROMPT WITH HER VETO MEETINGS* I use the power of veto on myself. Go nominate someone Marge baby

Margaery: I have decided to replacement Karsi with...


Good luck nominees!

Cersei: Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Talisa: It really is for you Cersei as I know you always had her back, to a frustrating level if you ask me.

*gives a death stare to Karsi*

Talisa: Karsi is that villain in movies that you keep thinking is dead but he keeps getting back up even though he was shot at 10 times and has a pole through his head.

Karsi: Who says Karsi is a villain? Karsi is a freedom fighter liberating this game of group think. I am insulted Talisa


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr

It's been a bumpy road and I had done well keeping myself off the block, until now. I knew Margaery would be trouble once she used the power to take herself off the block. I wish Cersei had more than 10 minutes when she won the Red Wedding. I could have tried harder to convince her on Marge and we could be laughing our way to finals with Karsi right now.

Cersei is the person I've talked with the most and stayed on good terms with 100% of the game.

Jon I've been with and on good terms with all game long as well, but we fell in and out of touch all game long. We could go days without talking, but there was still that unspoken love somehow.  

Karsi and I have been together since the begging but it has been one hell of a ride. She is temperamental and we've gotten into some heated arguments a few times Laughing. I do believe her heart and loyalty are in the right place though and I still trust her even with that hot head of hers. we have a common goal and that's the fact that Marge sucks beyond words and I want to see her leave with a burning passion in my loins.

Sadly I may not be able to participate in the take down. Jon made me feel really unsettling last night. He almost had an erection when I told him he could just vote me out. In the end he assured me his vote and all, but he was quick to jump on the chance to vote me out when I gave him an out. As for Jorah, I know his lips are firmly sealed around the aureole that makes Marge's anus what it is. I bet she will have blisters from it after this game Laughing.

It's also killing me to be on the block with Cersei. I was struggling to pick between Karsi and her but I always intended to at least make final 3 with her and I was also secretly hoping this would be a final 3 game. Cersei deserves to be here.

*Margaery pulls Cersei aside to give her a hug. Cersei gives a hug back but looks at the camera and rolls her eyes*

Margaery: Apologies for the nomination. I think you have the best shot at staying over Talisa. Jorah and Jon both seem to like the idea of her going home and I wasn't entirely sure where your head would be at in the event Karsi won.
Nothing personal as I quite enjoy you.

Cersei: It is OK Marge. I'll rant with my wine lol.

*Following the veto meeting, Cersei and Talisa go to the storage room, hug each other and begin crying. They have been BFFs all throughout the game and now, one of them must go*

Cersei: Good luck. I couldn't vote you out. Sad

Talisa: I couldn't either. I may tell Jon to vote me out so you stay.

Cersei: Don't.

Talisa: But you deserve to be here. Sad

Cersei: I will tell Jon to do what he must. I don't mind really. It would be good to stay but I can see Karsi and Marge fighting now lol.

Talisa: You promise it's not a huge deal to you?

Cersei: Yeah. I love the game but I'm pretty ugh with being called a follower

Talisa: I wish you killed Marge at the Red Wedding  Laughing

Cersei: Sorry. I couldn't. But I got Robb out lol. Stick by Karsi.

Talisa: I will but it just won't be the same without you. I've been close to Karsi before I even talked with you, but her attitude and the fact that you and I get along so well, have made it that I'm closer to you now. I don't want to be in a game where we can't chat in our private room any more Laughing I feel emotional for some reason about this. I don't feel like I deserve to stay over you. I'm certain that you're one of the nicest allies I could ever ask for and thank you for sticking by me. Marge is a wench and if I stay, I will do everything in my power so you see her in the jury house right behind you.

Cersei: I've loved our alliance. You were my f2 in the game. I've trusted you the most. If I stay then Marge is my target.

*the two hug each other again. Then, Jon Snow comes into the room, Talisa leaves, wiping away tears*

Cersei: Vote who you must Jon. I won't be mad.

Jon: This sucks. I'm close to both of you. Would you have my back to the end if I keep you?

Cersei: I don't want to yes if I don't mean it but myself and Talisa like you lol.


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr

Paranoia is settling in right now with Jon. I know he read my last message to him but he did not answer or reassure me of his vote. Started to think, maybe he is F2 with Marge all along. We are made to believe she was with Robb, Sansa and Jorah more, even Cersei and Catelyn, but maybe it's really Jon. Maybe he told her about the power and that's why she knew that putting him up with ensure Bronn left.

There are 2 factors that don't bode well with this new theory of mine.

Why waste a power? The answer could easily be the fact that it was not wasted. Marge had no other way of getting Bronn out. Robb, Catelyn and Jorah would have all been voted out over Bronn. On the other hand, she could have put Cersei up, I wouldn't have voted Cersei out.

Why trust me to use the power on Jon? It was a risk for him to trust me with it, especially if it was part of a bigger plan with Marge. I could have kept the power and not use it on him, I could have given it back, who knows.

If I leave, I at least leave the headache behind Laughing I will be in so much crap if I stay because Karsi and Jon will both want me to do what they want and I will no longer have my right hand chicka.

Quote :

I am sorry Cersei but you just aren't equipped to help me take on Marge and her minions. Right before she nommed you you were on your high horse with me about how much you trusted her etc. I just can't use you when you are so blind and btw...its gonna be the Talisa and Karsi show all the way to the end

Quote :
Jon Snow

This hardcore sucks. Talisa has a better chance of winning and keeping me safe, but I told Margaery I would vote her out. Either I keep a strong ally and make a strong enemy or lose my final 2 and keep things the same with everyone else. The worst part is both Talisa and Cersei are telling me they won't be mad if I vote them out. I was going to keep Talisa until she urged me not to. Toughest vote by far. I don't know what to do.

I have a sinking feeling that Jorah is going to keep Talisa and I'm going to get framed too.


*Talisa is getting prepared for the live eviction when Jorah approaches her*

Talisa: Should I feel safe on the block?

Jorah: Honestly, I'm not sure

Talisa: Sad Ok

Jorah: So i do want to be straight with you. I have been thinking about it and I decided that I have to go with my gut and my gut is to keep Cersei. I think you've been taking to a lot of people and have more ties to jurors than Cersei and that scares me so I will have to evict you for that reason.

Talisa: Sad


Stannis: Houseguests, it is now time for the live eviction. Margaery, as Head of Household, you will not vote. Neither will the two nominees. One a time, the rest of you will go to the Diary room and cast a vote to evict. Karsi, you are up first please go to the Diary Room


Karsi: Cersei

Jorah: Talisa

Jon: Cersei

*With two votes to evict, Cersei will be leaving the Game of Thrones house. Let's give the news to the houseguests*

Talisa: Best of luck Cersei.

Cersei: You too Talisa.

Karsi: Man this wait is dramatic wow

Stannis: The votes are finally in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted houseguest will have just a few moments to say goodbye, gather her belongings and head out the door....

By a vote of.....



*Talisa and Cersei stand up, and hug each other*

Karsi: So sorry to see you go Cersei youre a real sweetheart

Jorah: Bye Cersei! Congrats on staying Talisa.

Cersei: Thanks Stannis. Great game, loved it. Good luck guys.

Margaery: Bye Cersei. You played a great game.

Talisa: My heart breaks seeing you leave Cersei. Thank you Jorah!

Jorah: I imagine whoever wins tonight is going to nominate me so congrats to the HoH winner in advance.

Talisa: Or you will win HOH and put me up to finish off the job Laughing

*Cersei leaves the house and is greeted by an extremely positive audience reaction*



It's the final episode of the season. With two more evictions to go, the houseguests have their eyes set on the final 3. But a bizarre turn of events at the Final 5 Head of Household competition could change everything. The last two HOHs, the last two vetos, and the last two evictions are all happening next time on BIIIG Brother

Quote :
Eleventh Houseguest Evicted (Seventh Jury Member): Cersei Lannister (2 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

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Jon Snow

Jon Snow

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 11:55 am

Tara <3

I had a feeling it was you early on and really wanted to work with you lol
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Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 12:12 pm

The episodes have made me feel better about nominating Cersei at this point. I think Jon pondered the decision to evict Cersei more than Cersei would have thought about keeping Jon. I kind of figured she wasn't pro-Margaery when she voted to boot Sansa... and I was completely sold on her loyalty to Talisa when she came to me worried about her. No regrets in this decision now... though I did feel bad about it at the time.
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Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 12:49 pm

Tara Sad
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Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 4:27 pm

Cersei <333
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Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 6:54 pm

Marge I wasn't pro Marge lol. Read again. I was close to you both. Don't get snappy with me!

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Talisa Maegyr

Talisa Maegyr

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 7:47 pm

Cersei <3 I loved you so much in this game. I always do but in this game I felt like you were my best girlfriend in the whole world.
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Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 7:53 pm

Tara <3
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Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE   EPISODE 9: THE LION AND THE ROSE Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 7:57 pm


My order was;

Talisa, Marge, Jon. Lol sucked you and Talisa were after each other.
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