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Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon

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PostSubject: EPISODE 5: THE GARDEN OF BONES   EPISODE 5: THE GARDEN OF BONES Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 12:40 pm

And so it continues....

Part II

Chapter 2: The Garden of Bones

*Stannis: By a  vote of 9-0, Arya, you are evicted from the Game of Thrones house*

Arya: i feel like being bitter, starks have an alliance me, sansa, cate, and jon snow. Also talisa was my final 2 and she told me she is well connected... Do what you want with it, this is my last post

DAY 12:

*Arya walks out the door. The houseguests are in complete silence, but Karsi is trying to hold back laughter*

*Talisa and Jon walk to the kitchen together, whispering*

Talisa: I think we need to watch each other's back even more now that we were outed Laughing

Jon:My lady, I have not taken my eyes off of your back Razz I'm not sure what Arya expected from us. The Stark room is practically empty and I've said like 3 words to Catelyn lol. I don't think we have much to worry about though. As long as we keep winning, we'll be solid.

Talisa: I'm a little offended that I was offered two alliances now, and by alliance I mean a group, not just 2 people. Both of them made a room without me in it. At least Karsi and yourself told me about the other room and we rectified the situation. I was never confirmed the Stark alliance. I was even the one to suggest you to Catelyn and she eww'd me Laughing

Jon: Catelyn's been kind of cold to me just like the actual characters Laughing I don't think it was worth mentioning though. Like I said, we barely talked. Did Catelyn want to include you? She wanted to add Robb too, but apparently he wasn't interested.

Talisa: I thought she did. I thought Catelyn and I were the one that came up with it. I told her a Stark alliance was to be expected just looking at the cast and that Jon Snow and Talisa are technically Starks too.

Jon: And she didn't add you? Damn, I'd be offended too lol

*Jon and Talisa are joined by Bronn, Karsi and Sansa*

Sansa: Well it looks like I have some explaining to do. Arya and I did have an alliance early on, as she wanted the Stark family to work together. I hope it seems obvious though that this alliance was always the main priority for me as I have voted with you all each round.

Talisa: It's funny because Arya and Catelyn spoke to me about a Stark alliance, but I was never included. I assume there's a room? Bronn was also one to talk to me about this alliance when he was HOH and I was the only one left out of the original room. Not sure if I should start getting the hint

Sansa: As you said, there isn't much you can do when someone approaches you for an alliance. There was a room but it was quite empty other than discussing the votes.

Talisa: Some people can't lose gracefully. I would have voted Arya anyway but it sucks to be part of her post when I didn't even have a chance to vote.

Karsi: Already knew not a big deal

Talisa: You knew which part?

Karsi: Stark alliance

Bronn: Catelyn gave away the stark alliance day 1. I just want you to know Im loyal to you guys and really want us to make it to the final 6. I think that would be amazing.

Talisa: Bronn, I feel the same way and I hope what Arya said doesn't break us up. We've all been here fighting the fight together so I hope that shows we're solid.

Jon: I was asked to join the Stark alliance after I got close to all of you, so my loyalty is 100% with this group. We barely talked lol. I'm glad she's gone though.

Sansa: I feel the same, this group is the one I've interacted with the most and that I want to stick with.


Quote :
Talisa Maegyr:

Arya, what a (something that starts with C and rhymes with hunt). I get that Stannis messed up on the vote but she should have at least approached me or wait a goddam minute before throwing me under the bus. I would have been the only vote to keep her had I got on before eviction was posted. I was never going to vote her our last round and now she outs our final 2. I wasn't 100% serious with it but I still didn't want to vote her out. Goddam now I need to do damage control with this stupid alliance.

I'm annoyed that the 2 alliances I was supposed to be a part of day 1 (The Starks and the one Bronn started) both made rooms as an alliance excluding me. I can sense that I'm disposable to everyone except maybe Karsi, Cersei and Jon, maybe. You just wait, you just wait.

Quote :
Jon Snow:

So Arya left and decided to throw me under the bus in her glorious bitterness. Now, I'm stuck doing damage control because people are talking about it like it's a big thing when the group was barely active. What did Arya want me to do? Catelyn was in the alliance as well, so either way I'd be voting one of them out. Also, just as I suspected, Talisa's been getting around. If she had a final 2 deal with Arya, who else does she have one with? I want to trust her and I'm willing to work with her if she sticks with me, but I'm on my toes.

Quote :
Robb Stark:

With Arya gone, I think my next target will be Tyrion. I've had my eye on him for a while too and I don't want him sticking around too long. We don't have any ties either and I know if he wins HOH, the possibility of me going up is extremely strong.

Quote :
Tyrion Lannister:

There are 11 left and yes I've made the jury!!!! Karsi, Bronn, and I have decided to make side alliances to increase our chances of making it to the end. Bronn is talking to Jon and I have contacted my dear sister Cersei for an alliance.

*Talisa is left alone and goes to the backyard, where he sees Cersei looking at her, having some wine and a smoke*

Talisa: I couldn't be more happy Arya left. A bitter SOB like that has no place in a game based on a series made for strong people Laughing

Cersei: Where you her final two? Or is she just bitter.

Talisa: It was one of those things where she asked me if I would F2 with her and I said ok. I don't really know how you answer no to that kind of question. If we exchange 1 PM every second day, that's a lot so I don't even know why she thought we were super serious. I don't think she thought that. She never told me about the Stark alliance. She told me last night that her social game sucked and that she would most likely leave. I don't get what she was expecting.

Cersei: Lol ugh yes. You can't say no. She is bitter so don't worry. It was funny. She had an alliance but you were her final two?

Talisa: Apparently! I also never once told her I was well connected. I said I feel like my social game is not very good because I don't have many allies.

Cersei: Her social game was bad. She didn't ask for my vote. Yeah that's different. She will be a fun juror.

*the two girls laugh and lounge for a bit*

*Meanwhile, Tyrion, Bronn and Karsi discuss what to do with this newly released information*

Karsi: why was Arya voted out 9-0 though Laughing

Bronn: They must have been closer with Catelyn than Arya.

Tyrion: She said her alliance betrayed her on the eviction thread

Karsi: Some alliance lol

Tyrion: I talked to Cersei abouts everyone joining together to take down the Starks. That'd give us more numbers on our side, then we could get rid of the others one by one. She is up for the people not in the stark alliance to work together to take the 4 of them plus talisa out. If I got them together would you guys be cool with it?

Karsi: Sure

Tyrion: The at final 6, the three of us come together to take them out and make the final 3

Karsi: Lets just get there first


Quote :

fuck this fast forward coming up Cant play and i know somehow im gonna get dicked...i just know it...something tells me im gonna be targeted for winning which i didnt want to do but host has to go and make geography challenges that i dont even need to look up answers to! Ugh

Quote :
Robb Stark:

Arya leaves but she leaves with a bang. She exposes a lot of information including the existence of a Stark alliance. Now there's an anti-Stark alliance that's brewing...the thing is I WAS NEVER IN THAT GODDAMN STARK ALLIANCE TO BEGIN WITH. I should be included in that anti-Stark alliance, y'all need to be against the other Stark bitches, not me. I had nothing to do with damn failure of an alliance.

Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

so it came down to Catelyn vs. Arya for the votes to stay and Catelyn won them all... probably because Arya played an incredibly shitty social game. Seriously... her public plea implied that she wanted people to approach HER ass for a vote to stay. If you're not going to approach people and ask for their votes yourself, don't expect anyone to keep you. Bye Felicia! Enjoy your stay in the jury house!

Ooooh... Felicia did spill the tea during her eviction, though, and that was pure greatness to witness. She revealed that their was an alliance between her, Catelyn, Sansa and Jon Snow. She went off on Karsi for giving her false hope and then went off on Talisa because the two of them had a F2. Queen Margaery was sitting back enjoy some lemon cakes during all of this. I am becoming increasingly concerned for my own safety here as it seems like a lot of the other players are (perhaps) doing a better job of being social sluts and over-aligning themselves. I have spoken with all of the remaining players and am on good terms with most of them, but I can't help but feel like I'm maybe near the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to who they're closest too. I should be able to make it through this next round, though... here's hoping at least.

Quote :
Sansa Stark:

I'm starting to realize that my gameplay is definitely beginning to mimic Sansa's character in a way that I didn't exactly want to happen. I've aligned with such strong allies, who mostly win all the competitions and make up the majority of decisions. It's good for my longevity, but I'm starting to feel helpless and like I just have to go along with what the others want. Not much room for my individual game, so I hope I can change that soon. I'm not used to taking a backseat in games.

*in the backyard, Talisa and Cersei are having a chat when Jon Snow comes in. Cersei asks Talisa if she can have some alone time with Jon. Talisa, visibly jealous, leaves the area*

Cersei: Jon Snow?

Jon: Hey there, Cersei

Cersei: So what is this Stark alliance?

Jon: I sort of got roped into it earlier in the game. We barely talked though except to discuss votes. I've said like 3 words to Catelyn lol. Sorry I didn't tell you. I couldn't exactly say no if people wanted to work with me, but I'm obviously closer to you.

Cersei: I understand. I thought they'd be together though. Like Rob, Cate, Arya and Sansa. So no problem. She was bitter.

Jon: I was surprised that they asked me instead of Robb though. I agree. I'm glad she's out.

Cersei: Robb wasn't asked? That is strange. Maybe he is in another alliance with them?

Jon: Catelyn suggested asking him, but apparently he wasn't interested in working together based off of our characters


Stannis: Houseguests, can you please come inside the house to the living room. It is now time for the SPECIAL COMPETITION!!!

*all of the houseguests rush inside the house and to the living room. Today, they will be competing for a chance to win one of three special powers*

Stannis: This challenge is simple. I will post the names of some songs from one of my all time favorite artists. However, some Letters are missing. Your goal is to fill in the blanks for ALL 10 songs and figure out who is the artist that sings all of these songs. The first THREE PEOPLE who complete this challenge and post the CORRECT ANSWERS in your diary rooms, will win the rewards.

Karsi: what is mine and talisa's advantage?

Stannis: You will have 1 minute taken from your final time

Hint: It is a German metal band.

1. An_ik_rp_r
2. O_ _e/D_ch
3. Le_der
4. T_is/_s/D_ _ts_h
5. _erg_ _ _me_ _ _i_ht
6. _ein/M_tl_ _d
7. V_ _ _ ück_
8. F_age
9. _ann/_ _nn/_iebe/S_ _de/_ _ _ n?
10. _ _i_ig

Artist: ????


* the houseguests begin working on solving the puzzle. Some work together, while other rush to finish first on their own*

Tyrion: Fuck the Germans


1ST-MARGAERY TYRELL. She wins the "Widow's Wail". Another fancy term for a Diamond Power of Veto.

2ND-SANSA STARK. She wins the power of the "White Walker". She gets to control two extra votes in the game up until the final 6 and use them any way she wants.

3RD-KARSI. She wins "Sansa's Necklace". It is an immunity necklace that grants her immunity for the week. She cannot be nominated pre or post veto. However, when used, she cant play for HOH that week.*

Stannis: This challenge is over! And the winners have been notified. Stick around because the HOH is about to start soon!


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

I won the Widow's Wail / DPOV! It's so fitting considering I've been a widow, like, twice already... I just can't keep the boys away. #whore

So that's really good news for Queen Margaery. I don't have anything to worry about especially when I know that I can get my ass off the block in an instant if need be.

*The Sansa/Robb/Jon/Talisa/Karsi alliance discuss the reward results*

Talisa:  I posted at 8:09 and didn't get a reward for it.

Jon: I missed this too. Posted at around :06 and didn't get it. Please tell me you guys had better luck.

Robb: Late as usual and I didn't get shit either.

Sansa: I posted at 8:08 and didn't get anything either, but I thought I got it submitted quickly.

Karsi: I won immunity for the week

Sansa: What was your time? Congrats!

Talisa: A game week or an entire real time week? Mind you, we're already Wednesday.

Karsi: A game week


Quote :

I have just been informed I must stay at work late and I dont think Ill be around for the challenge at all. If I come home and Im eliminated you might see me cry for the first time in about 10 years. THE TIMING COULDNT GET ANY FUCKING WORSE, SHOULD I QUIT? ILL FUCKING DO IT. Okay, Im done lol. Felt nice to let it out though. WELP, I hate relying on other people to keep me safe but It looks like Im gonna have to tonight.


Stannis: This challenge, I will ask a question about things said by evicted houseguests up until this point. The answer will be a choice between A or B. Each round I will ask you to make your pick and you must choose between A or B. Pick the right answer, and you move on to the next round. Pick the wrong answer, and you are eliminated. The last person standing will become the new Head of Household. If after 6 rounds there's more than one person standing, we will go to a sudden death round.

Tyrion: Are these things we can find on the forum? Or are they hidden to us

Stannis: A mix of both

Jorah: Yay #crapshoot HoH

*First Round, Bronn and Catelyn are out*

*Second Round, Jon is out*

*Third Round, Tyrion and Talisa are out*

*Fourth Round, Sansa is out*

Sansa: I assumed Varys wasn't relevant enough to be an answer.Laughing

*Fifth Round, Jorah is out*

*FINAL ROUND: Margaery, Robb, Cersei. The tiebreaker is guessing a number. The goal was to be closest without going over, and one of them does it*

Stannis: Congratulations:


You are the new Head of Household!!!  cheers  cheers


Margaery: Great job, Robb!

Cersei: Congrats.

Sansa: Congratulations, brother!

Catelyn: Congratulations my son.


Quote :
Robb Stark:

At last, I get my HOH reign and I'm really excited. I was actually hoping someone from my alliance would win but those bitches were dropping like flies and left it up to me to bring it home.

I was a little nervous as the numbers were dwindling down. It came down to Margaery, Cesrei, and I and at that point, losing was not an option. I had only talked to Margaery when I asked her not to put me up and I've never spoken with Cesrei. Luckily, I was able to escape with the HOH key!!

*Robb is ecstatic that he just won HOH, he consults with Karsi/Sansa/Jon on who to nominate*

Karsi: Congrats robb

Jon: Congrats, Robb!

Karsi: Youve only got 15 mins make em count

Robb: Did anyone order an HOH? Lol I'm thinking Cesrei and tyrion. I'm also mobile so expect slow responses.

Karsi: Your hoh go with your gut

Sansa: I love those nominations. Tyrion worries me.


are the nominations. You're 2 of the people I've never spoken with.

Cersei: (looking very confused) Then speak!!

Karsi: Thanks for not nomming me

Tyrion: You mean two people you aren't alligned with Robb?

Robb: Cersei, conversation is a 2 way street and it's just as much my fault that we haven't spoken as it is yours. I accept that but I don't talk to everyone in games. By not doing that, I get to play more honestly but I also run the risk of being put up by them. If you won and put me up, I wouldn't have blamed you so can you really blame me?

*Bronn, Tyrion and Karsi discuss nomination ceremony*

Tyrion: This sucks

Karsi: Damn you got nominated

Bronn: Need to win this veto!

Tyrion: I can't make it because I'm eating Mexicans. Could you please use veto if you win?


Quote :
Margaery Tyrell:

The HOH competition came down to myself, Robb and Cersei... so I kind of didn't care which one of us won at that point because Robb made a vow to keep me safe in return for his own safety when I was HOH. Plus Cersei is an ally of mine so I would have felt safe with her winning too. Unfortunately for Cersei, she's been nominated alongside Tyrion... but I don't really care about that.

I'm kind of hoping that nominations will stick this round. I'd like to take a stab at Tyrion Lannister since I don't talk to him much and would be most OK with him leaving of the remaining players.


Stannis: This is a musical chairs type of challenge. At random times, I will post the word "SIT". You must then post in this thread. Each round, the last person to post will be eliminated from the challenge, and the last person standing will win The Power of Veto. The first round however, will be a weeding out round. You will be given 2 minutes to sit. Anybody who does not post in the two minutes will be instantly eliminated. After that, it's the last person to post.

*The challenge begins, and except for a couple of rounds, the Queen Regent herself, Cersei Lannister, completely crushed the competition*

Stannis: Well with quite the impressive performance, the winner of the veto is:


You have 30  minutes to decide what to do with it, but I think we know lol.  Once she makes her decision, Robb will need to name a replacement nominee

Sansa: Congratulations, Queen Cersei!

Karsi: Congrats cersei. You have mind bending powers of the f5

Margaery: Congrats Cersei! You slayed that competition!

Tyrion: Cersei please pull a Dick and use it on me

Cersei: Thanks Sansa. Robb I wasn't mad lol. It was a bit of fun.

*Robb is not surprised, but suddenly, Karsi, Talisa, Jon, and Bronn pull him to the side to try to control his replacement nomination*

Talisa: Who is left outside this alliance? Jorah, Margeary and Catelyn?

Karsi: That about sums it up

Talisa: Laughing  I don't have a preference personally.

Bronn: Nor do I.

Robb: I was thinking of putting Catelyn up but we evict Tyrion?

Karsi: Tyrion kinda sucks. Id put up marge or joreh who have won and then we back door them. Just my two cents

Talisa: Probably a good idea if Tyrion is your target. Catelyn might be with Cersei so that would mean Cersei will vote Tyrion out too. Either, we control the votes anywho. Or what Karsi said. Laughing

*Valyrian Steel and Sex Appeal*

Margaery: I think we'll be OK? Both of you are in a group with him and he promised to keep me safe if he ever won when I was HOH.Laughing

Jon: I think we'll be safe.


Cersei: I have decided to use the veto on myself. Good luck Tyiron and replacement nominee.

Jorah: :O what a shocking development.

Tyrion: I'm gonna miss you

Robb: Catelyn I'm sorry, please take a seat.

*Karsi is seen in the back, rolling her eyes and giving Robb major stank face*


Quote :
Robb Stark:

Unfortunately, that bitch Cersei won the veto which meant I had to name a replacement. It was between Margaery and Catelyn but I ultimately chose Catelyn. Margaery is a much bigger threat and if I was going to backdoor her, I'd want her to go home. Catelyn, on the other hand if I was going to backdoor, I want to stay.

I decided on Catelyn because I did make a deal to keep Margaery safe and I think that might be beneficial towards my game in the long run. I'm in a 6 person alliance. Eventually, we're going to have to turn on each other. Margaery is strong in challenges. If she wins an HOH, she'll likely target people from my alliance but not me because I kept her safe. I wouldn't mind losing a member of my alliance without having to get blood on my hands and I think Margaery may be able to make that happen. She is a previous HOH and she was 2nd to me in this HOH so she can win competitions.

I also kept Margaery off because if I backstabbed her, I can probably kiss her jury vote goodbye. My alliance may have wanted me to put her up but I'm nobody's puppet and I'm not doing anybody's dirty work for them. If you guys wanted her up, you should've won and put her up.

*Tyrion begins to hardcore campaign for votes to stay*

Tyrion: What the fuck was that?

Karsi: Clearly all the starks are not alligned

Bronn: Ugh.

Tyrion: Yea obviously lol. So I definately have you guys I hope lol. Jorah said he was keeping me and I'm pretty sure Cersei will keep me

Karsi: Four votes isn't enough you better hustle tonight

Tyrion: I will talk to Talisa

*Shortly after Tyrion talks to Talisa to convince her to vote to keep him, Talisa and Cersei talk*

Talisa: Tyrion seems to think he has your vote. Are you voting to keep him?

Cersei: He PMed me. He wants sansa and Robb out. Catelyn is nice but it may be best.

Talisa: Between you and I, we probably don't have the votes. He told me Karsi would vote Catelyn out and she told me she was voting Tyrion.

Cersei: Lol really? Yeah Karsi told Tyiron she'd vote Catelyn. Oh well.

*Robb, knowing that his target is Tyrion, tries to get as many votes against him as possible*

Robb: Still think I'm with the Starks? Lmao

Jorah: I didn't. I believed you when you told me.

Robb: Lol I know, I'm just messing with you. But I would prefer it if Catelyn stayed. I see Tyrion as the bigger threat.

Jorah: To be honest I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for. I think majority wants Catelyn to stay.

Robb: I want her to stay too so just go with the majority :p

Jorah: At this point, Catelyn staying is a sure thing, however I am conflicted just because I am a loyal person and I kinda told Tyrion that I would keep him.

Robb:  I get why you're conflicted. If you feel strongly enough, you can vote to keep Tyrion. I won't be mad. I've done that before where I give my vote to the person who I told I would give my vote to even though I know they're leaving. It's just nice to be able to keep your word.

Jorah: Honestly, there is a good chance that is what I'm going to do. I have no idea where anyone's had is at though in this game. I wonder what's going to happen in tomorrow's HoH now. I thought I had a clue before tonight but now I just don't know.

Robb: lol yeah it should be interesting, good luck!! Please deliver a W. I don't know how many people are Anti-Robb due to this whole "Stark alliance" that I was never in.

*Back to VSSA*

Margaery: What are we thinking this time? Robb wants Catelyn to stay. Ser Jorah approached me about Tyrion wanting a non-Stark alliance to combat this Stark group that Arya mentioned / voting Tyrion to stay. I'm confused. He says that Bronn and Karsi are thinking about it but I know they're in that group with you two and Robb.

Sansa: If I'm feeling optimistic, I'd say Bronn and Karsi are only humoring Tyrion. As far as I know, he is the vote tonight and will be leaving. That's what Robb requested anyways, and I know I'll be voting for Catelyn to stay. Also Margaery, I won one of the advantages in the special challenge. I have two extra votes that I can play at anytime together or separate as long as it's before F6.

Jon: Are people really threatened by a three person "alliance"? lol I would have put Catelyn up if I won too. I'm definitely voting Tyrion out. He's the person I've talked to the least.

Margaery: Yes. That is what Robb told me he wanted and so I figured that's what would happen. Tyrion hasn't done anything for me anyways so I planned on voting to keep Catelyn. That's good to hear about the two extra votes! Those could definitely come in handy down the road sometime!


Quote :
Tyrion Lannister:

I'm working hard to get votes. I really don't want to go. If I get evicted and my own allies evict me I'll flip shit!


Bronn: So the vote is tyrion guys?

Robb: Yes please?!?!?!

Jon: Consider it done

Sansa: Happily! I never knew what he was thinking and it's time to get the uncertainty out of here.

Karsi: Guys just so you know I am in the anti stark alliance, for information purposes only

Robb: Lol I love how there's an anti-stark alliance that's against me even though I was never in the original Stark alliance to begin with.

Karsi: Just putting it out there in case my name becomes synonymous with our enemies


Quote :

Robb Stark You're a fucking idiot!!!! We could have back doored Marge or Joreh but you choose to be an idiot and nom catelyn with your sights on Tyrion. I am loosely allied with Tyrion but the dude fucking sucks at this game...there is no reason to get him out.

Then I find out from marge you two are allies. Thats a strike against you for end game bro. Unlike almost every other game I play these people talk to me and I find everything out. We should have backdoored Marge or Joreh because they have shown aptitude to win a challenge...but no were voting out a useless fool who didn't even play for his own veto.


*Tyrion, aware now that his allies Bronn and Karsi are planning on evicting him, tries to confront them, with no success*

Tyrion: Are you guys evicting me? Be straight up! Are you evicting me. And don't be a coward and not answer me. Are you evicting me??



Cersei: Good luck you two.

Tyrion: So nervous

Stannis: Houseguests, it is now time to vote. As always, you are voting to evict someone out of the game. The person you vote out will become the second member of the jury.
Robb, you will only vote in case of a tie. Tyrion and Catelyn, you will not vote.

One at a time the rest of you will head to the Diary room and cast a vote to evict. Jon you're up first please go to the diary room...


Jon: Tyrion

Jorah: Catelyn

Cersei: Catelyn

Talisa: Tyrion

Bronn: Tyrion

Margaery: Tyrion

Karsi: Tyrion

Sansa: Tyrion

*The votes are in. Let's give the news to the houseguests*

Stannis: Houseguests, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote the evicted houseguest must gather his or her belogings, say their goodbyes, and then will be escorted out of the house.

By a  vote of...



*fake hugging begins*

Tyrion: I am at a loss. The people I thought were my friends are fucking snakes. Karsi and Bronn good luck getting my vote

Karsi: You may pout all you wish but you would have gone anyways with a 4-4 tie. Sorry to see you go once the game opens up youll see that i did not want you to be voted out.

Cersei: Bad Karsi!Bye Tyrion.

Catelyn: Goodbye Tyrion. I'd like to apologize to everyone though if I've seemed distant.



With Tyrion gone, Karsi tries to throw the two people who voted to keep him under the bus. The power in the house falls in the hands of an unwilling houseguest. With the numbers getting smaller, their nominations are bound to make some people upset. Karsi cant take any more of the houseguests' decisions and lashes out at one of them and in her confessionals. PLUS, a major player in the game and someone who was in a good spot suddenly goes MIA, making things complicated for everyone in the house. It's all happening next time on BIIIIG BROTHER!!

Quote :
Sixth Houseguest Evicted (Second Juror): Tyrion Lannister (6 votes to evict) was portrayed by:

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Shocked about the reveal.
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