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 Goals for the season

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PostSubject: Goals for the season   Sun Jun 07, 2015 12:58 pm

1. Don't be yourself...that includes fighting and over playing. Also I chose Karsi because she had five minutes of dialogue and cannot be role played...hence keeping my speaking from getting out of hand...

2. Figure out who people are. This is going to be difficult as I sense that there are some people I have never played with before, However Since this is Game of Thrones I can bet that either Jimmy or Justin or both are in this game since they are both active on the board and both love Game of Thrones. I must find them if they are in the game somehow. I must also be weary that Neil is playing, although he will be easy to spot in due time.

3. Who is Talisa? This person seems to want to be the center of attention. She pmmed me last night and used the words "gotta jet" so its safe to say she is a he. Could be anyone atm even that weird Cooltu guy. Either way seems to be the biggest attention whore and probably pmmed every single member last night seeking alliance. So this person is sketchy and I probably should rely on my quote un quote day one alliance with her.

4. Try not to be too active. I know this sounds counterproductive but usually I have gotten in trouble in the past by being too active and domineering. Just play the  godfrey mangwiza the lady pleeza game...however if I somehow manage to pull that off I will be amazed at myself.

5. Try to have fun, I usually get upset with people on imdb so easily and it makes having fun out of the question. So I will try and take a lighter approach to this game, so after I week I wont be cursing the 9 for signing up.
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Goals for the season
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