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 Head of Household #2: You Win Or You Die

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Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: Head of Household #2: You Win Or You Die   Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:18 pm

Head of Household #2:

You Win Or You Die

Houseguests, welcome to your second Head of Household competition. Bronn, as outgoing Head of Household, you will not be eligible to compete.

In this challenge we will be dealing with "winners" and "first voted out/first eliminated" players. Specifically, from Survivor and Big Brother. I will post the name of a castaway or houseguest, and your goal is to post in this thread what season of Survivor or Big Brother they won, or were the first person voted out from..

The first person to post the correct answer will get two points. Everyone else who posts the correct answer within the time limit (60 seconds) will score 1 point.

The first person to reach 14 or more points, will become the new Head of Household.

To make matters easier for me, and for you all, you can post your answer any way you like AS LONG AS THE NAME OF THE SHOW IS CLEAR. Survivor 28 or Survivor Cagayan will be acceptable answers; just "season 28" or "s28" or something like that, will not be accepted.  Spelling does matter though, so keep that in mind. suvivor cageyen is a no no, survivor cagayan is fine.

Like I said, each round will last 60 seconds. First person to post the right answer gets two points. If two or more people tie for first, everyone who tied gets two points.

If there are no questions, the first round will begin @ :10 and you will have 1 minute per round. I strongly suggest that you change your forum settings so it shows you the seconds timestamp, and it doesn't notify you of new replies. If you dont know how to do that, you can ask me or one of your fellow houseguests who knows.

Oh and we will only be dealing with the US versions of both shows.
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Head of Household #2: You Win Or You Die
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