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 Head of Household #1: Fire and Blood

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Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: Head of Household #1: Fire and Blood   Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:42 am

Head of Household #1:

Fire and Blood

Hello houseguests and welcome to your first Head of Household competition. My apologies for the shaky start to the game, I was hoping to have everyone signed up as soon as possible, but I really wanted to get the game moving. And my apologies to the people who voted for having the challenge another day. But like I said in the rules, challenge times are set for the time being, just to speed things up. Now we started a day earlier than planned, and we will end up a  day earlier than planned Wink.

Ok, for your first Head of Household challenge, you will need to match the actor/actress to the character they play in the Game of Thrones TV show.

The characters will be from a selection of the ones that were not picked for this game.

For example:

1.Stannis Baratheon
3.Renly Baratheon

A.Carice van Houten
B.Gethin Anthony
C.Stephen Dillane

Your answers should look something like:

1-C, 2-A, 3-B

Your answer sheets need to be posted IN YOUR DIARY ROOMS. DO NOT PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ANYTHING!!!

It will be easier for you down the line, and for me, if you make a special thread in your diary rooms just for challenges, but you dont have to if you don't want to, but you should Razz

You can only submit once. All your answers need to be in one single post.

The first person to submit a full and correct answer sheet will become the FIRST Head of Household of the season. In case of a tie, we will go to a tie breaker question between the people who are tied. The winner will be responsible for nominating FOUR PEOPLE for eviction. Because, this first round, will be a DOUBLE EVICTION. Two players will be going home this round.

Take some time to read the rules and make sure you understand the challenge. It will be posted @ :10 and you will have 15 minutes to finish it.
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Head of Household #1: Fire and Blood
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