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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 7: THE CLIMB   EPISODE 7: THE CLIMB Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2015 4:59 pm

And so it continues....

Part II

Chapter 4:  The Climb

*Stannis: By a vote of 4-3, Sansa, you are evicted from the Big Brother house*

*Sansa grabs her bags and leaves the house without hugging or saying bye to anyone*

DAY 17:


Quote :

Well that was close. Marge, catelyn and jorah...... Gfy.

Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

Bitch still has it!!!!!! You're welcome Bronn. Now you better step it up and be less boring.

Quote :

Marge joreh and catelyn get out of my life!!!!One of us gotta win and put up large marge and joreh to make him play bis power. If its gets him off the block fine...useless catelyn goes up and we vote out large marge. I cannot allow these people to best me and my alliance. My alliance lol keeps changing so much i doubt if i got to the end id get any votes

Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

Well... Queen Margaery's game seems to have quickly fallen into pieces.

Sansa's "departure" screws things up for me because she was one of my better allies. Robb Stark won Veto and saved himself and then the worst possible thing happened... Talisa chose me to be the replacement nominee. Talisa is playing every angle possible and trying to come off as everyone's best friend. I, however, see right through that garbage and quickly called her out on it. It's weird because at the moment we're friendly... but I don't buy a lot of what she's selling. She mentioned that she thought I was a well connected player socially and that I would have "no problem" staying over Sansa who was MIA. This game has already seen several active players get booted over players who were hardly here... so history alone tells me my ass would have had no chance at staying.

I used the Widow's Wail (at Final 10... such a fucking disappointment by my standards) to secure my safety this round. I nominated Bronn in my place thinking that maybe people would be down for booting him and taking out a threat. But, unfortunately, it looks like I'm playing the game with a lot of pussies and/or idiots. Ser Jorah is the only one that sounds down with the plan. Cersei and Catelyn are being difficult for whatever reason. I figured it would be easy because Sansa will eventually get expelled anyways... so we could kill two birds with one stone with this vote? Why was everyone being so stupid with this vote?

I need to win the next HOH, though... I'll be completely fucked otherwise.

*Robb/Talisa/Karsi/Jon/Bronn discuss the vote results*

Talisa: Sorry I broke the vibe in this group, it was never my intention. I acted rash but I was so mad at Sansa for selling everyone out. Can she be removed from this room and can we like, turn the page and continue like we were? I understand if I'm also out of the group but yeah, that was my plea.

Robb: That's what I'd like to do, I was just shocked when I was put on the block.  Nobody told me anything, I didn't know why, I was seriously questioning am I kicked out of the alliance and if so why? But yeah since day 1, this has been the group that I plan on going to the end with and that hasn't changed.  I'd just appreciate not having to be the pawn anymore, you know just a little small request Laughing

And honestly I feel like we need each other. The vote was 4 to 3 so I'm guessing that the others are banding together now that they know we're aligned.

Bronn: Exactly robb.

Jon: We need to stick together now more than ever. Who was the fourth vote for Bronn to stay?

Talisa: I'm inclined to say Cersei or Jorah but I think Jorah lied to me about his vote. I get the feeling he's Margeary's pet and that theory comes from the night I won HOH. Margeary was the one to come to me with the secret that Sansa told her about this alliance. Soon after, Jorah told me the same story but told me Margeary told him. Hand that feeds the craddle.

Jon: Jorah's definitely working with Margaery. I've talked to her to get information and she seemed sure that he would keep Sansa.

Bronn: They want to take out our alliance for sure.

*Robb and Jon leave*

Talisa: I had to work hard for it but last minute I convinced Carsei so we must protect her as she was the deciding vote. Jorah lied to me and voted you out Bronn since he's Margeary's pet. Catelyn told me she would most likely vote you out so she and Margeary are the other two votes. Margeary sent me a PM that she is gunning for Karsi now. Please do not tell her or anyone that you got all this information from me.

Bronn: So Jorah, Marge and Catelyn were the votes against me? Thanks for the help.

Talisa: Yes they were. Cersei was the last vote Stannis was waiting for and she was leaning towards voting you out because of the big alliance. I came clean to her and told her I was brought into that alliance as the 6th wheel and that I messed it up this week by outting Sansa and nomming Robb. It made her feel better about it I guess and she voted Sansa.

*Karsi, Bronn and Talisa see Cersei walking nearby and ask her to to join them*

Talisa: Thank you Cersei for making it possible for Bronn to stay.

Karsi: Hai gurls. Go cersei

Bronn: Thank you Cersei. Bronn and his 3 lovely ladies.

Talisa: I think she's being a bit shy Laughing Good luck with HOH tonight. It needs to be in this room.

Cersei: I'm taking in the kindness, it is good.

Karsi: Jorah told me he cant make tonights hoh and hopefully marge cant either

Bronn: Ive seen Marge on all day.

Talisa: Marge is going to be all over this.

Karsi: Marge needs to be slapped around by a midget

Talisa:  what kind of insult is that? Oh Karsi Laughing

Cersei: That's my daughter in law! She needs a slap from myself.

*Meanwhile, Ser Jorah and Margaery discuss the vote results*

Jorah: Cersei and Catelyn both told me that they were down to vote Bronn but I don't know which voted Sansa. What I do know that we're both screwed probably.

Margaery: I think it was that goat, Cersei. She sent me this earlier today.

"I'm on the fence kind of. Been hearing that Sansa is with them too. Plus she came on yasterday so it would be funny to see Sansa get mad."

I wanted to slap her. I had already told her Sansa was in their group and she knows that Sansa hasn't been around but it'd be "funny" to see the person who hasn't been here in almost a week get mad. I'll be trying very hard for HOH tonight.

Jorah: I'll be thinking of you. Good luck because sadly I have real life commitments that will cause me to miss tonight.

Margaery: No worries. I'll try and get it for both of us.


Quote :
Robb Stark:

I THINK I want to win HOH tonight but I'm not sure in the slightest. Do I put Talisa up if I win? I honestly don't trust the bitch as far as I can throw her but I do feel like there are other people I need to get out.

Do I reach out to Cesrei? Although we've never talked this whole game, she hasn't lied to me and she hasn't been fake with me. That leads me to believe that maybe she is trustworthy. I really don't know what to do at this point, I'm going to try and find the radar and hide under it for the next few weeks and see how everything plays out. Hopefully true allegiances will shine by then and I'll know what next moves to make.

*Time for the head of household competition. Knowing her back is against the wall, Margaery needs to win this HOH more than ever*

Stannis: Tonight, we will be playing our version of one of TV's oldest and most beloved game shows, Jeopardy! All the questions however will be about the TV show Game of Thrones. So, if you are a big fan, this could be your challenge. No spoilers though.  This challenge will go on for one hour/until all categories and dollar amounts are picked, whichever happens sooner. Once we reach that threshold, the THREE people with the most money at that point will go on to the FINAL round. If people are tied with dollar amounts, we'll figure it out then. In the final round, the person that gets the answer to the question posted in the fastest time and correctly, will be the new Head of Household.

If there are no questions, we will begin shortly.

Cersei: Fun.

*the challenge takes place. Surprisingly, it is very close throughout. However, Karsi's alliance works together to try to make it to the Top 3 so they can have a shot at winning HOH*

*eventually, it comes down to three people: Bronn, Robb Stark, and Margaery Tyrell*

Stannis: We have a winner!!


You have two hours from this post to make your nominations.  Congrats!!! cheers

Talisa: Congratulations Margeary, well fought battle.

Bronn: grats

Jon: Congratulations, Margaery!


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell

Ha! Queen Margaery is HOH and everyone else is probably pissed. I don't want to brag, but... I'm really good at winning things when, like, I need to. I want to be super excited for my victory, but I'm worried that there's some kind of Coup de' Tat bullshit lurking in the shadows and it could get used to send one of my ~unfaithful~ allies home this round. I'd have to nominate the right people in order to make that happen, though. My plan for the round is to be quiet and try to not cause any waves in the house. I'm going to nominate two people that will hopefully get the other players talking / picking sides... Bronn and Karsi.

*Talisa attempts to be civil towards Margaery, despite their argument the previous week*

Talisa: You won cheers I probably shouldn't jump up and down yet since I did put you up on the block last time Laughing

Margaery: I'm just happy that I'm not going anywhere yet, lol.

Talisa: Whatever you decide, I'll respect.


Margaery: I'm going to make this quick.


Good luck in the Veto, everyone.

Talisa: Thank you Margeary

Catelyn: Thank you Margaery.

Robb: Thanks Margaery

Bronn: The hate of Bronn is real.

Cersei: Who? Thanks.

Karsi: You'll get yours next week marge

*Following the nominations ceremony, Jorah and Margaery head to the storage room and begin dancing*

Jorah: Slay gurl slay <3

Margaery: Yaasss gurl <333 I want one of those bitches to leave this time. My only fear is someone using a power and screwing up my nominations.

Jorah: Between Bronn and Karsi? I don't want anyone else to change the nominations because I'm worried I'd take the fall. Ideally the nominations stick and Wednesday isn't who can submit fastest for hoh.

Margaery: I agree. I'm worried someone would target you if a power was used.


Quote :

Dont know how many times I have to mention the forum isnt fucking working for me...but who cares right? This challenged seemed oddly geared for Marge...I know hosts like to spice things up and I know thats what happened here. A challenge that is decided in seconds and my page wont refresh so I was left to guess which are the only ones I got right.

Just an overall shitty week that I can 100% say was tailored for a marge win to shake the game up. Congrats host better ratings or some shit. host an honest game for once

Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

I was so annoyed during HOH this week. I couldn't play and I feel like I was the only one capable of beating Margeary. Not sure if anyone was throwing to her *cough Jon cough* but it was heartbreaking to watch. I even had the Ned Stark answer right away in the final round. I was just so over it, I didn't feel like sucking up to that betch. I left and to my surprise she nominated Bronn and Karsi. I just have to win veto and we should be coolbeans.

Quote :
Robb Stark:

So Margaery ends up winning HOH which is both good and bad. It's bad because someone from my alliance is leaving but it's good because Margaery and I talk so I don't think she'll be gunning for me.

*It is now time for the Power of Veto competition. As always this season, everyone is eligible to compete*

Stannis:  Tonight, there will be a bloodbath for that coveted power of veto. We will be playing this game in rounds. Each round I will post the name of a Head of State. Your goal will be to private message me the name of the country that Head of State is in charge of (Example: If I say, Barack Obama, you will send  "United States of America") It will be an elimination-style challenge. First to answer will give an X to another player until only one player is left to win the Power of Veto!

*After a couple of rounds, it is obvious the houseguests do not want Margaery to win the veto*

Cersei: Is this hate on Marge week?

Margaery: It is, Cersei. Laughing I was supposed to go home last round. Then I was supposed to go home this round but won HOH. Now I'm not allowed to win Veto... but that doesn't change the fact that I'm not leaving this round.

Bronn: Its Been hate on Bronn the last two weeks sadly.

Cersei: When is Cersei week?

Talisa: I can write your name down next Cersei.

Margaery: Talisa's got a blank space, baby... she'll write your name. Wink

Cersei: Thanks. I feel good now.

*after another few rounds, everyone but Talisa and Bronn are eliminated. Talisa and Bronn go to the tie-breaker*

Bronn: good luck!

Talisa: Yeah you too.

*Stannis returns to post the veto results*

Stannis: And just like that, Congratulations...


You have won the Power of Veto!!! cheers You have one hour to post your decision. Congrats again!

Karsi: Good job wizard

Bronn: So close yet so far..... grats.

Talisa: I love the images you find Stannis, they always fit so well. Thanks everyone, I have to jet off for a minute but I'll be right back.

*without wasting any moment, Margaery grabs Talisa and tells her to come upstairs with her. Margaery does not want any more blood on her hands*

Margaery: Good job... you really killed that competition. I don't know what you're thinking of doing with the Veto but I would absolutely LOVE it if you kept things the same. Bronn and Karsi are both strong players and I'd prefer it if one of them left this round.

If you want me to make yet another enemy... well... I can always do that too Very Happy

Talisa: Who would said new enemy be? :lol:I'm just trying to look at my options here. Catelyn and Cersei barely talk to me and both have lied to me about their votes so far. Robb is after me now that I put him up I'm sure. Jon I keep forgetting is even in this game and Jorah I talk to more but he also lied to me and seems wary of me since I put you up.

Margaery: I don't know for sure. Catelyn and Cersei don't strike me as direct threats to my game. I like both of them and we've always been on civil terms... they've done nothing to make me want to target them anyways. Jorah and I started being friendly post-Tyrion's eviction. He's probably not a threat to me especially considering I know he's not working with that other gang of people. Robb has always been nice to me too, but I know he's playing with people that aren't interested in seeing me go a whole lot farther... lol. Jon Snow is similar except he's been my an ally of mine since early on in the game. But, like Robb, he's not really playing with my best interest at all. So I'd probably nominate one of those two boys even though I don't want to

Talisa: I was hoping more for one of the girls Laughing At least we know what the boys are up to, those 2 girls I have no idea. But I understand what you're saying and that makes sense.


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr

From my perspective that was a very bad attempt at throwing the challenge Bronn Laughing If anyone was unsure about us, they are for sure now. We are so obvious during that challenge Laughing I'm sure I legit won most of the rounds but the fact no one would put my name down is super fishy. I won veto so shove that Margeary. If you don't put Cersei up, then Bronn and Karsi will most likely both stay. I would hate to lose Cersei though, she's my real final 2, I love her.

*Jon and Talisa are now talking*

Jon: Veto Queen does it again! What are you thinking of doing with it?

Talisa: Do you know who she would put up if I were to use it? I'm trying to find a way to save them both btu not put you in jeopardy.

Jon: She's not talking to me lol


Quote :

woohoo plan worked till perfection. Go ahead and take me off talisa.  Hahahahaa


Talisa: I've decided that I will

Margaery: How unfortunate. Well... this puts me in a really tough position for somebody that already has enemies and now has to make yet another one. I want to say before I make this nomination that I've enjoyed my conversations with each of you: Catelyn, Cersei, Jon, Robb and Ser Jorah. Some of you pose more of a threat to my game than others... which is why I can't nominate Catelyn, Cersei and Ser Jorah this round. I know the people voting would probably gladly take any of you three out and that wouldn't help my situation at all.

With that being said, I'm going to nominate the person I pray has a better shot at staying in the game.


I'm really sorry. This one hurts.

Jon: That kind of stings. Good luck, Bronn.

Bronn: Good luck Jon.


Quote :
Jon Snow

The worst thing that could have happened has. The question is do I use my power. The other question is, who do I transfer the votes to? I could do Talisa, but I could give it to Cersei or Catelyn to garner more trust. Two votes. All I need are two votes.

*With him being nominated the first time this summer, Jon Snow begins working hard for those to stay*

Jon: Will you please keep me? I'm going after everyone else. As far as I'm concerned, you're one of the few people left I can trust.

Cersei: Can you get the votes? I can ask Talisa and Karsi.

Jon: I have a power. I just need 2.

*shot of Jon talking to Catelyn*

Jon: Catelyn, I know we haven't talked in a while, but please vote to keep me. If I stay, I'm going after the big threats.

Catelyn: Hello Jon. Yes, I'm sorry for that, that was a slip on my part. I definitely want you to stay.

Jon:That's okay.It was just as much my fault as it was yours.  I really appreciate your vote. It goes a long way with me.

* Margaery and Jon talk about her decision to nominate him*

Jon: I guess her and Karsi are closer than we thought.

Margaery: I'm really sorry about nominating you, Jon. Talisa put me in a tough position and it had to be either you or Robb. I figured you'd have a better chance at staying just because I suspect you're playing a fierce social game and Robb has the competition wins that could make him a threat. The other 3 all probably would have gone home for sure and I NEED to weaken Bronn / Talisa / Karsi.

I know Jorah is voting to keep you. I'm really hoping that you can pull two more votes because if it ties, you're staying. I'm hoping Cersei and Catelyn will see the light. Apologies again... I don't expect you to completely understand.

Jon: I do understand. I'm not angry, but I think you're overestimating my social game.  Honestly, you're really putting me at risk here. Bronn's played a great social game too. Karsi and Robb are not keeping me. It's okay though. I know you're just doing whatever you can to have a good shot at staying in the future. No hard feelings.

Margaery: I don't think any decision I made would give me a much better shot at staying in the future. Any word on what Talisa could be doing?

Jon: I don't know. We're close, but I also think she's close with Bronn. For all I know, she could be lying to me.  Catelyn said she would keep me. I didn't get a chance to get an answer from Cersei before she logged off though.

Margaery: Cersei told me she is voting to keep you. I hope she's telling the truth...

*shot of Jon talking to Talisa*

Jon: Would you vote to keep me?

Talisa: Yes, I seriously did not see this coming. I thought she owed you for giving her information and I thought it was painfully obvious that Robb is close to Bronn. I'm really sorry, I thought you were downplaying how close you two were and she just told me she's closer to you before I used the veto.

Jon: *whispering* All I need are two votes, Talisa. Sansa gave me her power before she left. It's two extra votes. I'm just terrified that I can't even get those votes so I'm hitting everybody up.

Talisa: Margeary wants Bronn out badly so you can be sure that Catelyn, Cersei and Jorah will vote how she wants. If not all 3 of them, at least 2. Do not tell anyone else about this power Jon, do not. Does anyone else know?

Jon: You're the person I'm closest to, so I've only told you. I've let it slip to Cersei that I have a power, but I didn't specify what it was. It was pretty stupid, but I was being pretty panicky.  Although I'm pretty sure Sansa told Margaery she had it and it wouldn't be impossible for her to assume that she gave it to someone before she left.

Talisa: Karsi will bust a vein if she thinks her dear Bronn is leaving, you have to keep this a secret Laughing I've wanted him gone since the round Olenna left. I was actually pretty pissed off that everyone was kissing his feet that round and had made it my personal goal to get him out. Sadly we got stuck in that alliance and I couldn't strike. Then I just stopped caring because he was pretty much MIA most of the time. I just know Karsi seems to have a hard on for him when we talk so this is actually great.

Jon: Karsi told me that she was unsure how she was going to vote because we've both talked to her since day 1. Who knows? Maybe I won't even need to use the power. I'd rather be safe than sorry though

Talisa: *whispering* Karsi will not vote to keep you. I've been making mistakes in this game but I have always been honest with you and I am right now. Karsi and Robb are voting you out. You did not hear it from me though, please.

Jon: I appreciate you telling me. I had suspected as much. It always felt like we were at the bottom of this alliance.

Talisa: I felt it too and I have had a rough time reading people in this game. Karsi will be a better ally to us without Bronn, if you can of course forgive her for voting you out.

Jon: Maybe. I haven't really trusted her for some time. Don't vote yet, by the way. I still need to transfer the power to you to use.

Talisa: Right, I will hold off then Very Happy

*Jon Snow asks to speak with PRODUCTION*

Jon: Am I allowed to transfer just 1 vote to someone or is it a package deal? You know what, just send both to Talisa. I hope it's not a waste, but better to be safe than sorry.


*after Jon Snow returns from the Diary Room*

Jon: I've got Jorah's vote and Catelyn's vote. I told the hosts that I wanted to transfer the power to you, but it might be wise to save at least one vote in case we need it. It's good until final 6.  It's up to your discretion though. I think I have the votes to stay, but I can't be too sure.

*Meanwhile, Jorah tries to figure out what Robb will do*

Jorah: What are you thinking about the vote?  I was thinking Bronn because it seems like Bronn might be tight with Karsi and Talisa. But that's just my thought process.

Robb:  it's a hard one for me. I've been trying to see where the votes are falling and if my vote will make a difference. If it won't, then I'm voting with the majority. If it will, idk.



Quote :

Completely rig the Veto for the right result. My wizardry skills are legend. It had to be Talisa to win so she couldn't be nommed to save the Bronn/Karsi/Talisa final 3 and me and bronn played it out perfectly. Give me numbers and I can work wonders with them.

I am truly sorry Jon has to go, but he hasn't contributed any wins to the team and quite frankly is the best candidate to sit next to bronn...I expected she would throw up Stark but Talisa got in her ear. Perfection is perfect...I don't care if I win, but either bronn or talisa will

Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

It's been an interesting ride for Queen Margaery as HOH.

No one talked to me prior to and after my nominations. The struggle really is real... I better be getting the underdog edit when this shit airs. Talisa, unfortunately, won the Veto and decided to save the biggest annoyance in the game, Karsi. She and I get into a bit over a tiff over scheduling... but she started messaging me after talking about the game and stuff. Apparently she's wanted me out for a while now but her allies didn't think I was too dangerous back then. #littledidtheyknow

So I had to name a replacement nominee. I knew that nominating Catelyn, Cersei or Ser Jorah would mean instant eviction for them and completely kill what I've been trying to accomplish. It came down to Robb vs. Jon Snow... and I nominated Jon because I figured he'd have a better shot at staying but now I'm second guessing everything. I also want to keep a clean relationship with Robb even if he's tied to people that I can't stand at the moment. The problem with Jon is that he's not playing as good as I thought he was... I assumed he'd be socializing with everyone since he hasn't seemed too concerned about winning anything. It sounds like the only way he'll stay is if he gets the votes from Catelyn, Cersei and Ser Jorah... I'd have to break the tie and send Bronn home. If those three have any brains... that's what they'll do. But if Jon does end up going home... well... sucks to suck, buddy... let that be your lesson for voting to keep Bronn last time.

Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

Jon told me Sansa gave him the missing power before leaving and that the power is extra votes. I was all excited to know that Bronn could leave without me having to lift a finger. I actually couldn't do anything to prevent it. Just to find out that Jon has to give me the power and I have to use it. This goes against the fact that I was going to vote Jon out. Secretly inside I was hoping that he would use the power himself and be safe or that at very least, Margeary would keep him in a tie. But somehow, it now all falls onto my lap.

Aye Aye Aye. This is not a good position for me. I want both Bronn and Jon in this game. The last thing I want is to see one of them leave this soon as I trust both of them now. I do like Jon more, we've had that chemistry since day 1, but for my alliance with Karsi, the best thing is to keep Bronn. I just can't use the power Jon gave me to send him home. I have to ponder what needs to be done here. Do I act like a bitch and use Jon's own power on him? He trusted me out of everyone to do this for him, I can't burn him like that. Do I give it to Cersei? Karsi will never understand that it's not something I'm doing against her. I want Karsi and I to make it to end with Cersei, I just never cared that much for Bronn.

What I want to do is keep Jon but I don't want to go against Karsi and make her feel like my allegiance to her is bogus because it's not. I'm just usually a firm believer that paths can drift apart and meet up again. I don't think it's unacceptable for 2 allies to want different things. The test of time is if those 2 people can manage to get past it when one of them drifts away. I didn't even mean to drift away but I can't be given a power like that. entrusted with something like that and burn the guy, I just can't. Jon has done nothing to me that warrants such a betrayal.

Quote :

Well guys, this was a fun game. Im not sure If Ive done enough convincing to stay around for another week. Ive pleaded my case to everyone left and told them I would be better to keep around than Snow. I really dont know If Im staying or going. I hate this.



Stannis: Houseguests, it is now time for the live voting to begin. Jon, Bronn, you will not vote. Margaery, you will only vote in case of a tie. The rest of you must go to the Diary Room and cast a vote to evict. Cersei, you are up first, please go to the Diary Room.


Cersei: Bronn

Robb: Jon

Ser Jorah: Bronn

Talisa: Jon, uses the two extra votes Jon gave her to vote: Bronn, Bronn

Karsi: Jon

Catelyn: Bronn

*With 5 votes to evict, Bronn will be leaving the GoT house. Let's give the news to the houseguests*

Stannis: Houseguests, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote the evicted houseguest must gather his  belongings, say his goodbyes, and then will be escorted out of the house.

By a  vote of...

5-3 (a power granting two extra votes was used)


Margaery: Bye Bronn.

Talisa: Sad to see you leave Bronn.

Jorah: Bye Bronn!

Catelyn: Bye Bronn.

Robb: Whoa, what a twist of fate. Bye Bronn

Bronn: Good luck to the rest of you, Some people are shady as fuck, thanks for that.

Jon: Farewell, Bronn. You were a warrior. Oh, and thank you those who kept me. I'm forever grateful.



It's Karsi vs. Talisa, Round 1. The scandal that shook up the game begins. Karsi has lost one of her closest allies and is about to lose her mind. While the house continues to be divided, the houseguests are not prepared for what the game has in store for the next Head of Household challenge. It's an event that shakes up the game to its core, and no one is safe, or are they? You dont want to miss this special DOUBLE ELIMINATION episode next time on BIIG BROTHER.

*the following song plays over the credits*

Quote :
Eighth Houseguest Evicted (Fourth Jury Member): Bronn (5 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

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Justin! You should've signed up in my game as Bronn lol
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can 100% say was tailored for a marge win to shake the game up. Congrats host better ratings or some shit. host an honest game for once
I actually agree with Karsi on this.  During the final round, I believe I got the first question first but then you threw in a rule about not being able to answer twice even though literally the question before you allowed us to answer twice and you never once said we couldn't answer twice until you posted the results.  And this was right around the time you posted something about not enforcing rules that weren't stated prior to the challenge (you may have said this afterwards, idr) Then, Margaery won on the next question.  I basically felt the same as Karsi that you wanted Margaery to win and made the call to help her.  I  posted about this right when you made the call and you completely ignored me.  I was actually really upset about this but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it due to a fight I got into in an unrelated game (I was sick of fighting and didn't want to cause another one)

And this really made me mad because had I been HOH, Cesrei was my target and if I got her out, she wouldn't have been there to vote me off the next round and I wasn't gunning for Bronn so he would have stayed in the game this round.  I know you're going to say that you didn't rig but I feel like you were influenced by a desire to have Marg win and shake things up.  So in the future, if I'm a player or just a viewer, I just want to say stay impartial because small decisions can have a big impact on a game and it's not fair to the players.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.
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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 7: THE CLIMB   EPISODE 7: THE CLIMB Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2015 10:35 pm

This is what's frustrating about hosting. You have to deal with players that, if things dont go their way, the host is suddenly rigging.

The comment I made about not enforcing rules that I didnt post, that was with the veto following that HOH EXACTLY BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOU AND THE FINAL QUESTION IN THE HOH. That was not posted with the HOH.

I didnt say anything about not being allowed to answer twice, when I should have, because I just assumed you all knew how to play Jeopardy!

And then some of you will say, well how come you didnt care about how people posted their answers, but you had an issue when Robb answered twice? Simple: all 3 of you posted your answers, and all 3 of you were wrong. So as I was writing my post that you 3 were wrong and we had to do another round, you posted the correct answer, but I never planned on people being allowed to answer twice in the final round. Because, then tell me, how would it be fair for Bronn and Margaery if I had allowed your second answer to count, when they didnt know that they could answer twice? You would have used a loophole, a mistake the host made, in your favor. You had information that they didn't, in a sense, and me allowing you to win would have been actual rigging. They would have been upset, and I still would probably have to deal with OTHER players telling me that I was rigging.

I think it was my fault 100% for not making all of the rules clear and just assuming people would know that I was only expecting them to answer once.

I mean, people can believe whatever they want. But at the end of the day, I'm very happy with the way the game turned out, and how active people were, even if the last couple of rounds were a nightmare.  And I am ok with that. I know I hosted an honest game, that's how I feel, and I am ok with that.

tl;dr: I made a decision that I thought was the most fair for all 3 people. I am sorry you don't feel that way, but I would have felt like I actually cheated if I let you win by answering twice.

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 7: THE CLIMB   EPISODE 7: THE CLIMB Icon_minitime

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